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  1. steven

    Netherlands driehuis (nl)

    :: Leaderboard Discussion and Feedback ::

    We’re very happy to announce that the successor to Luxy is currently being released. Please go here:

    and mark it as a favorite in your browser for easy reference.

    The WRS Leaderboard is set up in such a way that it automatically parses the WRS thread data into a leaderboard overview. No more manual work is now needed to present you with a report based on the splits that you have posted in the combo threads. It is developed in preparation of the release of GT5 anticipating a huge influx of new GTP members and their participation in WRS.
    After combo 60 the old leaderboard (Luxy) will no longer be maintained.

    This is all thanks to JoostBaksteen, who is obviously a wizard with coding to make a program do the things that you see :bowdown:


    Please take a good look around and try to discover the many gadgets that are hidden (try to click on the little arrows and member names).

    We'd like to thank Luke (actually the username of a WRS member named Luxy) for creating the original board and allowing us to use his server for so many years. Also we say a big thank you to all the members over the years who have dedicated their time and effort to keeping the board updated.

    We hope you enjoy using it, and ask you to take a critical look at it and report any bugs (in the application) or suggestions (in this thread) to help us improve the new leaderboard.
    Luxy2 is currently in beta but we soon hope to release version 1.0, depending on your feedback.

    steven and JoostBaksteen
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  2. EDK

    United States Boise, ID

    Thanks to JoostBaksteen and steven for their efforts in creating the new board.

    This is a great step in keeping the focus on the racing here, with the automated features included in the new board. :tup:


    EDIT : And let me also add my thanks to the WRSFetchBot, who appears to be a reasonably fast racer in his own right. See him at # 114 on the UK GT Academy Board. :dopey:
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  3. Animera

    New Zealand New Zealand

    This looks so amazing! :tup:
    :cheers: to Steven and JoostBaksteen.
    And just wow at the 'Wall of Fame' when you click on a name. Really impressive!

    Perhaps I'm doing it wrong, but if I click on the 'results' link, I can select any week but nothing gets displayed.
  4. Sureboss

    United Kingdom UK

    This trully is excellent, well done Steven and JoostBaksteen. Very impressive.
  5. steven

    Netherlands driehuis (nl)

    Thanks Ian!

    The reason you see 'nothing' is because only the weeks are reported of which the results are 'final'. If you click on week 57 (the last week that has been made final) you will see results.

    Keep them coming those comments! :tup:
  6. Ren


    Wow, really good work! This is professional stuff! :bowdown:
  7. Animera

    New Zealand New Zealand

    Ah, that makes perfect sense, thanks Steven.
    One other thing, when you look at the Wall of fame, it shows Division medals and Overall medals. What are the overall medals? (They are less than the division medals).

    Sorry, one more question. How often does WRSFetchBot parse the threads? When I post splits, how long will it take to see them on the leaderboard?
  8. steven

    Netherlands driehuis (nl)

    Overall medals are supposed to represent your placing for all divisions. That explains why they should be less than the division medals. On the other hand, for Div1 members like yourself the difference should not be too big.

    On your other question, WRSFetchBot runs 4 times an hour at this time if I'm correct (please correct me if I'm wrong Joost).
  9. spyrrari

    Netherlands AMSTERDAM

    As i mentioned before,great work Steven and Joost,i will drink a nice glass of Chianti tonight here in Rome to toast on your succes!!!:tup::cheers::tup:

  10. Anghammarad

    Sweden Stockholm, Swe

    Now that is nice. :tup:
  11. Crispy74

    England Hemel Hempstead/ UK

    This is fantastic!! :tup:

    Thanks for taking the time to create this for us Steven and Joost :cheers: Top Stuff!!
  12. crazytortise


    Excellent job guys :tup: :tup: :tup: Well worth the wait.
  13. Andy2125


    Very nice job JB and Steven!! :tup:
  14. CarBastard

    Colombia Bogota,Colombia

    Great job Joost and Steven! Thanks a lot, it looks great! :D
  15. JoostBaksteen


    Thanks for all the positive replies guys!! :)

    and LOL @ WRSFetchBot in the UK leaderboard :D :D

    Yeah, the overall is, like Steven said, the position without taking the divisions into account.

    Some weeks, like the "Internation Invasion", each division has it's own car so that each division can compete for the 'overall podium'.

    The Internation Invasion was won by GTP_Eriba (GTP_dranddad) so he has an overall gold medal. It's nice to see you have won from all the div 1 guys when you are in div4 :D

    It's updated every quarter of an hour and the last update time is shown in the footer of the page.

    So if you add 15 minutes to the 'last update time' you get the next time the board will be updated :).
  16. Worst_Driver

    Canada Canada

    Wow, very impressive ::eek:

    Thank you for that piece of awesome work.:tup:
  17. Nicko

    Australia Queensland

    Extremely fantastic work Steven and JoostBaksteen!!! :tup: The new leaderboard looks amazing!
  18. Imari

    Australia Melbourne

    Very slick guys, it looks great!
  19. P1

    England England

    Looks great :tup::tup:
  20. BurtStanton

    PSN:BurtStanton, GTP_BurtStanton

    Love it, looks fantastic! :cheers:
  21. Paulie

    Australia QLD, Down Under

    Better than I imagined, superb effort guys!:D
  22. Mad94d

    Australia Sydney

    Fantastic work! :tup:
  23. LinPark

    United States Bradenton, FL

    Truly outstanding stuff! :tup:

    Any hints on how the parser works? Do we all have to put something like this each time:

    T1 0'28.186
    T2 1'03.019

    Just curious being a programmer myself.

    Again, Great Work!!!!

    EDIT: Nevermind, found the FAQ on the site - this is really, really nice - the section with the replays is awesome as well - can't say it enough - GREAT WORK!!!
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  24. JoostBaksteen


    As a programmer I understand it's nice to know how the system works, so here's a little insight for any programmer on the inner workings of the system. (All the parsing is done with regexes to ensure maximum quality.) The system works as follows:

    1. The system fetches this HTML to check for any new weeks, and if found parses the week data and inserts a new week in de db
    2. Next the system fetches the HTML from all active weekly threads (that is, the ones not in the archive forum yet)
    3. Then the system extracts every post from the weekly thread, stripping all the HTML, quotes and strikethrough text
    4. Now some post info is extracted like the PSN, the post ID etc
    5. After that any time prefixes like 'T:', 'S1: ' etc are stripped from the beginning of the lines
    6. Now the times can be extracted from this preprocessed posts, this is done with this regex /^(([0-9])?[\':,\.]+)?([0-9]{1,2})[\':,\.]([0-9]{3})/
    7. The database is now checked if the run exists, if it doesn't (or if it's edited) it is inserted in the database and the old run is removed from the overview

    Besides this there are a lot of other things going on. Like fetching of new drivers, division updates, information about the new weeks (tracks, cars, deadline etc), parsing of the official results, fetching of the replays and extracting the data from the replays etc.

    But this is how the system works in a nutshell. :)
  25. steven

    Netherlands driehuis (nl)

    Nice background Joost :tup:

    I'll paste it into the next version of the FAQ in the WRS Leaderboard in case anybody else is interested.
  26. dranddad

    England UK

    Well done guys, It was a pleasure to view and comment on this new leader board format before its release. I’m sure the members will have great pleasure from keeping track of their results, which is all due to your hard work.

    Fantastic addition to GTPlanet . :tup:
  27. NielsG

    Denmark Aarhus, Denmark

    Great work, Joost. Just what the WRS has needed for many years. :tup:
  28. OnlyMe

    Belgium RIP Shuffle Racing :-(

    Big hand for all involved. The new board looks fantastic. :tup:

    Fantastich werk geleverd, jongens!

    Also a big thank you for Luke and all volonteers who updated our previous board. Once I created and maintained a (very, very simple) leaderboard for another race-series here on GTP, so I know that it can be very timeconsuming! Thanks for all your efforts over the years! :bowdown:
  29. maximumattack


    Good work chaps

    The board is looking good :tup: :bowdown:


  30. nuclearfire


    Great Job with the new leaderbord :tup:
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