Important Ps2 Advice(please Read)

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by Mr P, Jul 22, 2002.

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    Mr P

    ok guys just wanted to share some info with you's so as you's dont have to go through the same **** i have

    started a few weeks ago , my ps2 started giving me the disc read error on certain games , mainly gt3 it got steadily worse and on occasion it took me up to an hour to load my disc after numerous tries , i tried loads of things like cleaning my ps2 with a vac and standing it on its side and on its back to try and read the discs , sometimes it worked but after time these attempts would not work !!! so i was stumped then with no way at all to get my x-port to read and no ps2 i was looking like i needed a new ps2 until my missus got a search on and found this great site where discussions about thousands of users with this problem where putting up ideas to fix them i read through all of these tips and suggestions and even tried a tip using an extra magnet to hold the disc in place better , all to no avail until i eventually was that pissed off i stripped my ps2 right down got the disc tray out of the system unscrewed the top tray and totally cleaned out the inside tray while open i gently cleaned the laser with a cotton bud and put fresh grease on the bars that hold the laser so as it moves more freely put my ps2 back together and now my ps2 reads everything 1st time even my x-port which i was happy with the fact that it took a few attempts before , anyway what i'm trying to say is DONT THINK YOUR PS2 IS KNACKERED !! COZ IT ISN'T use logic and carefully get into the laser clean it all up and put it all back together BUT !!!!!!!!!! BIG TIP HERE !! DONT PULL THE DISC TRAY FULLY OUT as there is a small connection on the bottom right hand side which is the hardest thing to reattach i mean nearly 30mins for me just getting it back in , anyway if anyone wants more info on doing this just ask i'll reply , hopefully i can save you some money like i done for myself good luck and laters

    oh yeah one more thing disconnect the power supply before even attempting to open your ps2 or !!! its curtains! :p no seriously if your not old enough dont attempt it get your dad or big brother to do this for you better safe than sorry

    btw here's the original forum where the ideas were at

    i pasted this from where i originally posted it at gt3 times ;)
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    Thats exactly what was happening to me awhile ago. It wouldnt read my gt3 cd. Thats all it wouldnt read. I blowed some air into the cd tray area and now it seems ok. :thatsodd: I still should give it a good cleaning though.