i missed out on GTHD

Would it be possible for you to check to confirm this? I don't want to make an Australian PSN for nothing... But I need this game...

Same, I already made a JPN one for all my initial D game add on's, I don't want to make another EU one
I dont think it is in the Australian store or else I would have seen it by now.
Yes, but I assume you had downloaded it earlier and it thus was on your list if previously downloaded files. Seeing that the original poster very clearly says he got his PS3 after GTHD had already been taken down there isn't that option.

Yes but the point is that someone else who has previously downloaded it can save it to their PC, put it in a ZIP file and send it to him.
It did receive an official release over in japan - copies turn up on ebay/yahoo japan from time to time.

Surely people here are missing out on the fact that you can view the PS Store on your PC, so therefore go onto past downloads and re-download it to your PC, then copy onto a memory stick to get it to a PS3.

sorry but how do you do it exactly? I downloaded GTHD.pkg files from Sony Store server, put it on my memory stick under /PS3/Games but nothing show up when i put the stick on my PS3. There is a way to install PS3 demos through your computer through a software call PS3 proxy but it's so complicated it's almost impossible for avg user lol.

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