GT7 sound glitches

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Today I have checked driving on Watkins Glen WTC800 / 10 laps again with all (22 Gr3 cars) that I have at this moment. With every car I drove 1 round and then went into the pits (without changing tires and no fuel) and noticed that today there were no issues with the motorsound after leaving the pits.
This day I started with the WTC800 Sardegna Road Track A race with the Lexus RC F GT3 '17 and right at the start there was no motor sound. So I left the race and started a time trial with the same car at the same circuit, here the motor sound was back again. After the time trial I started again the WTC800 Sardegna with the same car and the motor sound was still there. I have driven a few other GR3 cars at the WTC800 Sardegna and had no further issues.
Yeah I'm getting this glitch. It like Elon Musk has hacked GT7 so all cars sound like Tesla's. It's random cars and been happening quite a bit, maybe 1 in 20 races. If I exit and start again on the same track it doesn't fix the sound but if you change cars and then change back it does. Right now I'm in Swartzwald league Catalunya, my C63 was silent. I changed to a 911, then started the race, then changed back, problem fixed. It's such a weird glitch, I blame Elon.
Sound bug still exist for super formula. The gearbox is extreamly loud and sometimes normal in cockpitview. Off track on track solves it.
This has happened to me a bunch. The worst were the 60 min Spa and 30 min du Mans…

It makes the long races that go into nighttime and have long bouts of rain so much harder. Not hearing the revs to confirm gear or slippage is a nightmare. It made me realize real quick how much I depend on that in situations with variables like unknown traction and limited visibility.

Sardegna was a little annoying without it but not stressful.

I hope whatever this was got patched
Incorrect. The update has nothing to do with the engine sound glitch.
Why is this in the patch notes if it has nothing to do with the engine sound glitch?

3. Sound
 - We repaired an issue where the sound of the player's own engine would not play correctly.
So far i didn't have any issues with the engine sound since the update , might not be fully fixed but at least its reduced
I didn't have any issues either after the update, I did the WTC800 Sardegna with a few Gr3 cars, WTC800 Watkins Glen and WTC800 Lago Maggiore until now.
I've encountered the issue on 1.27.

Ferrari VGT in Gr.1 Prototype Series 30 mins at Road Atlanta.

Before pitting the turbo is barely audible, but after I pit once the turbo sound become very loud, when I first heard it I think there's another car sticking with me ...
Why is this in the patch notes if it has nothing to do with the engine sound glitch?

3. Sound
 - We repaired an issue where the sound of the player's own engine would not play correctly.
I’m sorry, I read “known issues” and it wasn’t listed in there.
I was wrong.
Glad it’s fixed
Never had the problem with GT7 on the PS4... On the PS5 it happens frequently. No engine sound but I do hear transmission and tire squeal. It makes my fiat sound like a tesla.
It should be fixed now with the latest patch
I guess my issue then is not related to this prior bug but it's similar.

I have my PS5 plugged into an amp that does 7.1 sound. It's currently only set up as 3.1 though. Other PS5 games sound fine but but GT7, it seems as if going into stereo only and engine sound sort of disappears, but it is inconsistent. Sometime it seems fine, other times the engine sound is there but it is so low you cab barely here is. Very little sound comes from the center speaker that I am sitting right in front of.

I know you can adjust individual sounds and I have checked those but is there anything else that might cause the bulk of GT7 sounds for come out of left and right speakers but to ignore the center, or to crush the sound on the centre channel?