Ideas for low HP racecar championship

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The better tires make fine-tuning redundant though, the car will stick anyhow.
It also throws off the character of those small cars.
My points format. 👍


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Allowed cars
Autobianchi A112 Abarth '79
Daihatsu Copen Detachable Top '02
Daihatsu Cuore TR-XX Avanzato R '97
Daihatsu MIRA TR-XX Avanzato R '97
Daihatsu MOVE CX '95
Daihatsu MOVE SR-XX 2WD '97
Daihatsu OFC-1 Concept '07
Daihatsu SIRION CX 2WD '98
Daihatsu STORIA CX 2WD '98
Honda BEAT '91
Honda BEAT Version F '92
Honda BEAT Version Z '93
Honda S800 '66
Mazda Autozam AZ-1 ‘92
MINI Cooper 1.3i ‘98
Nissan March G# '99
Suzuki ALTO LAPIN Turbo '02
Suzuki ALTO WORKS RS-Z '97
Suzuki Cappuccino (EA11R) '91
Suzuki Kei WORKS '02
Suzuki MR Wagon Sport '04
Suzuki WAGON R RR '98
Toyota VITZ F '99
Toyota Yaris F '99
Triumph Spitfire 1500 '97
I will be using the Mazda Autozam AZ-1. 👍
Can you tell us something more about the modalities of the championship:

- online or timetrials?
- if online, in a private lounge?
- when: which days of the week? which hours?
- which racing rules?

I'm in Europe, and I can only race from monday to thursday, on decent hours (until midnight Paris-time (NY + 6 hours)

Will answer the poll
It will be run in online races, with private rooms.

I will put up a new pole later about start times.

As for rules, we will not have dirty driving, typical racing rules. Simply put dont do anything stupid.
I am hoping to have 2 of each car at the most.
I'm interested very much in this, as long as its not saturday evening. I've already got 2 race series running that evening.

Is this going to be full tune racing, HP and weight limit, or no tune? I've got a Triumph Spitfire that I want to run for this, but I've got nearly a full tune on it giving it close to 250hp. Pretty amazing its capable of so much with a base of only 70hp.

Also, I don't want to see anything over sport soft tires allowed in this. If racing tires are allowed I am out. Race tires on these low powered cars is just overkill and tends to make tuning redundant, unless your starting out with an incredibly unstable car.
Im hoping to run friday afternoon evening.

I will try to base the power off of a power/weight ratio. The weight will be no lower than 700 kg.
I might be quite interested in this depending on time/day. I just fixed up my Cappucino for the seasonal event and it's quite fun to drive. I think it's around 85hp/625kg and on sports/soft.

I have a league race at 14:00 EST on Saturday's so any time before or after that on that day would work, and Friday evenings after 18:00 would probably work too.

I'll answer the poll and stay tuned for details.

EDIT: I guess I will be too light, I'll see if I have anything esle that fits the bill and if I don't I'll buy one.
I was actually thinking about running a Suzuki Cappuccino RM league. I tried to get a league going with the Lexus IS-F Racing Concept but had a no show at the first race. I've got a site up to support this. Check it out and let me know if you want me to host the league.

Btw, the rules page will be changing soon.
min weight: 700kg
max power: 98hp
Aero tuning: wings only
Recommended tuning: Racing exhaust, low RPM turbo, Engine tuning
Any tuning is allowed.
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I kind of surprised at the interest in this championship, I never thought I would have nearly 20 people interested. Trying to think of a way to do qualifying to only start the top 16. I was thinking of running 2 races 5 laps each with half of the entrants and getting the best lap from everyone. I will try to schedule qualifying the day before to build anticipation.
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Send me a friend request at aceboy127, so we can do it private without interference.
If you are in post your top 3 car choices from the allowed cars post on this thread. :)

Just an FYI will probably not be on at all tomorrow.
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