If you could add one ground breaking feature for Gran Turismo 5, what would it be?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by NeoXenzaka, May 7, 2011.

  1. NeoXenzaka


    If you could add one ground breaking feature to Gran Turismo 5, what would it be? Why?

    How would it revolutionize the driving simulator?

    How would it be be practical?
  2. A real track editor!
  3. NeoXenzaka


    I would like to be able to manipulate the HUD.

    It would be nice to have, in options, an ability re-size, move, color, add transparency to the HUD objects. In addition, it would be nice to see different "widgets" which can be added or removed to supplement the driving experience.

    A modular HUD seems practical in the year of 2011.

    It's sound because if the HUD was made with an overlaying grid you could make widgets or add-ons which can snap
  4. NeoXenzaka


    I would love to see a track editor with freedom, sure it's been said before but...

    A driving game with a track editor, full scale track editor has yet to be done.
  5. W3HS

    Thailand Thailand

    I was thinking the same thing.

    If not that then a full mechanical damage system like in real life where an engine can go bang through over revving and suspension arms do snap.
  6. Wardez

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    United States Las Vegas UTC-8

    Well. I'll answer your question with my opinion; but first I thought that this would be a time to let out one of the things I believe is most unappreciated in GT5.

    I really think GT5 broke new ground with the day/night cycle. That alone brought it to a level for me (when it comes to driving games) that I think sets a high bar for other developers.

    I think it'll be a long time before we see a day and night cycle implemented as well as GT5 did. It's one of its ultimately beautiful saving graces.

    But as far as what I would want to see...

    A completely customizable and reliable online component.
  7. trk29


    Give me the same options for changing tracks and cars like it is in the open lobby
    for practice and arcade mode without having to go all the way back to the main menu.

    Oh you said groundbreaking not something you would expect.

    Uh lets see, when you do weight reduction it would be visual like the way other racing games do it correctly.
  8. nizmo_bro


    Groundbreaking to the GT series, I'd want a livery editor added. Creating your own race car out of any car would really make the game so much better.

    And like others said, a better track creator. I think they should have done something similar to Mod Nation Racer, where you can basically drive with the analog stick to lay down track exactly how you want, and at what elevation you want.
  9. hsdioce

    United States Cypress, TX

    I'd add a season type set up, like F1 2010 where you build up your career stats, wins, poles, etc. and just keep racing in different series (SuperGT, NASCAR, LMP, etc.) and build up stats within each series, it would defiantly make re playability even higher, and I also love building up my character in F1 2010 :D
  10. Daniel

    Online Now!
    New Zealand Auckland, NZ

    Earthquakes :idea:
  11. grashopper


    I would like a random endless road that generates on the fly.
  12. yellomello


    Drifting Career or AI tandem partners
  13. Spacegoat

    Australia Upside Down

    Great idea. :tup:
  14. GfxJG

    Denmark Denmark

    I have multiple ideas that I would to see, but ground breaking...

    How about Design-a-Car? You could have a selection of parts (front lips, base chassis, hoods, wheels, spoilers, aero, etc.), and a selection of different engines and gearboxes etc from different manufacturers.

    It's far out, but you did say ground-breaking =P
  15. Midnight Snacks

    United States Long Beach, CA

    Livery editors aren't exactly revolutionary, but, that's what I want.
  16. BradKinder


    Now that we can drive in the middle of the night, being able to add aftermarket headlights/fog lights/ect would be great.
  17. IceMan PJN

    United States Ohio

    Nah, full day/night cycles have been done before even in just console racing games. Off the top of my head, GRID had a nice one. GT5 did nothing new or unprecedented there. Some other racing games haven't exactly had a cycle, by which the time changes over the course of the race, but some other console racing games have had changeable time of day and changeable weather, including PGR, which isn't far off from implementing a changing cycle.
  18. If I could add ONE ground breaking feature to GT5 it would be the car that sits atop of the most wanted cars in the gtplanet Feedback area:

    The Premium E30 DLC Pack.

    • a bone stock 318is E30 with the original 15-inch BBS mesh rims (race-moddable)
    • a 325i E30 Sedan with M-Package
    • a 325i E30 Touring with M-Package
    • an M3 E30
    • an M3 E30 Sport EVO
    • M3 E30 Touring Car
    • M3 E30 with S38 Turbo engine swap
    • Herbert's M3 E30 with V10 Engine Swap and 6-speed manual


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  19. amar212

    Croatia Croatia

    Sega GT had it more than decade ago. And there was that crazy Apex (Racing Revoluzione) game too. It can be done.
  20. smalldave


    Actually it ain't as hard as you might think - even just something simple like in Need for Speed Undercover. I remember in that game, there was a body kit you would pop on then you could like resize like air intakes, diffusers, splitters, curvature depth height and width of the rear wing. You would do this just by selecting the but to resize and away you go.

    Ig thus cant happen i would at least like more standard aero to put onto cars. After all, it's only shifting a few polygons...

    So besides the aero I think a manipulative HUD would be great. You could take everything off but leave stuff on like the tyre indicators and fuel gauge.
  21. I agree with this 1000000%
  22. GT should become modula.

    Since there is a great physics engine, lots of cars and tracks. People could write games from this engine.

    We need someone to do a drift module (7.99 of psn)
    A PGR style kudos challange module (5.99 on psn)
    Arcade module (9.99 on psn)

    Use the tools we have to create more games from this game.
  23. Rotorist

    Greece Patra

    This and tire pressure adjustments.
  24. STIGGY_34

    Australia St Kilda VIC Australia

    I don't know how this is going to be received but make the game have a purpose.
    Make it like a book, or more like a never ending story, have a start, a middle and an end that comes but takes a while you know.
    I like the idea of a "career" as such, start to move away from the "Yeah lets buy a road car, trick it up and go smash it with no consequences."
    I'd like to see real world series and the such.
  25. Milldrum

    Australia Melbourne

    I'm starting to think that replacing Bobs with My Little Ponys would be up on the list here at GTPlanet.

    Cspec mode. A mode where both you and at least 1 of your Bobs drive in the same race. Each race would be at least 20 minutes long. Each driver would be required to drive at least their share of laps, +/- 10%. So 2 drivers on a 20 lap race would be required to drive 10 laps each, +/- 2 laps. 3 drivers in 15 lap race would be required to drive 5 laps each, +/- 1 lap each.
  26. pampsu


    PD would implement a computer managed online room with customised season length no. laps/tracks/km. Let's say total of 200 km raced equally on 5 tracks. Drivers get points from qualifying positions, fastest lap, most overtakes, highest speed, cleanest driver etc and ofcourse final standings. We'd have global stats gathered and all best drivers after a period of time would receive hall of fame slot.
  27. chris78cpr


    A championship designer. Obviously it would have to have a built in credit/xp limit but maybe that could be based on the PP band of the cars involved.

    I'd love to be able to say..... Deep forest/trial mountain/autumn ring - 15 laps -600-700 PP cars/racing hards and get a 3 race series popped out where it's a challenge for me against the comp cars where I'd say earn 140k credits per race and 30k xp.

    It would give the game huge longerivity and it would be easy to implement as all the numbers/stats/details are in the game.
  28. Cyber_stig_77


    I would like to see a car creator implemented in a similar way to the current track creator in the way it gives a vast variety of preformed parts which can be put together in any combination, also incorporating wheel track, wheel base, shell roof hood and boot height, suspension geometry and engine location.
  29. Bailout


    It would be cool to have 100% real damage, like if you crashed into a barrier at 80mph your car would crumple up and be a dead duck, oil and coolant would seep onto the track and your race would be over.

    Depending on the seriousness of the dammage you would then be given the option of repairing it.

    Also things like blowouts (said before) GTA style with the option of carrying on racing with 3 tyres.

    I do think all of the above would be very annoying for a lot of people and if they had the option they would set it back to how it currently is.
  30. smalldave


    Imagine having to retire after 23 hours at Le Mans...
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