I tried Forza - Don't waste ur money

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 1' started by vax, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Driftster


    213 summed it up pretty well there..You either get "easy drifting" or you get ice racing
  2. Arwin


    Ok, I'd like to know, please, what kind of cars you're driving. I mean ... pfff.

    EDIT: oh, and I'm guessing you drive DS2 rather than DFP. I keep forgetting.
  3. NSX-R


    Driftster, you can rest now, we all know you hate gt4...
  4. 213101


    ive Drivin most of the cars worth driving you REALLY have to try to get the back to swing out in that game a good example is trying to do donughts instead of the car swinging round and round like real life the car just goes round in circles.

    im not knocking gt4 or anything i think its a good game but forza has won me over.
  5. Maven


    This is one thing I don't quite understand. In GT, you can always choose to handicap yourself by using a weaker car in most of the races or even just add weight to your car. How can you say it's not challenging unless all you do is take over-powered cars for all your races? It's your responsibility to challenge yourself. I'd like to see your A-spec points.

    I think it depends on the car. Yes, it is true, I think most of them don't oversteer as much as they probably should; it's probably something to do with the physics engine. But some of them can fishtail and drift quite nicely.
  6. Hufer.D



    That's true. I could also handicap myself by putting a sheet over the TV or playing while turned backwards looking through a mirror. But in the end, if I lose, I'm always gonna have that "I would've won if I hadn't been silly about it all." I love a good video game challenge when it's thrown down by the developers. But I don't wanna have to MAKE an easy game put up a challenge.

    And it's not just the overpowered cars thing.... it's the fact that the drone cars could care less if you pass and win. It's simply "go around, stay there."

    Sorry, but that's how I feel about it. Obviously you feel differently, and thats ok with me. I simply get more satisfaction when I win a race in Toca 2 or Forza than I do in GT4, because for me personally, those games offer a challenge.

    I don't mind showing you my A-Spec points. Come on down to VA, bring some chips and sodas, and we'll make a day of it. :)
  7. McLaren'sAngel


    Hiya! :D :O :lol: Meow! (='.'=)

    The problem I find with Forza is that the game's difficulty can be made to the point where there is no competition from the AI. This can be a good thing since it the game won't be frustrating for some who aren't that skilled, but even some skilled players put the difficulty settings such as no damage, no fuel/tire, and keeping TCS, STM, ABS on just to take advantage of the situation. This entire difficulty system can be abused by anyone which is what I dont like.

    The car list to me is very fun because it got mostly cars that I would want to drive or don't mind to drive unlike GT4's list of cars I dont WANT to drive. :O

    Despite some of these problems some of you have stated, Forza still made it up with online play. (which I haven't tried yet) I don't think Forza is a waste of money because it seems to be a racing game more concentrated on online play rather than spending so much time on in-game.
  8. WeAreN1nja


    Greatest. Post. EvAr. :tup:

    Forza's a great racer, but the driving experience is unrefined. Granted, GT has had eight years to get it right, but Enthusia hit much, much closer to home and it was Konami's firs attempt just like it was Microsoft's...

    And on an unrelated, non-flammable note, Forza has a commendable amount of customization options... because the car models need them. It's got some of the worst modeling I've seen in a loooong time.
  9. 213101


    yea very true.
  10. Nasadus

    Nasadus Premium

    You do know that both Enthusia and Forza developers have studied GT very closely before making their games. Hell,the developers of Forza came out and said it them selfes way before the game was released.Enthusia is the same,they all took the general idea of GT and put their own twist to it.

    Without GT,those games wouldn't have existed or would have been very different from what they are now.
  11. Dagoth


    I have played both games extensively and find that GT4 hardly gets touched since I got to 100%.

    Forza is a totally different animal to get used to after spending months on GT4

    The online option and car designer are probably the best features in the game, and I fell that they should have been included in GT4.

    Online play extends the game tremendously, as you can compete with thousands of people of all different levels, at all different class races, you also have car clubs with challenge races, and can buy and sell any cars you like/need online.

    The car designer smacks a bit of 2F2F, but with a bith of skill and "ingenuity" you can come up with some stunning designs..
  12. 1995_eclipse


    i hired forza about a week ago and i like it. my birthday was last week and with the moneys that i got i am going to buy it either this or next week.
    i like the fact that you can do the cars up with not only performance mods and i love how there are porsches and ferrari's are in it, i love them... esphially the testarossa.
  13. McLaren'sAngel


    Hiya! :D :O :lol: Meow! (='.'=)

    The Ferraris and Porsches are one of the biggest reason I bought this game! :lol: I love the Porsche Carrera GT! :O
  14. WeAreN1nja


    I'm the exact opposite. :sly: I bought Forza, the strat guide, and the Fanatec wheel. I even created an Initial D custom soundtrack for the game... and haven't touched it in weeks.

    I've never played GT for it's racing. When I want to race, I play TOCA or a similar game filled with race]/B] cars. I've never cared about the AI, because all I do is tune cars and run time trials. As the driving/physics engine is sublime to me. Ten, fifteen laps at a time. Then sit back and watch amazing replays, pausing to take really nice pictures. And since I'm not an online gamer, the online features don't hold much value for me... :ouch:

    I still maintain that a GT4's car models don't need the help Forza's cars do (for example, look at GT4's Impreza 22B, then look at Forza's Impreza 22B; one needs all the aesthetic help it can get, the other's so perfect, it'd be a crime to change even the wheels...) but those very same customization options have contributed greatly to the games' sales, so...

    IMO, Forza is for people who enjoy racing; GT4 is for people who enjoy cars.
  15. Camouflage_RX



    I agree with you hundred percent.