GTPlanet Members' Photo Mode Work Featured in Official PlayStation Magazine

Respect to these chaps, I see @torque99 and @sebmugi 's work a lot here! Amazing stuff.

Are you guys photographers IRL too?

Thanks @jm79 :sly: I know @RL_23 likes to take cars in real life like I do. Mine is just a hobby as I enjoy photography. I'm not sure about the others I am sure one leads to the other so it wouldn't surprise me if they take photos outside of GTP :cheers:

Thanks guys above for the kind comments ^^
It'a awesome to see things like this being recognised, we have some really talented people on this site. It makes me want to get back in to taking in-game photos myself!
That is outstanding recognition, guys. I can’t contribute on the PlayStation side outside of GT6, but I certainly do intend to keep the Xbox side up.

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