If you could take over Kaz's job, what would you do with GT7?

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  1. TomBrady


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    Personally, I'd need a much bigger budget, but I'd do a lot.

    First thing I'd do is hire more employees, and possibly employ some smaller studios so the modelling of cars can be done much faster. Like what Turn 10 did for Forza 4.

    GT7 would include motorcycles, and some open world racing. It would be made for the Ps4 and fully optimized which would mean native 1080p with 4x MSAA (and NO POST PROCESS AA!!!), 60 FPS LOCKED!!!!, and 1080p 30 FPS locked in 3D mode.

    The AI would be much faster, and there would be 10 levels of AI difficulty/speed. Engine sounds would be much better. At least on par with Forza.

    Most of all, I'd like to make the physics rival even Assetto Corsa, netkar, and LFS. The rally physics would rival Richard Burns Rally.

    I'd like the camera views to be similar to Driveclubs (same as GT6's except an addition cockpit view which is very close to the windshield)

    The sense of speed would be improved with more camera/driver movement but tastefully done (in other words, not like NFS Shift)

    It will also support all force feedback wheels, especially logitech wheels because they're the most popular.

    The mechanical damage would be much like what you find in iracing and the mechanical damage would be on at all times through the career mode. You could turn the damage off for practice mode, or arcade races.

    The online would be different. Instead of server lists, there would be matchmaking with 2 disciplines- simulation, and casual.

    Simulation would have all settings to as real as possible, but most importantly, tires would be restricted as well to be as realistic as possible (no more putting racing soft tires on 400pp cars like a noob would) Driver aids would be off, mechanical damage would be on, and the camera views would be limited to cockpit, and inside windshield cameras (by inside windshield, I mean something like what Driveclub has)

    Casual is pretty self explanatory, but there would also be custom servers too (basically what GT6 is now)

    The car list would have a lot more variety, but only about 400 - 500 cars. There would be plenty of open wheeled cars, super cars, hyper carstrack day cars, race cars of all disciplines, sports cars, and of course some family road cars.

    No standard cars (although personally, I'm not gonna whine about it if they're in the real GT7)

    The track list would be like GT6's, except a few more real life tracks, most notably Macau City circuit, and Virginia International (with all layouts!!!)

    The course maker would be awesome as well. It would be much like the track maker in mod nation racers minus all the cartoony crap.

    I'd also like to include some type of stunt events. Maybe like trials fusion except not a side scoller. That seems like it would be really cool.

    That's my idea of the perfect GT. More realistic, but also more fun at the same time.
  2. GBalao888


    I'd put both my arcade mode wishlists (see my signature) and every car, track and feature on the suggestion forum. I'd even bring ever car and livery from the original Grid and every tuned and works converted car (with liveries) from Shift 2: Unleashed.
  3. Zuku


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    All I would do without the big budget put in some respectable A.I, Choice between Standing/Rolling starts for every race.

    Qualifying weekends put back or just Qualifying period. 24 cars on the grid at all times, A-spec and B-spec combined like it use to be in GT4.

    Refine the PP system.

    Have to edit later on got to go.
  4. sparkytooth

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    More Nissans definitely.
  5. CinnamonOD


    I would murder the game with miatas, lord how I love those cars!
  6. xZAMGMarmite


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    I would add more cars, more tracks, employ more staff, add more new and unique features, add more wheels and bodykits, take the best bits from older GT games and a much easier way to contact PD.
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  7. Zuku


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  8. AudiMan2011

    AudiMan2011 Contributing Writer

    I'd scrap absolutely everything and rebuild GT with a larger budget as a proper racing sim. I'd include a better structured career mode for players to start off in series such as the Trackday Trophy and spec Miata and work through up to top-tier championships like the WEC and Indycar. Players would work their way up from regular road cars to racing for works teams in the highest level of sport. Players will have the option to make their own team and hire a team-mate or take offers from teams in the game. The offline career would have full race weekends as standard with practice qualifying and races. Grid and rolling starts would vary according to the discipline players are in. A flag system would also feature with all the standard flags used in real racing.

    I'd also include an Online career where you are paired against people of similar skill levels to you. Online career would allow players to create their own teams and make offers to other players to be their team-mate in a Driver Transfer Marketplace. Regular online would include matchmaking for similarly skilled drivers as well as more choices for custom room searching (tyre choice, driver aids on/off).

    Online career and regular rooms would include driver ratings to help weed out the crash happy people as well as a streamlined report system. Players that continually disrupt races by driving the wrong way to cause crashes or deliberately crashing people off the track would see them gain an account strike. 5 strikes would see offending players temporarily banned from lobbies and dumped into bad sport pools for a certain period of time until their ban is lifted. Repeated offenses would result in increasing lengths of temporary bans.

    I would include road cars for players to start off in, particularly in the early career stages and would have more in-depth customisation to allow players more fine tuning to turn their road car into a full blown racer. Full customisation options for players would include tyre width, wheel offset, individual camber adjustment, turbo boost pressure adjustment, axle track width, air restrictor size, bore, stroke etc. This would allow players to turn a road car like a Focus ST into an NGTC-spec touring car.

    Livery editor would be a standard feature but players will have the choice not to use it. A livery storefront where players can buy, sell and share their custom liveries would also be included. Liveries would be closely moderated and any liveries that have profanity, nudity, sexual themes or racial discrimination would be deleted and the offending player give a strike against their account. If the offending player receives 5 strikes, they will be temporarily banned from the online servers. Continued efforts to make offensive liveries would result in an increased length of temporary ban.

    Online would include the option for players to disable custom liveries on their individual system so they will not see liveries they feel might be discouraging to them.

    Offline would include an Event Creator allowing players to create custom single races or championships. Players would have the option to choose cars, classes, number of AI opponents, AI difficulty, number of pit stops required, track time of day, weather changeability, Grid or Rolling start, single race or full weekend etc.

    All tracks would have full 24 hour day/night transition and more dynamic weather. I'd outsource laser-scanning of tracks to a different professional company and would make sure details would be recreated down to the nearest millimetre. Legacy tracks would be redone with all new textures to ensure they are up to par.

    Car count would be drastically reduced and modelling would be outsourced. All standards and duplicates would be gone to ensure consistent graphical quality that is up to scratch for a next gen console. More cars would be racing at once and will vary according to discipline i.e 43 Nascars, 55 cars at Le Mans, 33 Indycars at Indianapolis. The number of players in online lobbies would also increase to 32.

    Offline A.I would be a variation of Forza's Drivatar and the A.I would have skill levels based on those of other players similar to yours.

    The tyre model would get thoroughly redone to include variations in tyre pressure, temperature and sidewall flex. Punctures would also be included as well as a new soft-body physics damage engine which will allow more pieces of bodywork to fall off or hang on to the car, glass to crack and smash, and allow bodywork pieces to cut tyres.

    Mechanical damage would become more advanced to include misfires, dropping cylinders, gearbox failures and complete engine meltdown.

    The suspension model would also be completely reworked to include advanced suspension testing rigs.

    Sound would be also get completely reworked to ensure accuracy and authenticity for both cockpit noise and outside.

    Finally, for fan communication, I'd set up pages on all the social media outlets and have a special "Community Team" to look at gaming forums and actively take consideration of fan suggestions.
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    1000 likes for you sir!
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  11. swynder


    Damn... That´s, that´s just awesome! You should make a racing game :lol:
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  12. Convergent


    That'll take decades...
  13. carracerptp


    Here is my idea:
    I would start by looking at GT4.

    Car List: Remove the duplicates ( for example the 2 Veyron's ), next add more "GT" style cars. Many games have racecars but few games have so many garden variety grocery getters. That's what made GT4 for me. 2009 toyota corolla, 2012 kia soul, 2012 honda accord, Dodge Avenger, Fiat Punto . Cars like that.

    The main regions getting more cars would be Australia and France.

    The PP system would be dumped ( More on car classing later ). Next I would add bikes, not a lot ( about 10 ). 1 Scooter, 3 classics, the rest could be anything. I would hire a 3rd party studio to clean up the standards.

    Track List: Start with GT4 ( + complex string ), then add the new tracks in GT6. Now add Autódromo José Carlos ( Interlagos ), Snaefell Mountain Course ( Isle of Man TT ), Charlotte Motor Speedway ( Road and Oval ), Pikes Peak, Donington Park, Calder Park Raceway, Hidden Valley Raceway , 3 NEW original tracks ( one would be based on a british B road ). at least 1 new go kart track and one drag strip.

    All the tracks would have every variation open.

    AI: First I believe fast AI is impossible. It is a relative concept. Fast AI for some would still be to slow for others. I would want the AI on the same physics as the player ( no more running into brick walls). They would have 4 levels:
    beginner - Just like they are now only 0.5s a lap faster.
    Intermediate - About 1s a lap faster, won't slow down at the end of a race, but may make a mistake. Brakes at real braking points.
    Expert - About 1s a laster than Intermediate, no mistakes, aggressive racing.
    Professional - about 1s faster than expert, no mistakes. Won't "race" much because that will lose time.

    This will be a global option set in the main settings menu.

    Damage: Nothing more than dented fenders visually for road cars, slightly more for racecars. But visual damage on all cars will be permanent until fixed. With mechanical damage you could disable a car, light smoke coming from the engine, racecars only. Road cars would slow down to 20 MPH and could 'limp' around.

    Now I personally don't like the role play start from the bottom work your way up style career mode. They only seem fun once. After you reach the top level I normal drop the games.

    I would have 3 modes. Arcade / Career / Online.

    Arcade: Almost every car would be unlocked. A few would be unlocked by completing one of the "Career" Challenges or Series ( Like Ayrton Senna cars ).

    Career mode: Like GT4 I would have a big map of the world ( Asia, North America, South America, Europe ( maybe break this up more ) , and Australia. B-Spec would be more like having a teammate. Your nameless B-Spec driver could take over and help with the longer races.

    We would go back to the dealership all being listed separate inside the relevant region. Inside each brand's dealership we would have "-BRAND NAME HERE- challenges" Toyoda could be trying to do a lap at Nurburgring in a Prius maintaining a min MPG and passing Toyota Prius C's all the way around. Dodge could be a lap in a Viper around Laguna Seca, or get an 11.3s 1/4 mile pass in the Hellcat Challenger. The the times or points for these events would be on an online leader board. All brands would have at least 1 one-make-model race. Cars could not be modified.

    Dealerships could also sell special parts. Like a kit to make your ford fiesta into a full on rally car.

    Some brands would have "Mini Series". Mazda could have a SPEC Miata series. Fiat could have a Fiat 500 series etc.

    Each region would have 1 or more championships. North America would be NASCAR, North America GT cars, etc. Europe could be FIA stuff ( maybe ), etc.

    In the center of the map we would have GT World - This would be the location of GTAuto. International Events, Special Events, Mission Races, Test and tune , And the Garage.

    GTAuto - Fix visual damage, change oil ( stupid but why stop now in a GT game ), paint a car ANY color ( color picker ) or pay more and get a "manufacture" color ( like paint chips in GT5 ). I would not have a "full" Livery editor but you could and numbers and stripes to any car and add sponsor stickers. Also you can buy tuning parts and test them.

    International Events - Big series that require longer races and more tracks.

    Mission Races - Exactly like GT4.

    Special Events - For Events that just don't fit into the normal game play: like the Ayrton Senna tribute.

    Test and Tune - Just like GT5 but with the oval, the drag strip, and complex string.

    Garage - Here you can color your helmet and race suit. Sort your cars by "tags" for easier fetching. Delete and sell cars ( cars for sale can be purchased by online members using cr. ). Buy cars online like eBay. Really you would be buying setups as the cars aren't that original. When a car is for sale it is gone until it sells or the seller removes it from the sales lot ( You can have 10 cars for sale at once, max ). DLC cars could not be sold.

    Car leveling (balance of performance ): Many events and online races will limit entry to cars with certain tires, pounds of downforce at X speed, wight, HP and lateral grip, stock or tuned, racecar or road, decade it was made in.

    Online Mode - a big Very searchable list of rooms. You could seach by keywords in the title or filter by car restriction sets:
    - HP
    - Weight
    - Downforce
    - Tires
    - Stock or tuned
    - Racecar or road car
    - Decade range
    Also Room options:
    - Track
    - Fun / Race / Drift / Drag
    - Shuffle mode

    When you create a room you can set up to 4 car restriction sets ( they can be named ), then can be grouped in the race results ( for multi class racing ) or just for getting different car to play nice. Each set can have an "blacklist" or "whitelist" approach to limiting car parts ( like no NOS etc ).

    A host can kick or a public vote kick. It takes 2 private votes to start a public vote.

    Other points:

    - You can watch race replays inside the room.
    - In spectator mode you have a free moving camera to watch the race or live practice session. Maybe judge a drift event?
    - Take pictures during a live practice and or race session in spectator mode.
    - Practice / Qualify / Race
    - Track and Car restriction votes.
    - Shuffle mode ( Set the HP range and go! game will factor in weight, grip, downforce, top speed when picking).
    - In drag race mode you can do bracket racing.
    - AI driven pace car for rolling starts.
    - 32 cars on track ( OK maybe only 24 ).
    - AI can fill-in a grid.

    The results of every race would be stored in a log in the "My Races" section of the online room list. You can also block players from ever entering rooms you are hosting here.
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  14. chimukun


    not much to change.

    put the tokyo wangan line, c1loop, etc in, and add a whole lot of touge courses. a somewhat decent drift scoring mode with ai tandem battles.

    maybe choice of female drivers, and a cockpit view where the wheel can actually turn more than 90 degree.

    basically make it like a spiritual successor of genki's games.
  15. Griffith500


    I'd buy shares in Microsoft, then run GT into the ground.

    With the money I'd get from selling the shares, I'd make or commission, no definitely make, the perfect game for me; not you, or anyone else: me.
  16. Zuku


    United States
    Simply put

    Continuing/Restarting my earlier post

    Cut the Career mode into two separate play styles Sim/Arcade

    Cut out the fat that means certain Cars/Tracks get the boot.

    Balance out the Car List basically each region/car manufacturer has the same number of cars or nearby the same number.

    Balance the number from specific dates like 10 from 1960-1990 10 from 1990-Latest.

    Tracks simple bring back all tracks each having weather and day night cycles.

    Dynamic Environments making the race different such as after x amount of laps some people might move, or planes flying overhead(random intervals). Even going so far as to have Region Specific Elements (fireworks 4th of July on American Tracks).

    Qualifying None, Full or Short simple as that.

    A.I Having 24 cars a full grid each race each with specific behaviors, but #24 is just as good as #1 simple as that.

    No more Rolling Starts all the time and choice between the two.

    A-spec and B-spec Combined just like GT4.

    After the beginner series laps increase each rank like from 2 or 3 to 5, 10, 15,20, 25 etc. Like the old GT games.

    Premium or Semi Prem All Cars.

    Change Interior view a little bit more like Midnight Club LA(Had an awesome interior view in my opinion(Didn't like GT5 or GT6 interior views felt too narrow and a bit off)).

    Damage Visual and Mechanical a la F1 Series(Only played 2012)

    Introduce new regions/countries into the game Australia and Africa, Brazil, and Mexico. Tracks and Cars wise as I'm certain these places have tracks and as I've seen they have some nice looking cars some do.

    Basically if you're keeping up really just an improved GT4 or even GT3 I guess you could say.
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  17. JMoney


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    Great thread idea :tup:. I'll try to keep my ideas realistic.

    I would first figure out a way to gain licensing for Porsche and Koeniggsegg, no matter what the cost, and then add all significant models from each to the game.

    The map editor would allow players to have more freedom when designing tracks, and basically allow freehand drawing for maps.

    Lineups of NASCARs from 1980, 1990 and 2000 will be added.

    All 2014 F1 cars will be added.

    Various IndyCars will be added.

    A wider selection of SUV's and pickups will be made available.

    Various commercial vehicles will be added. (buses, large trucks, delivery vans, ambulances, etc.)

    All tracks that have been in Gran Turismo since GT3 will once again be made available. Most importantly, Infineon and Dunsfold.

    Fix all the problems with the suggested gear indicator in city courses. (they have improved since GT4, however)

    About one third of all cars will be made available in arcade mode, and any car owned in career mode will also be added to arcade, even if it is sold. (like in GT4)

    Make Nitrous cost 5,000cr again. A game calling itself a simulator thinks a bottle of nitrous costs as much as a Dodge Viper.

    Add various livery templates allowing players to customize their cars more (like in NFS Underground 2). This would be better than Forza's method because it will be much easier to apply decals.

    Actual interiors for all standards, even if they are low-def.

    Allow players to view the exteriors of their cars during a race by rotating the right analog stick (like in literally every single PS3 racing game I own, except Gran Turismo) I mean what is the point of custom wheels if I can't look at them while driving?
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  18. TomBrady


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    Well like I said at the start, I'll hire more people, and outsource car modelling to other developers.
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  19. Harsk100


    If I could take over Kaz's Job, then I would start hire more people and I would also give to you all features, all tracks and all cars that you want! :D

    Ex: If you want a Porsche and if I would want to model a Porsche to GT6, then I would fly from Japan to Germany and talk with Porsche creators to let PD to put Porsches in GT! :sly:
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  20. Convergent


    You'd have no money if you hire more people. Remember GT6 had poor sales.
    (Except if you are crazy rich)
  21. Tenacious D

    Tenacious D Premium

    Be prepared for a larger than usual essay. ;)

    tl;dr version: build the ideal Gran Turismo, which appeals to casuals with Arcade and GT Mode sandboxers, up to serious simulation style league racing, with lots of user creation tools and sharing included. Now, about that project...

    First, I'd do what Kaz is doing now, contacting every motorsports and enthusiast group on the planet. I'd focus on the more serious, established ones first such as America's SCCA, and all the strong associations through FIA. Make as many deals with these groups, racing teams and locations as possible, including historic versions, and tracks from previous Gran Turismos to return. Negotiate for the inclusion of fantasy content, both cars and tracks, which would meet with league approval. Negotiate a common level of damage for all cars, as realistic as possible. Negotiate for additional cars and manufacturers as mentioned above such as Koenigsegg and Porsche, admittedly an expensive nut to crack. Set up deals with private owners of cars for track testing when possible, and sound recordings. Establish what can reasonably be nailed down for GT7 ,and 8 to an extent.

    Figure out what team size would be required to realize this, and begin hiring skilled, trustworthy people to accord the project goals. Hire quality graduates from college and university, as well as key people from within the industry. Hire at least one world class physicist who has done work in the automotivce simulation field, and establish a damage team. ONLY when the team size would prove uneconomical would I consider outsourcing, as you have to pay them with a profit margin built into their contracts. Assign any outsourced jobs of lesser importance such as refining Standard car and track models, including all tracks from past GT games, with periodic oversight of progress and quality, and insuring that content works properly in the game engine.

    Do a serious study of the physics model, and do what it takes to come up with something on the level of Live For Speed's model, even to starting from scratch. Continue the relationship with KW and Yokohama, with possible additional partnerships when it would prove fruitful. Establish a damage team which works with all the modelers. Target just what can be realized on PS4 in Engine 1 with everything running: night lighting, weather model, time transition, damage, skilled bot A.I., general environmental activity/processes to a high degree, maximum number of custom liveried cars on track at once. Use this to determine maximum car count within race without affecting game performance offline and online. Fix car count with a margin for improvement.

    Begin work on scanning, mapping, modeling and art assets, the goal to be to model enough content to recreate a number of racing leagues as well as enthusiast-level material to recreate a microcosm of the motorsports world, from grass roots to pro racing. Define a maximum racing "season," and provide enough track content for a good variety of locations and courses. Premiumize Standard cars which would fit into league racing of any level, which would be quite a number, so prioritize for most significant models first. Provide bodykit models and wheels for as many cars as possible. Build a Race Modification system which produces race cars built to the specifications of appropriate leagues, as well as user defined specs. Build a Livery Editor with a wide variety of vinyl shapes, paint types, decals, text fonts, national flags, number plaques from various leagues. Provide tools for creation of additional decals and number plaques by users. Establish areas on windows where graphics can be applied like racing number, driver name, series banners, national flags and so on. Build bot A.I. on an individual level, so that bots are assigned individual names and racing personalities. Insure that bot performance is roughly similar to real world drivers, such as clumping in groups, and using tactics like drafting to break through packs and passing leaders. Establish difficulty parameters and racing options such as Skid Recovery for casual racers. Include weather and time of day transition on all tracks.

    Work on community features such as a comprehensive online structure as stated in above posts. Support club and league creation, memberships, sharing tools, Event Maker tools for every imaginable kind of event including racing seasons with championships. Build as comprehensive and efficient a Course Maker as possible, from the level of being able to recreate any fantasy track from Gran Turismo, up to real world locations if possible. Build in a data base which tracks player progress as well as bots and friends. Include Leaderboards, race location records, Time Trial records, individual car records, etc.

    Devote resources to what can be realized as a complete subsection within the game, from Arcade to Career Mode. Anything that isn't going to make launch, set aside and finish later, leaving room in the game structure for it. Test and finalize.

    The game:

    Arcade Mode: the usual Gran Turismo grab n go experience, with a couple of exceptions. All cars and tracks are available. All parameters are available, similar to the Event Maker, but initially for one race. Race Mod and Livery Editor are available. When the beginner levels in GT Mode are cleared, Event Maker and Course Maker unlock (I can hear the grumbling... ;)). The Course Maker will allow you to make fairly detailed tracks, better than the fantasy tracks from previous Gran Turismos, including some terraforming tools such as building hills and making tunnels. The Event Maker is a comprehensive event builder, allowing you to design an event from a single race through a series, all the way up to a racing season including a championship. Define everything from cars allowed and order, including cars from your garage, bot racers and order, track list, damage level, difficulty level, league rule options, points including bonus level for championships, weather and time of day per race, etc.

    GT Mode: the old school Gran Turismo "career." License tests are optional, as they figure in to the real career mode. An amalgamation of all the variations of past GT games, with a focus on the GT4 build, with Manufacturer Cup races, Missions, B-Spec training and racing, Endurance Events, etc. Race Mod and Livery Editor are available. Run Time Trial from the garage. Test drive cars from the dealerships. Used Car dealership. Damage in cars remain until repairs are paid for.

    FIA GT PRO Mode: the more detailed overview is in this post. Basically, it's a microcosm of the motorsports world, in which you progress through enthusiast grass roots racing through several semi-pro levels up to real world league racing in several disciplines. Enough content is provided in either league or fantasy form so that a racing season is well represented. Enough cars without duplicates for a full field, and sufficient tracks for a good variety of events.

    Online Mode: others have covered this very well, but in particular, good support for Online Clubs and Leagues, membership tools, Event and Course Maker creation and sharing, car and livery sharing, an Auction House and user Shop where everything from tunes, cars, liveries, decals, cars, Course Maker tracks etc can be sold or gifted. Co-op style racing options, where bots fill in spots if not enough people join a race.

    *whew* Have fun! :D
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  22. TokoTurismo


    I don't want to take over Kaz's job. However I want someone else to take over it though, especially one who knows how to make a GAME and treat it like a GAME.
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  23. Mulan


    id say hey Drive Club seems to have all i need for online and sound and graphics. I have the rest so lets get together and save money. Oh and my vision cars fit perfect in DC universe.
    How can they say no???
    ( I actually think Kaz is pressed already and he seems living in a dreamworld of ps2 era)
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  24. super_gt


    Only one note the link does not work.
    Well done :tup:
  25. spencer7x7


    United States
    I would personally make my dream racing game. I don't have the time for details because typing on a phone is a pain, but it would be awesome.
  26. Tenacious D

    Tenacious D Premium

    Woops... fixed. I had a feeling I should have tried that. In any case, thanks for the thumbs up.

    Disagree. He was there through four very good games and two which held promise - one of which he's not done with by the way. He's the biggest automotive ambassador in the gaming world, bringing the real and virtual domains together. And he knows racing inside and out unlike anyone else in gaming I know of.

    Your biggest complaint I'm aware of is that the Course Maker isn't there yet. But then the game around the CM can't be that bad, because laying down a new track isn't going to change an existing game very much. And you seem pretty anxious to get your hands on it. The Man himself is communicating with us, and actually has been for a while, just not quite so openly as in their Pit Stop, so I wouldn't fire him just yet. As I say, he has irreplaceable skills.

    As for GRID, Drive Club, Need For Speed and some of those other decidedly simcade games, I want PD to treat them like ebola. The few games I would suggest PD look at for any possible inspiration are the GTRs/RaceRoom, Forza 4 and Project CARS. But really, the inspiration I'd have Kaz and the team stay focused on is real world motorsports, from bottom to top. Rather than have Kaz say, "Let's look at Forza's modification system and their Livery Editor," I'd say, "How can GT7 give the gamer the same level of modification a real world tuner does? How can we have a Race Mod system that mirrors what racing teams do? What would your ideal Livery Editor be capable of, and work easily?"

    In particular, I think Evo Studios went too far in the crazy lengths they went to model the world, and is the main contributor to their 30fps framerate. Maybe they could be handy in cross licensing some of those cars and tracks, and contracting for the models - just not all 100 miles of terrain. :p But I suspect Kaz and the team have their own goals in mind.
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  27. Nooboogering

    Nooboogering (Banned)

    So, everyone so far are happy wiih the graphics!

    Also, I would have all the rally crossover tracks and point to point stages from countries like New Zealand, Wales and Finland. Oh, and Scotland as well.
  28. Tenacious D

    Tenacious D Premium

    Err... in GT6, mostly. The shadows are worse than the car sounds by far, but you need lots of ram for good shadow maps. The textures could be better, again that's a ram issue. The trackside environments could be better modeled, such as the trees and spectators, and again more ram would help with that. At night, the game could use more light sources, which is a low powered GPU matter. Only two cars cast headlight beams. And lighting overall needs more refinement. Ascari at 10:30am looks as dark as pre-sunrise!

    PS4 should enable PD to fix a whole number of issues, thanks to abundant ram and a much more powerful architecture. Shadows, textures, polygon count and tesselation, LOD, lighting, sound, a much more alive environment, and then there's physics, bot A.I., damage... GT7 should be a much better game all around.
  29. Johnnypenso

    Johnnypenso Premium

    I've thought about this for a few days and ended up right back to where I started. If I were in Kaz's shoes, I'd refocus the franchise on a few core features and build the game around that.

    Racing - AI brought up to speed with programmable aggression, overtaking tendency, defending, speed, etc.
    - full GT style career similar to GT4, but with scalable difficulty and adjustable race lengths and rewards scaled to the difficulty and race length.
    - full sim career mode but focusing on several different disciplines like Open Wheel, Endurance Racing, Oval Racing, Drag Racing, Touring Cars etc.
    - sim career if possible based on real world events, with an FIA tie-in where possible but also including GT Style championships based on iconic cars in the game, regional based championships etc.
    - all careers very flexible allowing drivers to pick and choose events that interest them without forcing them to comepete in events they aren't interested in
    - full race and career creator and sharable online so others can download and duplicate your career.
    - online community features with full support for clubs and leagues implemented with an online schedule of "open" entry events with full details. People can register as alternate hosts in case the original host is a no show. Basically you should be able to go into GT Online at any time and be able to peruse a list of events scheduled for that day along various sort options for finding currently available lobbies.
    - driver skill and crash ratings and availability to host to restrict access based on ratings
    - if possible, instant replay and incident report on racing incidents to the host or anyone in the room.
    - full leaderboards for multiple tracks for selected untuned and tuned cars on native tires, rotated every month - prizes awarded based on finishing position - additional prizes awarded for things like trying multiple cars, top finishers in each car etc.
    - a concerted effort to revamp the PP system with community participation as outlined in more detailhere

    Car Modeling - eliminate all standard car models for GT7
    - I would choose 10-20 standards + variations to model and outsource
    - fan poll to make a list of the next 20-30 standard cars + variations and outsource
    - my target would be around 100 new cars per year 50 in house and 50 outsourced
    - focus at least 75% of the car modeling on filling out race grids at all levels, from karts to open wheelers to Nascar to Touring Cars to street and drag etc.
    - 25% of car modeling dedicated to the unique, the oddball, the eclectic, the bizarre, the historic etc...in the tradition of GT.
    - more attention paid to small details like accurate gear ratios, stock suspension settings, top speeds etc.
    - fan polling in future car selections
    - full livery editor for as many cars as are practical, partial editor for the rest

    Track Modeling - eliminate all standard tracks from GT7
    - fan polls to determine most popular of the classic tracks and commit to releasing at least 1 every 4-6 months
    - day/night and full weather on all tracks
    - at least 1 new track from each of North America, South America, Europe, Asia/Australia each year
    - all tracks to include all variations of each track
    - a classic layout or two
    - focus on good racing tracks not just the popular/famous - there are many great, second tier tracks you could probably license relatively cheaply (aka free) that would make for great racing
    - fan polling in future track selections

    GT Fun Mode - I'd introduce a new game mode designed simply for fun with flat amount prizes awarded for completion regardless of finishing position
    - it would include basically anything that isn't organized racing and could literally be anything that involves driving.
    - events could include a smash up derby, figure 8 racing, ramp jumping, wheelies, gymkhana, racing in reverse, bizarre cars not in the regular game, car soccer, car hockey, ice racing or any one of dozens of fun things to do in a car you wouldn't normally do in real life.
    - some events like car hockey or car soccer I would include in online mode
    - I see this is a great way to attract small children to the game and as a party mode for us bigger kids to play with our friends and relatives who aren't as interested in car physics or racing and just want to grab a controller and have some fun once in a while.

    General Design - All cars should be available in untuned form to all players at all times for online racing, event and career creator, time trials and leaderboards.
    - the only place I would restrict car access would be in Career Modes, where a part of the career is to win money and acquire cars or cars are provided for you.
    - all animations can be toggled on/off
    - other functions such as oil change can be done in groups for all cars as necessary or automated by preset mileage targets
    - menus streamlined so that all purchases can be done via checklist and a "checkout" style feature where you add all chosen upgrades to the car at one time.
    - as noted above, more community feedback, I'd have this as an intricate part of the game and game design moving forward
    - corporate community liason, full time, to communicate with fans
    - GTPlanet would become the official GT fan forum:cheers:
    - redesigned game economy to eliminate grinding for all but a the few diehards that must have every car.

    Of course there is much more to cover than this including physics, crash damage, course maker etc, but my thrust would be to focus the game around racing, the cars, and the tracks, giving everyone from the most serious to the least serious player a way to compete or just have fun every single day with this game.
  30. RagingDaemon


    I would change everything including the name. No Kaz, no Gran Turismo. It's his baby, not mine.