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  1. RoadRageDudez


    Rating - Rookie
    PSN ID - RoadRageDude
    Event - Any with LMP or GT3
    Class - LMP1, LMP2, GTLM, GTD, GT3-Pro, GT3-Am.
    About - Driver who loves the passion and thrill of driving in LMP or GTE classes. HUGE Multi-Class admirist. I love to get myself into the big endurance races that the professional teams get into. I'm the managers of the 2016 Summer GTE Championship and 2017 VGT/Group C Le Mans Series. I also run a local race team known as 'Speed Demon Motorsports.' I currently compete in the GGTC and Liqui-Moly GT3 Series, each hosting 1 hour endurance events. I'm looking to extend my racing career and get into longer endurance races.
  2. Richie massie

    Richie massie

    Rating -????
    PSN ID - richiem103
    Event - mostly club
    Class - Most, Road, GT3, GT500, etc.... NO VISION's
    About - I am Co-adminstrator of BRL LEAGUE which runs every Monday & Thursday. I am also the host of my own series Liqui Moly Endurance Races. I am the FSR GT3 Series Champion 2015/2016, Currently Ranked number 2 for BRL. I'm looking to race OUT of my comfort zone and spread my name a little bit further. CLEAN RACER, Dirty is a NO go :-)
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  3. AJ

    AJ Premium

    United Kingdom
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