GTP_WRS-Online Event 28 : To the top Mr Bond!

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Ostend, Belgium

To the top Mr Bond!

Online Races based on GTS Week 28 Time Trial


:: Only Open to Qualified GTP_Registered Members ::

:: Members are not obligated to take part ::

Saturday June 9, 2018

Worldwide Weekend Time Slot

4:00 PM Eastern / 1:00 PM Pacific / 20:00 GMT / Check Local

Wednesday June 13, 2018

European Time Slot

3:00 PM Eastern / 12:00 PM Pacific / 19:00 GMT / Check Local

North American Time Slot

10:00 PM Eastern / 7:00 PM Pacific / 2:00 AM GMT / Check Local

Aston Martin V8 Vantage S '15 @ Mount Panorama Racing Circuit


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This WRS-Online event hosted by 3D3 Racing is open to GTP_WRS Registered members only. If you are not currently on the registry, join now by following the GTP_WRS Registration!

Delaying or Restarting Race Start

Once the race countdown timer has started, the race will only be restarted in these cases:

  • Multiple drivers report a black screen/hang, instead of the 3-2-1 countdown.
  • One or more drivers get disconnected before race-pace has begun ("GO" for grid-starts, end of formation lap for rolling starts).
  • Steward realizes there is a condition that would lead to an unfair or poor race experience.
Once the race countdown timer has started, the race will explicitly NOT be restarted for:

  • Latecomers, even if you've registered
  • Driver realizes he picked the wrong car parts (ie, tires) or driving options (ie, Auto tranny)
Lounge Splits

A more formal formula will be used to determine lobby assignments.

First, every driver that confirms their registration will be ranked using an event specific handicap equal to the minimum(best) of the following:
  1. Handicap from the official registry (driver does nothing, falls back on official handicap)
  2. Handicap from the official time trial (driver included in official time trial results)
  3. Handicap computed using an unofficial offline ghost lap replay
    • Must conform to all time trial rules and be attached to a post in the online thread
    • Submitted after TT deadline on Monday @ 23:59 GMT
    • Submitted at least 8 hours prior to the event start time
  4. Handicap computed using the best clean lap of an online steward observed qualification race
    • Tire wear set to off, but otherwise conforming to online regulations
    • 5 lap race: 1 out lap, 3 timed hot laps, 1 cool down lap.
    • Scheduled with steward ahead of time (plan ahead and request via thread)
    • Completed at least 3 hours prior to the event start time

Second, we will sort the confirmed drivers 90 minutes prior to the race and divide them up evenly. If there are an odd numbers of drivers the extra driver will be assigned to the A room. At that point the stewards convene and assign a director and supporting steward for each lobby. Then at about 50-60 minutes prior to the race the room #s and driver assignments will be published to the thread.

Reserves: Drivers with reserve status at 90 minutes prior to event start will not be included in the lobby assignments, but will be listed with their applicable handicap in a reserve list. They will have to request on the thread to be added to a lobby and the assignment will be at the discretion of the stewards. In that case handicap will be used as a guide, but there are no guarantees last minute confirms/entries will get the room you want and in some rare cases may not get to race at all (e.g. if the room split is such that there is two full rooms or if the new driver would create an additional room that wouldn't be supportable with the number of stewards available). Reserves will be handled on a first to request basis using the online race thread. Do not use the google form to confirm/register at the last minute, but use a thread post instead. If you are on reserve list or not listed at all in the lobby assignments do not join a room until instructed to do so.

Abuse: Because confirming guarantees you a grid spot it's important that nobody abuses the status. If you are fairly confident (80%) you are going to make the race sign up as confirmed ahead of time, but it's important you update your status as you get more information and for sure no later than 90 minutes prior to the race. At that point if you are not 99% sure you should be on reserve. This is a courtesy we ask, not only for the admins/stewards, but also for the benefit of other drivers that have accurately stated their status. We're going to use a three strike rule. A confirmed driver that "no shows" will receive 2 strikes. A confirmed driver that cancels less than 90 minutes of the race, but before race start will get 1 strike. Three strikes in any 8 week period and the driver risks being suspended from the online participation for 8 weeks. We know "stuff happens" and real life comes first so this allows some forgiveness, but we can't manage multiple rooms effectively if we don't know at least a bit ahead of time who is going to be showing up and we can't have people taking advantage of the system to guarantee their spot at the cost of someone else.

These rules will only apply for weekly Wednesday events where more than 16 drivers are confirmed. In the case of 16 or less the situation is more relaxed as the stewards just open up one lobby, all confirmed drivers are guaranteed a spot, and reserves are given grid spots on a first come first serve basis.

Goals of these rules?
  • Creates lounges of similar paced drivers equitably without relying on honor based practice laps.
  • Allows drivers that have improved beyond their handicap to qualify in a "faster" lounge.
  • Allows drivers that did not have time to run the TT to submit an offline lap well after the official TT deadline.
  • Allows drivers to run in an online setup to qualify if they don't want to deal with offline replays. These could be done during any of the practice sessions as long as a steward is present to observe.
  • Allows drivers to fall back on registry handicap if they have no time to pre-qualify.

We hope/expect the vast majority of drivers are covered by their handicap or TT result and the other two options are only used in a few cases each week. Drivers who have not been official processed should take advantage of #3 or #4 or they will be "approximately" assigned based on our best guess of their handicap.

Also note that the above procedures will typically only apply to lobby assignments. Within each lobby there will still be a pre-race qualification session to determine grid order.

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Official Practice Times
  • GTP_WRS club: Open at all hours :gtplanet:
  • Pre-Race: Lobby assignments will be posted ~1 hour prior to the official start time

Basic Settings
  • Room Mode: PR = Practice, Race
  • Room Title: GTP_WRS Members Only

Room Settings
  • Room Type: Race for Real
  • Fixed Room Host: No
  • Max Number of Participants: 16 per lounge

Course Settings
  • Course: Autodrome Lago Maggiore - West
  • No. of Laps: 21 + 1 formation lap
  • Time: Default
  • Time Progression: N/A

Qualification Procedures
  • Type: Live Online Single Stint - No pits
  • Length: Single out-lap and 2 timed hot-laps.
  • Groups: Group qualifying will be used if the grid size is large enough to warrant in order to avoid traffic during qualification.
  • Notes: Drivers not in the lounge by the time the first driver has entered the track after reset will not be allowed to qualify. They are welcome to join the race, but will start at the back of the grid. If we are running multiple qualification groups and the driver enters before the last group has entered track an exception will be made.

Race Settings
  • Start Type: Formation lap + Rolling Start
  • Grid Order: Fastest First
  • Boost: No
  • Penalty: None
  • Flag Rules: On
  • Tire Wear: 4x
  • Fuel Consumption: 3x
  • Grip Reduction on Wet Track/Track Edge: Real
  • Minimum Number of Pit Stops: 0
  • Require Tire Type Change: Off
  • Race Finish Delay: 180 sec
  • Ghosting: OFF
  • Visible Damage: On
  • Mechanical Damage: Light
  • Slipstream Strength: Real

Car Selection Method
  • Car Selection Method: Garage
  • Car Filters: None
  • BOP: Off
  • Max Power Limit: 429 (Stock)
  • Minimum Weight: 3,549 lbs / 1,610 kg (stock)
  • Drivetrain: FR
  • Tires: Sport Medium
  • Vehicle Tuning: Tuning allowed: Power and weight are to be stock. You may adjust Suspension, LSD and Transmission only.
  • Custom Paint, Wheels, Number: Allowed
  • Brake Balance Adjustment: Allowed

Limit Driving Options
  • Countersteer Assist: Prohibited
  • Driving assist: Prohibited
  • Active Stability Management (ASM): Prohibited
  • Driving Line/cones/markers: Available / Optional
  • Traction Control: Available / Optional
  • ABS: Available / Optional
  • Handbrake : Prohibited

  • After the qualification time is complete a steward will record the results.
  • The system will place all drivers on the grid and begin the countdown timer.
  • Drivers should remain stopped on the grid after the countdown timer.
  • A steward will announce the starting order and drivers should proceed into a staggered formation in the order called.
  • Pole sitter will choose his/her preferred side of the track and other drivers will alternate sides.
  • There should be no overlap between cars in the staggered formation.
  • Speed limit on formation lap is 50 mph | 80 km/h and pole sitter should maintain this speed (or less) to keep pack together, in particular in the final sector.
  • Weaving or other tire warming procedures are NOT allowed during the formation lap.
  • Pole sitter will exit the last corner and take care to give enough time to allow all cars behind to safely exit the final corner.
  • Start marker is the start/finish line.
  • The pole sitter should start the race by accelerating to race pace at the identified start marker (track specific and may or may not be the start/finish line).
  • All other drivers should accelerate after the driver in front of you does so.
  • No passing is allowed before the start marker.
  • Be cautious and courteous in the first turn. Dive bombing will be penalized and will not be tolerated.

Track Boundary Guidelines

Drivers are expected to do their best to stay within track boundaries per the OLR. Mistakes happens over the course of a long race and the random off or two will be overlooked in most instances, but if a pattern of boundary abuse is observed penalties will be handed out which include 15 seconds for a "minor" pattern of abuse, 30 seconds for a "substantial" pattern of abuse, and a DQ for "complete disregard" of track boundaries. In cases where penalties may not impact the driver (e.g. DC), the penalty may be carried over to the next event and may be applied as a 5 (minor) or 10 (major) grid spot penalty.
It's up to the admins' discretion exactly what qualifies as "minor", "substantial" or "complete disregard". Going outside the rumble by a centimeter isn't as serious as a car length wide excursions into the run off area. Factors such as dirty air and traffic also come into play. If you find yourself going wide then the next lap you're expected to slow down a bit more to make sure you stay within boundaries. If you make the same mistake multiple times and you want to avoid a penalty you can always self-penalize during the race by lifting for a very brief period upon returning to the track. Continuing to hammer the throttle after repeated boundary overruns may very well end with a post race penalty.

General Guidelines:
  • Contact with walls should be avoided. Wall riding/bouncing to gain time will be penalized and/or can result in disqualification. This includes pit entry/exit.
  • Rumble/ripple strips are part of the track
  • Runoff areas are not part of the track.
  • If you overrun boundaries by accident, lift momentarily to make sure you don't gain any advantage.
  • Do not complete a pass that was made possible by going outside track boundaries.
Track Specific Guidelines:
  • Same track limits as the Time Trial.

Standard Clean OLR Rules Apply:
  • Unless otherwise specified, all rules from the original WRS event apply.
  • You are expected to drive clean at all times as if you are racing in the WRS. All participants are required to follow the GTPlanet Online Racing Rules & Guidelines.
  • 3D3 Race Stewards (who are taking part in race, but will review the replay) reserve the right to kick out or invalidate the result of any driver from the Race Room for driving offensively. If you ignore any warnings from the stewards and are kicked out of the race room, you will not be allowed to participate in future 3D3 events.
  • Contact with walls should be avoided. Wall riding/bouncing to gain time will be penalized and/or can result in disqualification.
  • Rumble/ripple strips are part of the track
  • Runoff areas are not part of the track including green painted concrete.
  • Limit your contact with walls or objects, visible or invisible
  • No hybrids
  • No cheating of any kind
  • Nothing that goes against the spirit of the rules
  • Passing and Blocking: Aggressive blocking is not permitted, but the driver in front has the right to choose his/her line and braking point and drivers behind should respect that line. Be especially careful when you are on older tires than the competition as the speed difference may be significant. These events are "for fun" so just play nice and take a conservative rather than an aggressive approach when possible.

Good Luck, OLR Team:gtplanet:

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I won't be able to make these races unfortunately.
Have fun guys!
I'm going to try and be there in support tonight. If I can get my slip sliding and bumps under control, unsteady week
Hope we have more than just the three of us :confused:

I'll pack the picnic hamper, you bring the wine and we can stop at the top for five and take in the views, good way to welcome Phd77 (phil)

hooray made the time I thought I could do with this combo,

Hair raising moment at the top, quick intake of breath, sign of the cross and a word with the gods of forgiveness, I managed to hold it. My prays must have been answered as the replay goes on past the finish line.

Came about from hitting the left curb to hard just before .
You probably need to repost that in the TT thread Phillip ;)

EDIT: you already did:cheers:
Still, at worst I'll get 3rd , probably still crash though :)
Hopefully we'll have some others turn up. Would be a shame if for your first OLR we only had three.

Welcome BTW, good to have you on board :cheers:
I'm not able to join today because of family stuff. I'm a maybe for Wednesday.
Room up 0474-5848-6286-5599-8020

Chat available
We ended up having a really good race tonight and welcomed two newcomers to the OLR scene, @Bellin (Kevin) and @Phd77 (Phil) who both put in really strong performances. Congrats to @Bellin for the outright win.

I outdid myself in qualifying and should not have ended up on pole but the vagaries of qualifying hit Kevin (@Bellin) who got tangled up in traffic that meant he didn't put in the lap he should have. The race started and I had Phillip (@dranddad) behind me chasing hard but he overshot and ended up in the kitty litter which then left me open to the inevitable overtake from Kevin (@Bellin) who got me 2 laps later with a superb late braking manoeuvre and a clean pass. After that I was just trying to keep the gap down as best I could. I had a moment after my first stop with a neatly performed 360 on top of the mountain but as luck would have it I ended up facing the right way and still moving forward so didn't lose too much time. After that I was just managing the gap back to Phil (@Phd77) who was closing fast at one point.


Gran Turismo™SPORT_20180609211211.jpg

NOTE: P-h-d-77 qualified in 4th


Gran Turismo™SPORT_20180609221232.jpg
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Yes Mike the draft got me into the chicane, braked early but was still running out of ground. I may have just made the corner but chose to head for the grass so as to not hit backend of your car.

My fault drinking in the summer sunshine most of Saturday afternoon plus meds not a good mix for racing . Enjoyable race and great company.

Well done to Kevin and Phil
Hi guys, good to get the 1st race out the way without drama , especially as it was in my mind anyway a difficult combo to race, anyway I'm gonna try and do Wednesday, I'm always around so should be a regular driver so hopefully catch up then , good to meet you and see you on track :)
@Phd77 Phil, would you be able to do 3 TT's? It just so that we can get your Division ranking and it helps in the OLR should we ever have to split entrants across multiple rooms.

You can pick and chose which TT's you do but obviously the more you miss the longer it takes to get your division ranking.

New TT's are posted every Sunday around this time and run for a week you can find them over in this forum
Although I've just looked at this week and it's that stupid ( go near the throttle and I'm gonna understeer off ) Toyota thing , silll I like a challenge :)

Have a crack at it Phil, it's no where near as bad as you think. The car is 4WD and as a result is pretty stable under acceleration. Your choice of course :cheers:

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