How do you do those replay glitches?

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I wanna learn how to make the replay cam glitch and only show one angle. I've heard sometime ago about this and wanna make a video, is it possible? anyone know how?

I'm not sure if it is replay or music replay
Yeah, no one is talking. I’ve asked as well. Only way I’ve don it is parked on the shoulder. Others are getting high angles. Must be a secret. Shhh... ;)
maybe that help?

i have tested, it works but u need more then one car in the replay, so must be an replayed race:)
I tried it. Did the helicopter view, but I’m looking for a static camera. Just in one location. I’m trying a replay now. I’ll update my post if I get the right camera.

Edit: Just wind up picking a spot on the track. Same as I’ve done before. This t8me, I’ve disabled flags so the AI keep circling at full speed. The yellows just stay on at Red Bull Ring, but no flags.

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Cycling from your car too another car changes the camera views, only if it not a locked camera view at start of replay, then you gotta reload replay. I like the tv cam at Nords that is different from the normal tv cam.
There is only one way and I'm the one who said it existed. but if I show you you will tell others and it will be patched just how the interior scapes glitch was patched after I disclosed it on reddit and PD even removed the location in GT7 .
Also It may have even been fixed now , let me check !
Oh, that’s nice. I can see me doing this. Features should already be in the game. Love the slo-mo in Assetto Corsa.