Internet speed - Fake lobby Laptimes - Cheat/trick ?

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Hello guys,
Here is a new video with the 'boost/kick' effect, tell me what do you think of it :

Bye !

It's literally just lag - in this case caused by a connection in Europe not having a connection in the USA communicating the tap it didn't detect until well after it had happened.

The car is moving around with a noticeable delay the entire race.
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This is pure latency. Your console is guessing where his car is and what it's doing, then getting the real data several tenths of a second later and updating it with the correct position - before guessing all over again. You can hear it with the gear changes it forgets.

Get the replay from the other player's console and it will look nothing like that.
I think you have just explained latency bug , please correct me if I am wrong. If you have all green bars in your server connections the software knows where you are at all times. The car in front has fewer bars and some cases all yellow with fewer bars the software is guessing. Maybe that could be why they are hard to pass and other cars get Unexplainable Penalties because of the guessing.