How do you get the Sauber C9?

Discussion in 'GT5 General Questions' started by mesaboys3, May 12, 2011.

  1. mesaboys3


    Hey their everyone, I was wondering how you get the Mercedes Benz Sauber C9? I have heard in the used car dealership and just wanted to confirm that if it is true.
  2. EliteDoom

    England Hertfordshire

    Yes, the only way currently is the UCD. It may be in the Online Car Dealership if PSN ever comes back. Make sure to save up for it, it's a great car!
  3. Endless-Wilso

    United States oshkosh/WI

    yep u gotta buy it so be prepared 2 dish out a min of 5 mill
  4. Vitzio

    United States Texas

    Doubt it will be in the OCD for a while now, it's already been there before. You can only buy it in the UCD and if PSN ever comes back, the Online Dealership is a place to just check for it.
  5. mesaboys3


    Thanks and if you guys are hard for money and need a quick was to make 1.4 mil in a hour check out my friends YouTube their he shows you how to make money in the American Championship Indy 500 race. I've done it for weeks with Online wing down, I've made over 30 mil and have spent it all. Super fun and if you guys need money check him out at YouTube his name is John4tigers
  6. Villain

    United States Golden State

    I believe that you are also able to get the C9 from a 1989 birthday ticket. ;)
  7. DA__dogg

    United States The DOGG house

    I got it from the ucd like everyone else. The Sauber was one of the first high powered and expensive cars I bought in GT5. I drive it from time to time in the Dream Car Championship.

    edit: also, I think by now everyone who plays GT5 knows about grinding the American Championship OP lol.
  8. Vitzio

    United States Texas

    Only when PSN comes up. Right now you can only get it through the UCD.
  9. Villain

    United States Golden State

    You can get it from that ticket any time you want, PSN or not. The trick is getting the ticket in the first place ;) Some people have a bunch of tickets lying around
  10. jvr


    well, I hope you have not been cycling the UCD during the weekend. PSN is up again and right now there is a C9 in the OCD!
  11. snowxdadx3

    United States Gaylord Michiga

    Yep. Me too. Went from 400 cars to over 1050 while the network was down. :tup:
  12. SmileyOr1

    United States Oregon, USA

    It's in the Online UCD right now!

    At least, if cars are the same worldwide. It's there as of last night West Coast USA.
  13. dcole94


    Yeah it's in the OCD, definitly in the UK, but im pretty sure its the same worldwide. Doing some grinding right now to be able to afford it, unfortunately i spent all my money last night on a 787b
  14. SlyckTires


    At least if the car is in the OCD, you don't have to worry about it cycling back out again while you're grinding for the cash!

    I'm thinking 'Like the Wind' is better anyway, it's less cash but only 5 laps.
  15. I was looking for the Sauber C9 for ages, being patient race after race checking the UCD, I lost all my hope until I saw it today in the OCD!


    Whoever wants it, buy it now!, it is a very rare car in the UCD.
  16. Yep, it's on the OCD and I get mine from the UCD, long ago ... it's a great car, certainly when tunned and soft tyres.
  17. Villain

    United States Golden State

    There is nothing unfortunate about spending money on a 787B ;)
  18. boredgunner


    Well you have plenty of time to earn enough for the Sauber C9.
  19. dcole94


    Yeah did some grinding tonight and managed to get it about an hour ago, It's a beast :)

    Online Now!
    Wales Newport

    Only 5.5 million left until I can get myself a C9.
  21. N99GT

    United Kingdom UK, B'ham
    PSN:npanchal / GTP_N99GT

    yup as most other have said! UCD...the best investment ive made in the game in a loong time!! such an incredible car!
  22. MercilessOne


    UCD for around 5.1 to 5.5 million depending on the mileage.

    Or you can get it a fresh one from a 1989 ticket. Like me. :)
  23. 599GT

    PSN:GTP_Psythm / Rasta-MaN_999

    Yes, its UCD.
    By the way. It's now in the Online Collectors Dealership for 5,5 million credits.