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    :: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ::

    ***EDIT: Some of the contents might be outdated now GT Sport WRS has started***

    How can I take part in the WRS?

    First thing you must do is register by sending any best lap replay from the PSN account you'd like to register. All information can be found here. You must be accepted in to the GTP Registry before you can take part in the WRS.

    What is the WRS?

    It's a Weekly Race Series, every Sunday (normally) a new combination will be posted by the WRS Admins, all details required to compete will be in this thread. This will run till a week on Monday after this, at midnight, so over 8 days on each combo.

    How does it work?

    When you find a Time Trial you like to run, have a read of the race thread to make sure you know the car, track and specifications you need in order to start. Then the fun bit starts: the driving. Drivers are actively encouraged to post their splits during the week. The full lap time is being kept secret until the deadline, and therefore mostly the final split or splits will be secret too. Splits are not final and you can submit them as many times as you like. It doesn't matter that you may have to post slower splits than you had before, it's the final lap time that counts.

    When you're happy that you cannot go faster, submit your lap according to the rules in the relevant race thread, then the WRS Admins will collate all the results and will post the results shortly after the deadline has passed (normally, be patient if they don't). When that has happened the racers who have got a podium (for each division) will be subjected to a replay check, so their replays will need to be verified. On some occasions, like replays from rookies, non-podium replays may be subject to a check as well.

    What combos can we expect?

    The WRS will consist of time trials and sometimes races within Arcade Mode, Seasonal Events or Career Events. Online Race Events using the GTP Registry will happen, but this runs separate of the WRS, so we will still get a weekly combo when there is a Race Event. If you think of a good combo, don't hesitate to submit it in the Suggestion Box.

    The current event is multiple laps, do I need to do anything different?

    There is a bug in the game that you should be wary of. The replays will cut short at the end, so after you've run the event as stated (for example, GT5 Week 12 is 2 laps of Madrid, you will need to make sure on Lap 3 that you let the third lap run for a bit of time to ensure that the cut off doesn't stop you from seeing the final lap time.) All necessary information about special events like this will be in the opening post of the thread.

    The weekly race event thread states we can tune the car, but I can't tune!

    Search the Tuning Forums or Tuning Database for tunes for the car. People will post their tunes in the race thread, this is actively encouraged.

    The weekly race event thread states that we can use In-Race / MFD (Multi-Function Display) Functions, what is this?

    When racing you can tweak the following settings on-track: Traction Control, ABS, Torque Distribution (only available on 4WD cars) and Front/Rear Brake Balance. Wheel users will know that they can access this by using the directional pad left/right on the steering wheel and adjusting with the up/down buttons. If you are having trouble with the default button mapping, you will need to go in to the options menu from the main menu and set-up your controller so that it can access the MFD. DS4 users will find the MFD is located on the directional pad by default as well.

    I've been accepted to the registry, what do I do now?

    Look in this forum to find currently active combinations, they will be stickied at the top of the forum. Feel free to pick and choose, there is no obligation to race each week, so you don't have to race with those cars you hate, or the track that just annoys you!

    How do promotions work?

    Competing over and above your current divisional handicap, consistently and over a sustained period of time will see you move up the divisions quite quickly.

    Your handicap is 'your position in the ladder', if you will. If you perform better than your handicap/position, you get a negative score (which is good) and you move up the ladder. As you can see here from the registry thread, the lowest handicap (in GT6) is 0.536 by Twissy. So the lower you get, the better you performed.

    Handicap determines division, as follows:
    • Division 1: 0.000 - 1.999
    • Division 2: 2.000 - 2.999
    • Division 3: 3.000 - 3.999
    • Division 4: 4.000 - 4.999
    Also, there are three subdivisions: Gold, Silver and Bronze. You will be Bronze if you are beneath X.999 of your division, or Silver if you are beneath X.666, or Gold if you are beneath X.333.

    Handicaps are only updated after races has been marked as "official" (as the WRS Admins need to remove DQ'd submissions to ensure the times considered are valid). When the race is "official" your new handicap is calculated with the following formula:

    ( [your existing handicap] * 5 + [latest handicap you scored] ) / 6​

    New drivers and Promotions thread

    The promotions thread really is for announcements regarding promotions (be it divisional or just going up from Bronze to Silver and the congratulations of said members promoted.

    Any promotions will be announced every week.

    I am a new driver, how do I know what division I am?

    When you get accepted into the WRS Registry, you can do Time Trials right away. But you will see on the leaderboard that you are labelled as "div ?". In the Registry, you are listed as an unplaced driver. You will receive your placement in a division after three time trial results have become official.

    How do I post sector times?

    View the replay from your fastest lap, pause the replay before the end of the lap. Then navigate and click the "Live Timing". From there you can see your sector times, mentioned as Sect. 1, Sect. 2, etc.

    This very clever site reads your splits from your post in the relevant race thread. All you need to do is post your sector times as you see them in the Live Timing screen. For example:

    T1: 0'45.123
    T2: 0'22.123​

    Of even in the short format:


    The board extracts your username from the post and cross references this with the official registry.

    All feedback and queries about the Leaderboard should be directed here.

    A detailed guide to the Leaderboard and Fetchy can be found here.

    Credit to Joost, Steven and alba for the excellent resource of the GTP_WRS.

    How do I post my official result at the end of the week?

    By sending a PM to WRSFetchbot.

    The subject must be in the form of: "GTP_WRS Week XX Submission" where the "XX" must be replaced with the current week number. For example:

    GTP_WRS Week 3 Submission

    You will need to put your full lap time in the body of the message. For example:


    Can I submit my official time multiple times?

    Yes you can, the last submitted time will be sent to the admins at the deadline.

    What happens if I submit my time too late?

    WRSFetchbot is very strict, any times submitted after the deadline will be rejected. Please make sure you submit your time in time.

    Oops, the time I submitted was wrong!

    No problem, if you send WRSFetchbot a PM with the Subject "GTP_WRS Week XX Remove Entry" and any text in the body, your entry will be removed.

    What time did I submit?

    If you send WRSFetchbot a PM with the Subject: "GTP_WRS Week XX Get Entry" and any text in the body, Fetchy will send you a message with the time you submitted.

    How can I change my country flag on the leaderboard?

    To change your country on the board, all you have to do is send a PM to @@WRSFetchBot with the correct subject and body. Fetchy will then change your nationality and your flag will be updated.

    Start a new private conversation with Fetchy and use the following format:

    Subject: Change nationality
    Body: The Netherlands
    See this image for an example:


    You can use your own country of course. So you can use, U.K., USA, AU, Canada, Germany, Bolivia etc.

    How can I change my controller symbol on the leaderboard?

    Changing your controller is a lot similar to changing your country above, we just have a different subject and body message:

    Subject: Change Controller
    Body: G25
    Fetchy support quite a lot of controllers, like: Wheel, G25, G27, DFGT, Driving Force, T500, Fanatec, CSW, Fanatec Clubsport Formula, Controller, DS3, six-axis

    If Fetchy doesn't support your controller let me know in the Leaderboard comments and bugs thread.

    When I view my replay it shows the wrong time in the bottom left corner of the screen!

    Don't worry, when viewing Best Lap Replay, the replay will always show the total time time in the corner of the screen. If you look at the Live Timing tab, it will show you the sectors and the full lap time when you cross the finish line.

    Do I have to view replays of the winners?

    Verifying replays is actively encouraged, this is a job that non-Admins can do to help the WRS process move quicker, and make it easier for the WRS Admins.

    For a detailed guide on reviewing replays see our GTP_WRS Guides

    How do I post/view a replay?

    Only when the deadline of the Time Trial has passed, replays must be shared with the in-game sharing system in GT Sport. Go to "My Library" from the home screen, then "Replays" and find the Best Lap replay of the Time Trial in question. Hit triangle to bring up the options, then "Share". Make sure you check "Open To All" in the Privacy Settings. View the Time Trial thread for the 3 search tags you need to put in. The first one is generally gtpwrs###, where the ### stand for the week number.

    To view another competitor's replay, go to "Discover" from the home screen, then "Replays". Go to the "Search" tab and enter the 3 search tags from that week. All replays that have been shared so far should be visible there.

    What happens if I don't follow the rules set out by the WRS Admins?

    You can be disqualified from an event for submitting an unclean replay, repeated violations of the rules can see you removed from the registry. The Admins are currently using a 'Three strikes and you're out' rule, however, you can still be removed from the registry if they deem it suitable for breaking the rules.

    Please respect their decisions, the WRS Admin team put in a lot of time to this fantastic series.

    What's the best way of avoiding submitting an unclean lap?

    Firstly, read the conditions in the opening post of the relevant thread for knowing what parts of the track you can use.

    "If you think it's dirty, then dump the lap and start again."

    You can always ask if someone else will view your lap to see if it's clean, the best course of action for this is to ask a WRS Admin, unless you are using a video recording from a camera or phone that doesn't show your lap time, in which case feel free to ask other members.

    There are some "invisible" walls around the game. Best way to avoid these is to turn music off in the game and turn the sound up, any wall touches will be audible.

    How would you describe the WRS?

    It's a very competitive race series, but with the competitiveness comes a very good sense of community. If you relax, post in a polite manner, you will fit in just fine and enjoy what will be arguably the best experience of GT Sport. Feel free to ask questions, plenty of people will be willing to help, hopefully this thread will answers all your questions in one place. We have a very friendly environment and community, it's fantastic.


    If anything is unclear after reading through the FAQ, feel free to post in our GTP_WRS Pit Box!

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