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Discussion in 'GTP Weekly Race Series Time Trials' started by Sjaak, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. Sjaak

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    Netherlands The Netherlands


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    Would you all like to make some suggestions for possible race combos to be used in the GT6_WRS ?

    Well don't hold back.

    Come up with whatever you like and the staff will consider your suggestions.
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    Audi TT at Suzuka :) , or really anything AWD at Suzuka.
  3. kart racer


    London with Cooper Mini's.That is a go-kart and that is a go-kart track.:tup:
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  4. steven

    Netherlands driehuis (nl)

    Fuji GT in the Aston Martin DB9, to me without doubt the most beautiful car ever designed.

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  5. Luxy


    Two things I really want are unusual cars and lower-powered cars. I get sick of running the same handful of high-power sports cars online, and I'd love the opportunity to have more variety (I don't think PD is ever going to bring back the 500pp races online). The Citroen C4, Lotus Elise, Tuned Cappuccino, Tuned Swift, at around 200hp on N3 tires sound like a blast to me (a momentum race instead of a power race, for once!).
  6. Bleached


    I agree with the lower powered cars on N tires, sounds fun and challenging.

    A little off topic, but what is the car being driven in Post 1?
  7. steven

    Netherlands driehuis (nl)

    Considering the brand mark on the wheel I'd say one of the Lotuses.
  8. vanubermaster


    I'm with this dude. British cars on london:)
  9. Manuelos

    Belgium Belgium

    VW Golf GTI '05
    Events - A7
    Maybe a bit difficult to get 3 clean laps, but could be fun.:sly:
  10. peterjford

    United States Orange County C

    Have you tried the VW dealership event? With a pp restriction that would be a challenge!!
  11. Sjaak

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    Netherlands The Netherlands

    I tried the event A7 with the Golf and on the lowest PP.
    Starting as 16 and couldn't catch up with the AI,which is good.:tup:

    Low PP and tuning,nice combination.

    The VW Dealer event on Fuji is a bit harder,
    Always starting mid pack as nr 8.
    A bit to hard I think to keep it touch free,max PP or Min PP,AI will be present most of the times.

    However it is a fun race and would be a great online race,16 VW Golf cars.
  12. Sureboss

    United Kingdom UK

    In relation to Week 12.

    I don't know if there is an un-written standard for the WRS but I think that events which have times of 5mins+ is a bit long.
  13. GTP_Mav3r1cK


    How about something like,

    Fuji GT Hotlap
    Mitsubishi Evo X Tuned

    Quick, powerful and generally enjoyable. Plus you'll have to mix those settings up to get a decent combination of speed and grip for the long straight and the tight turns.
  14. steven

    Netherlands driehuis (nl)

    Great idea, but in hotlapping you cannot do much tuning to the car, can you? :idea:
  15. GTP_Mav3r1cK


    That's a good point.

    In that case I would suggest a 2 lap race with pre-defined AI settings. At least that ensures that everyone starts on an equal footing, at least in terms of opposition. Then it comes down to driver tuning and out and out skill on the track.

    Should be a good all round challenge to suit multiple tastes.
  16. EDK

    United States Boise, ID

    I have actually liked the variable AI option. It allows you to set the AI to suit your own ability. You have to remember that we have drivers of many different ability levels, spread across 5 divisions. What might be a relatively easy AI field for a D1 driver might be impossible for a D5 driver, and vice versa.

    Now, the Tuned EVO X at Max PP sounds fun, but can it even get to 800? From running the World Event 750PP at Daytona last summer, I seem to recall that it could only get to 738, or something like that.
  17. GTP_Mav3r1cK


    Yeah that's fair comment, and I appreciate where your coming from. I just tend to think that you can gain a small advantage from knowing how to setup the AI properly. By setting it to a default, everyone uses the same settings and it means that the challenge comes down to the driver to tune and race the car. Obviously we would need to find an AI setting that's suitable for all, but Im confident that this can be achieved.

    In terms of the car if the Evo X Tuned is only capeable of 738 then lets make the PP rating 700 to get some variation in there. It's likely to be a bit dull just maxing the car out and trying to run good laps. Either that or swap it for the Amuse S2000 and go for an 800 or 850pp race :eek: (I think the S2000 makes 850pp ??)
  18. Sjaak

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    Netherlands The Netherlands

    GTR-Mav,we have done something you describe earlier.
    Nevertheless Fuji is one of the better tracks together with Highspeedring to use ai so we can tuned cars.

    Free run in online races are also a good option but most of the time PD didn't give a end date of the races so we risk a no run possibility in the middle of a WRS week.

    The WRS can be anything,no written standard at the moment and I hope it stays so.:tup:
  19. steven

    Netherlands driehuis (nl)

    So do I :tup: tho of course there is a written standard about conduct and behaviour that we all adhere to: the GTP OLR rules and guidelines.

    The combos that I personally always like best are the ones where you are allowed to find a car yourself that best fits certain requirements and your driving style.
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  20. GTP_Mav3r1cK


    Im all for this one. Allowing members to pick and choose between cars to a certain PP level is a always a winner in my book.
  21. GTP_DONK


    Audi Dealership Event > Audi TT Coupe 3.2 '07

    Race Details:

    Mode: Dealership > Event
    Game Spec: SpecIII
    Physics: Professional
    Track: Suzuka
    Make: Germany > Audi
    Model: Audi TT Coupe 3.2 '07
    Laps: 2
    AI strength: Optional

    Vehicle Specifics:

    Power: 251 BHP
    Weight: 1410 kg
    Driving Aids: Optional
    Downforce: Optional
    Transmission: Optional
    Tyre Type: S1
    Performance Points: 497
    Tuning: Everything accept Power and Weight
    In-Race RA Functions: Optional (if available)

    Race Specifics:

    No wall touches
    No AI touches must be 100% clean :tup:
    G25 Clutch is prohibited
    If possible, use your GTP_Tag
    Tip : Have Fun

    Standard Clean OLR Rules:

    2 wheels on (or vertically in line with) the track at all times
    rumble/ripple strips are part of the track
    run-off areas are not part of the track
    no contact with walls or objects, visible or invisible
    if you're not 100% sure that your lap is clean, then consider it dirty
    no hybrids
    no cheating of any kind, these are relaxed races and we are experienced racers, we know what times can be done, and we can read your mind. We will know.
    nothing that goes against the spirit of the rules
    save your replay

    Thread rules:

    The following information cannot be discussed in this thread (they can, however, be discussed on MSN or via other private conversation methods):

    • Total race time
    • Lap 1 or 2 final time
    • Any information which can be used to infer a total race time

    The following information can be discussed in this thread :

    • T1 and T2 from your first and second laps
    • Any settings discussion.

    The posting of settings is encouraged, but it's certainly not mandatory. We respect anyone wishing not to post settings, so please do not publicly ask someone to post their settings, they will if they want to.
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  22. TommySalami


    How about the Amuse S2000 at Suzuka with unlimited PP
  23. Sjaak

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    Netherlands The Netherlands

    Craig,I tested the dealer event with the TT,

    great race ..if it was a online race,I love the stock PP option though but I fear it is not a WRS race.
    Starting as number 8,the ai is always infront and hardly to get a clean pass.
    Appreciated your effort.:tup:

    Tommy,gave the Amuse also a try in free run,with 816PP :nervous:......and was pleasantly surprised.

    Lots of grip and lots of speed.:D,nice choice.:tup:
  24. Nicko

    Australia Queensland

    Arcade - Time Trial mode

    Car: BMW Z4
    Track: Suzuka Circuit
    Tyres: Sports S2

  25. markyboy92


    Time Trail
    Bmw M3
    high speed ring
  26. The Grim Reaper


    Mines Skyline GTR @ London.

    This would be a dream combo for me as the noise out of the mines around that track puts a smile on my face. :D
  27. NLxAROSA

    Netherlands Under your bed

    I'd like to see an event with a high-powered car on Suzaka East/10 laps. Should make for some interesting races (and sweaty palms ;)).
  28. JPS


  29. Sjaak

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    Netherlands The Netherlands

    done :tup:
  30. JPS


    Don't forget GTP_Sureshot, should be Div 3 Bronze
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