GTP_WRS-Online Event - Week 02 : Rosso Corsa

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If this race is moved by an hour forwards it would work for me.
Thanks for letting us know this. :gtpflag: We can keep this in the back of our heads in the genral time related discussions
Ah sorry, I forgot to cancel my entry
No worries, that is what reserve is for. However now we found ourselfs in the wierd spot were we had many reserves but not many confirmed. So we wanted to Gauge if a race would be viable today.
I could barely make the 1st chicane without spinning. Tried even TC and that didn’t seem to help. Tried same car same track i gtsport and i could handle it very well without TC
Not quite as planned but a fun meet up still :cheers:
That car is quite a handful here even now with the physics update :dopey:
Watched a YT video by Kireth Kart about this Circuit Experience post update and how things have changed, I don't think I like the handling as much now :)
I look forward to more events in the future :gtpflag:
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WW race

Another question, are there no races planned for this Saturday/next week?
Ah too bad, I can only do the Saturday events.
My bad for this week it just didn't pan out. We depend on the free time of a few individuals this week the schedule didn't work out for us. But we'll update everyone as soon as we can.

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