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European & UK PlayStation Store Driveclub Sales Offers Serious Value

When it comes to a good-value racing game on PlayStation 4, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better game than Driveclub. With plenty of tracks and cars being added for free and at a premium, owning all the content gives you a serious amount of virtual cars, events and tracks to play around with. To make the various parts of Driveclub—the base game, Bikes expansion, and Season Pass—more appealing to players new and old, The UK and European PlayStation Stores both currently offer limited-time price reductions on the game.

Driveclub’s Best New Tracks Driven: the Urban Circuit World Tour

Driveclub’s final content update was a brilliant send-off for the title. Launched at the end of last month, 15 new Urban circuits taken from Driveclub VR (complete with reverse variants) joined the game’s track list for free to conclude an incredible post-game support cycle. The tracks themselves are very impressive although short, giving some much-needed love to city-based environments.

Driveclub VR’s 30 Urban Tracks Arrive in Standard Game For Free

When we sat down with it, we found the VR version of Driveclub mostly the same as the original in terms of the gameplay and the majority of content. One of the more exciting aspects of the game was the 15 new urban tracks that racers were able to try out on the PSVR just two weeks ago at launch.

Driveclub VR Now Available; Shown in Latest PSVR Ad

PlayStation VR, Sony’s foray into the maturing VR market is now available worldwide. DriveClub is one of the many titles supporting the peripheral, and after its mysterious absence from the earlier launch trailer, it can now be seen in the latest advertisement above.

Driveclub VR Launches October 13 2016 at Discount Price

Sony’s Virtual Reality showcase for the driving genre has been given a release date with just under a month until the launch of PlayStation VR. Evolution Studios’ final title ‘DriveClub VR’ will reach PlayStation 4 owners worldwide on October 13 2016, following an announcement from the Playstation Twitter account.

Driveclub Will Not Get a PlayStation Pro Upgrade

With Sony’s PlayStation conference last week finally making the PlayStation 4 Pro official, the benefits the system can bring to pre-existing PS4 games has brought hefty discussion in the racing genre community.

Driveclub VR to Feature in Launch Day Playstation VR Demo Disc

When a new piece of tech releases, consumers often need a proof of concept to prove that the device is worthwhile. In recent times, the best way to do this has been via digital downloads and tech demos, more often than not showing what the device could be capable of but not quite representative of the experiences you’ll have.

Driveclub VR is “More Instinctive” in First Gameplay Video

Sony finally stopped the mystery act about Driveclub VR earlier this week when it had its official reveal on the Sony blog. The game will arrive in players’ hands before the end of 2016, with new modes and features. Naturally the new driving experience will be one of the main draws, and a new video from PlayStation Access shows off just that.

Codemasters Give Evolution Studios A New Home

The merger signals the vision of a “UK racing-genre powerhouse” that will house two of the most successful development teams within the UK. Co-founder of Evolution Studios Mick Hocking will become the VP of Product, highlighting that Codies isn’t simply absorbing the staff, but keeping the team as a creative unit that will bring a new IP to the table in the near future. The combined 45 years of industry experience proposes an exciting time for fans of the racing genre: between the two stalwarts, many iconic intellectual properties across both arcade and simulation disciplines have been released.