GTP_WRS Videos (OP=Summary)

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Let me see if I can put the replay up here from youtube:

Yep, that works.
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My Lap - Bumper Cam, decided to get the Hauppage out :)

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Here's a video of my lap, I don't know why it says HD but it's the bad quality you're used to from me.:sly:

I missed one apex, that cost me a tenth or so.
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Here's my video anyway. Not as spectacular as Wes' but I'm still quite pleased with it I think:

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GTP WRS-Online : Event 44: Tim is Gonna Kill Me

My Bumper cam, think my crash is at the end of lap 19

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Woop :) wasnt sure my lap was going to hold but thankfully it did

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Wooot! I won the fastest sector 3 prize. :cheers:

Here's my replay video if anyone wants a look:

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Congrats to Wes for this week, very good win, and all other division winners!

I wasn't at all happy with my T4 and that was my weak sector this week, I got hooked up on the kerb on my fastest lap, and couldnt match my best splits to try and beat it. :indiff:

PAL replay attached, not sure which way round they are, but one is the Oval and the other is the road course.



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I'll try my best to catch up with the Podium vids.
Didn't have much time lately to do them.

Week 74: Tricky Little B*%#+ !

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GT6 WRS Week 7 : Light, Tight and Just Right



GT6 WRS Week 16 : Panorama'Z