Here's the Finalized Mad Box Console Design — But What's Project CARS Revolution?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by GTPNewsWire, Jan 14, 2019.

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    I can't believe we're still entertaining this crap :confused:

    As much as I enjoy PC2, I despise SMS (well, Ian anyway) under different management I'd probably think about getting it (maybe not), if Ian can't support a £60 game then what chances has anyone got of him supporting a £500 console hmm?

    Can you imagine ringing up customer service for support if anything goes wrong with it?

    "Erm, yes hello I'd like to report an issue with my Mad Box"

    "What issue sir, there's no issues with the Mad Box, it's perfect in every way, your the issue sir, now don't ring back, your banned from ringing customer support, good day sir".

    If you want to rebel against the industry & break the mould with something special fair enough, but you need to look after your customers Mr Bell, other wise you'll be celebrating your daughters next birthday in a rubber dinghy, not on a yacht.

    Remember, it's us that pays your wages & bigger companies have tried & failed in the past.
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    I hope it turns out to be a viable 4th console option, so I wish Slightly Mad as much luck and good fortune as they need to become a main stay.
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    IMO that's not what Mendori was implying. Especially not the realistic term.
    Everytime I read something about Shift 3 it's meant in a "it'll be more arcade" way.
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    Yeah the whole, "The public have spoken and we’ve listened" and "Wall Mount" have exposed it's tongue in cheek side.

    I still hope it comes out though for a bit of a laugh.
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    Feels weird for a software studio to jump straight into the console market, but I'm not disapproving of them giving it a shot. Just wonder how they're going to tackle proprietary concepts between exclusivity and 3rd Party support which will undoubtedly be greeted with hesitation, even for ported products. Not to mention the market landscape could be entirely different based on upcoming generations of competing hardware due before 2022.
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    I'd say its a very very long shot that SMS can make a go of this. History tells us that introducing a games console and making a success of it is a tough thing to do:

    Amstrad United Kingdom
    APF United States
    Atari Inc. United States
    Bandai Japan
    Apple Inc. United States
    BBC/Heber United Kingdom
    Binatone United Kingdom
    Capcom Japan
    Casio Japan
    Coleco United States
    Commodore Canada
    Connor Electronics
    Daewoo Electronics South Korea
    Emerson Radio United States
    Epoch Japan
    Fairchild United States
    Fujitsu Japan
    Funtech Taiwan
    Gakken Japan
    GCE/Milton Bradley Company United States
    General Instrument United States
    Henry's United Kingdom
    Interton Germany
    ITT United States
    Konix United Kingdom
    LJN United States
    Magnavox United States
    Mattel United States
    Memorex/Tandy Corp United States
    Microsoft United States
    Midway United States
    NEC Japan
    Nichibutsu Japan
    Panasonic/Sanyo Japan/GoldStar South Korea
    Philips Netherlands
    Pioneer Corporation Japan
    RCA United States
    RDI Video Systems
    Sega Japan
    Tec Toy Brazil
    Sega Japan
    SNK Japan
    Sony Japan
    Taito Japan
    Takatoku Toys Japan
    Tomy Japan
    Unisonic United States
    VEB Kombinat Mikroelektronik
    View-Master Ideal Group, Inc. United States
    VM Labs United States
    VTech Hong Kong
    Worlds of Wonder United States
    Zanussi Italy
    ZAPiT Canada
    Zeebo Inc. United States

    All those companies have released games consoles and yet here we are in the 8th generation with only 3 people in the game and Microsoft's Xbox project overall has earned them peanuts. They are running the project at a profit now but losses were incredibly heavy at the start and of course this gens profits are not helped by the kicking they got from Sony this time round.

    Seems like a stretch for SMS to make any significant inroads into the dominance of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. I wish them luck!

    The biggest question I have is not about the console itself (almost irrelevant to be honest) but the online platform that sits behind it which is far more important - and more difficult to build.
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    A Mad Box, hopefully released in 2022. This means that I'm probably not going to buy a new gaming pc this year.
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    And of course let's not forget the OUYA, the most recent and high profile failure. I'd dare say that one by itself is enough to sour people's opinions of a game console from an unknown company nowadays.
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    Why is this thread in the Sim Racing forum and not Console and PC gaming like the other Mad Box threads?
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    Is this still a talk?

    It's the same a butcher that can't even cut a steak, opening a heart surgery clinic as a surgeon and saying it will be the best clinic in the world.

    It won't happen. And if it does, the ones falling for that, are doomed.Lol
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    I think Valve would be a much bigger name and have the deep pockets to release a more succesfull console platform then a small developer like SMS. They would actually able to beat Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Lets call it "Steam Machine" with propiety OS built around the Steam platform! Come to think of it, didnt I hear this before? oh wait.....
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    I think that SMS is going to release the Mad Box and pCars 3 as a package deal. :p

    Correct @IanBell?