How would you address the Engine Swaps/Special Parts problem?

How would you fix swaps/S parts?

  • Make them purchasable from the Tuning Shop

  • Create more chances to earn engine/part tickets while playing through the game

  • Make them earnable through a Mileage Exchange-like system

  • Allow players to gift/trade swaps and parts

  • Allow players to scrap their own car to earn its engine

  • Make them earnable through a brand affinity system

  • Leave them as they are

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There needs to be more ways to earn engine swaps.

The roulette is god awful and ruins fun, but that’s live service games for you. They need content to trickle out slowly to extend the grind. Few people would have all of these without that glitch that happened.
Put them all in the shop. They're just upgrade parts and engines, they don't need to be special. What makes carbon driveshafts so exclusive you can only get them from RNGesus but you can buy carbon brakes and race clutches no questions asked? You can buy all the brand central cars in the game with little fuss but somehow the engines in them are "special"?

How does that make sense?

If need be, have some kind of skill/effort requirement to permanently unlock them in the shop.

Just for the love of god get rid of the gambling tickets.
I agree with many here: the engines should be available in the shop for purchase. Every engine from every car should be available. No waiting. No FOMO powered manipulative nonsense. Just have them all right there. Forever.

There are other interesting solutions proposed, but for the misery the ticket system has caused everyone, the game needs to be opened up for everyone to enjoy. Honestly, the engines need to be free at this point.

The ticket system and digital exclusivity (manufactured scarcity) both need to be unceremoniously dumped into the void between galaxies and left to drift. Burning these up in the sun is too good an end for them.
We shouldn't have to rely on a roulette system to obtain special parts and engines. They should be available in the tuning shop for all to buy like Forza. I don't understand why we have to deal with such a flawed piece of game design in the first place.
My first option? Under the Extreme tab in the Tuning Shop. Failing that, as Mileage Rewards for each car once you hit a threshold, a la the TXR series. Failing that, the manufacturer affinity option.

The current system is depressing. I've not once seen the supposed Titanium Connecting Rods that are apparently in the game, and only have one S-tier part.
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