I got it,I got it~~~~GT4 prologue~~~

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    The intro is a movie put together on a PC using GT4P's graphics engine and adding a few extras like 3d crowds instead of 2d, shaprpening the backgrounds etc, basically the intro will look slightly better than ingame but it is the ingame engine that created the intro. This is all speculation by the way, don't take my word for it but past experience working with people who have done CG amongst other things leads me to believe that is most likely.
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    I can go with that, I'm more amazed at how the car models looked compared to gt3. PD has done a amazing good. That scene with the 2 gt40's rubbing tires, will that be ingame?
  3. MoodyB


    First things first, hey all :)

    The intro does use the models, tracks, etc, created for the game engine but it's pre-rendered in Maya ( the motion blur is the giveaway here ) and not running realtime on the PS2. Its just isnt powerful enough to do this all with good antiailiasing, never mind with motion blur as well. Maybe the PS3 will be able to....

    One other way to tell if its game engine or prerendered footage is to look at the reflections on the cars. The game engines' reflections will look a bit blocky, whereas in the prerendered footage, the reflections will be much more defined / detailed.

    Also, in the intro movies, the textures will appear more detailed as PD will have used the original, high resolution images for these, whereas the game engine will use smaller, less detailed versions ( takes up less memory space )

    The crowds, from looking at the ingame movies, appear to be 2d image sequences mapped onto flat polygons, not 3d models. Wont be able to say for certain until I see it for myself, which should be soon when Prologue drops through my letterbox :)

    Hope this makes sense :)
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    How much better is the AI. I noticed in one of the vids how the AI would draft and pass. and also swerve on the straights. I also noticed them making small mistakes also. Can you post a replay of you racing and the AI being affected by you. I want to see if they swerve to not hit you and stuff. Thanks in advance.;)