How Gran Turismo Changed my Life

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    My GTP name is Drew71, but online a lot of people know me as Monster-Energy71 or more recently Monster-Sport71.

    My real name is Andrew :)

    i began a racing career like most others in karting. i started when i was 8 and raced Novice 4 stroke class at a grass route level. my dad described my first time on the track as "Disappointing" which i now find funny. Flash forward 9 Years and im at the peak of my karting career. Im racing int eh ECKC Sr. Rotax series against the best karters in Canada, and for a family backed team on a tight budget holding my own. finishing 4th out of 63 karters. One race always stood out for me. it was a rain event and in the pre-final my side pod fell off. This meant i would have to start 31nd in the 15 lap final. With the rain pouring down i managed to climb all the way to 2nd and setting the fastest lap of the race, and its on this fact i want to thank GT.

    Racing is all about money, i raced against Lance Stroll and yea he was good in karts, but nothing special. i know 7/8 kids with far better talent but they couldn't continue. when i started playing GT5 in 2011 i was instantly hooked. It gave me that racing rush that i used to get in karts, but other then not putting in the work to perfect a tune... everyone had the same chance at winning.

    Flash forward to 2015 where for the first time Canada would be allowed to compete in the GT Academy. i remember watching the countdown fall to zero, and i was in the top 4. I was going to New York. At last a chance to become what everyone who races dreams to be... a race car driver. But my past catches up with me. One of the rules of GTA is that you could not posses or have possessed a racing licence greater then International A (The lowest licence). I had a International A, and technically could have gotten my International B, but i did not want to pay the fee, and i knew i would never race outside of Canada, So i never got it. I remember when i got the email saying i was denied and DQ'ed from the competition because i had the experience to get a International B licence. i was gutted, felt like my one shot had been snatched away.

    I didnt touch GT for the next 3 Years.

    10/15/18 - GT Sport is now out, and a Canadian competition is also announced. Big prizes to the winner and no rules (other then age) of who can apply. So out of fun i buy a PS4, GT, Chronus Plus (For my G27) and i attempt to get in. To my surprise i Qualify in the first round, and then i make it past the 2nd round... im in the top 16.

    02/25/18 - Now at the finals of World Gaming and its the last event, i found myself undefeated through the day & going into the last lap i was 2nd, 10 seconds in front of 3rd and in the position i needed to be in to win. I was going to win. i crossed the line, and i felt completely numb. i think inside of me all the hardships of my racing life and the GTA experience just overwhelmed me and i gave what can only be described as the worst interview in the world... but i didn't care i won.

    I got a substantial amount of prize money and an amazing trip to Long Beach with Team Pfaff. Which is what leads me to the real "Changed my Life' part. With the Americas FIA Final happening right now, im upset i couldn't attend. But the reason im not attending is for a amazing one. Im now a high performance driving instructor with APEX Driving School, which works directly with Pfaff. Because of GT i get to drive dream cars around race tracks as a living. Its something i never thought possible, and this in ways can only lead to bigger and better things. It may even lead back into a racing career (If i can loose some weight haha)

    I guess this whole post was just to say that, While some may say its just a video game for a lot of us its much more.

    Thank You GT
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    That's awesome dude. I'm glad you didn't give up the first time around and didn't let your failure of being DQ'd not affect you the second time around. Well done and its always great to see these kind of stories. Congrats again! Cheers from Iraq
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    Great story! Thanks for sharing. Talk about a silver lining!

    I was in a race with you and Z28 just the other day at Dragontrail Seaside II...I got third, but you easily smoked the rest of us, including Z. It was a pleasure just being in the same lobby as someone as fast as you. I studied the replay several times and was able to shave a few tenths off my time as a result. Cheers!