IRS | GT1 European Championship - Season 1 | Fridays 8:30pm EST | POSTPONED


United States
Long Island, New York

IRS Discord:
IRS Main Hub Thread:
Host: @DesertPenguin
Back-Up Host: @aceboy127

Race Schedule:
*Lap count includes Formation Lap
Exhibition Race July 31 - Suzuka Circuit (Time and Laps TBD)

August 7 - Spa-Francorchamps (08:15 - 27 Laps)
August 21 - Nurburgring GP (19:30 - 32 Laps)
September 4 - Autodromo Nazionale Monza (15:00 - 35 Laps)
September 18 - Brands Hatch GP (10:00 - 45 Laps)
September 25 - Red Bull Ring (13:15 - 42 Laps)
October 9 - Spa-Francorchamps (12:00 - 27 Laps)

  • Aston Martin DBR9 - 606 HP/2,716 lbs | 101%/112%
  • BMW Z4 - 600 HP/2,780 lbs | 118%/106%
  • Ferrari 458 Italia - 590 HP/2,758 lbs | 109%/103%
  • Ford GT LM Spec II - 590 HP/2,798 lbs | 100%/109%
  • Mercedes SLS AMG - 604 HP/2,738 lbs | 106%/92%
  • Nissan GT-R - 596 HP/2,694 lbs | 110%/94%
  • Fridays, Eastern Standard Time
  • 8:30pm - 9:00pm: Lobby opens for practice
  • 9:00pm - 9:20pm: Qualifying
  • Immediately after Qualifying: Race format/procedure. Important announcements.
  • Immediately after Pre-Race Announcements: Remain on track and park vehicle after sector 1 so that grid order integrity is maintained prior to the race.
  • 9:30pm - 10:30pm: Race.
  • Formation Lap Procedure:
    • The race will begin with a manual formation lap behind Safety Car if present.
    • Formation lap pace speed is 80mph/130kph.
    • The lobby is set to start races at a rolling start, once the countdown ends, all drivers are expected to gradually slow down to pace speed.
    • Once in the final sector, all drivers are to line up double file. Drivers are expected to give ample room to cars in front during this period so as to avoid any unnecessary contact.
    • The driver in pole position is free to choose which side of the track they start on, with the rest of the field slotting up in their corresponding slots.
    • The driver in pole position will be allowed to control the start once the cars reach the start zone. Arbitrary acceleration and braking is not allowed at this point.
  • All races will be held in a Friends Only Lobby hosted by DesertPenguin09 or aceboy127, unless otherwise specified.
  • Qualifying will be held in the race lobby before the race.
  • Time Limit: 20 minutes
  • Tire Wear: Off
  • Fuel Consumption: Off
  • If you don't qualify, you will start behind all qualified cars in series points order.
  • Every driver is expected to adhere to the GTPlanet forums code of conduct.
  • Public verbal attacks against any IRS member, whether thru the forums, in-game lobbies, or voice chats is strictly prohibited.
  • During races, use of the in-game chat for any reason besides communicating with race officials is strictly prohibited.
  • IRS reserves the right to punish any of its members should they exhibit disruptive, offensive behavior that ruins the experience of others.
  • Clean, fair racing is expected from all drivers at all times.
  • Contact between cars is permitted so long as contact does not result in another car going off track, damage to another car, or any outcome where contact is deemed excessive.
  • When defending track position, drivers are only allowed to make one move in defense.
  • Excessive defending constitutes to illegal blocking.
  • Overtakes are expected to done fairly and cleanly. Overtaking drivers are expected to use their better judgment to ascertain whether or not they have gained control of the racing line.
  • If contact is made that results in another car going off-track, the offending car is expected to surrender track position to the other car involved in the incident as soon as possible.
  • A car rejoining the track after going off-track must rejoin the track in a safe manner. Approaching cars will have the right of way over cars that are rejoining.
  • Heavily damaged cars are expected to stay off the racing line until they get back to the pits for repairs (for Heavy damage settings), or until the auto-repair completes (for Light damage settings). Cars coming around heavily damaged cars are expected to safely get around these cars.
  • Lapped cars are expected to give way to faster cars at the soonest possible opportunity and are not allowed to interfere with any on-track battles between faster cars. It is the responsibility of lapped cars to be aware of faster traffic coming through. Lapped cars deemed to have impeded faster traffic will be penalized.
  • Driving backwards on track is strictly prohibited at all times and results in an immediate disqualification and possible suspension from the series and/or the organization.
  • All cars are expected to be moving forward on track unless recovering from an incident.
  • Bump drafting is permitted on all tracks within reasonable circumstances.
  • Intentional or payback actions will be harshly penalized.
  • At least two tires must be kept within track limits at all times.
  • Generally, track limits are represented by either the white lines or the kerbs wherever present on track. However, these rules may be adjusted depending on the track and in doing so will be properly specified by the series organizer.
  • A car with two tires on the defined track limits is already considered having two tires off-track.
  • If a car gains an advantage by going over track limits, drivers are expected to reduce speed just enough to negate any potential advantage gained. Repeated instances of gaining an advantage by exceeding track limits results in a penalty.
  • Any overtake done by exceeding track limits is considered an illegal overtake and any offending are cars expected to immediately return the position(s) gained. The only exception to this rule is when the overtake is performed in avoidance of an accident that occurred ahead.
  • Crossing the white lines at pit entry and/or pit exit results in a penalty.
  • Start Type: Rolling Start
  • Race Length: Approx. 60 minutes
  • Grid Order: Set By Host
  • Boost: None
  • Slipstream Strength: Real
  • Visible Damage: On
  • Mechanical Damage: Heavy
  • Tire Wear: x1
  • Fuel Consumption: x1
  • Initial Fuel: 100%
  • Grip Reduction: Real
  • Race Finish Delay: Set to one timed lap to allow all drivers to complete their current lap.
  • Filter by Category: Gr.3
  • Balance of Performance: Off (Custom BOP, see Car Regulations)
  • Power Limit: N/A
  • Weight Limit: N/A
  • Maximum Tire Rating: Racing Medium
  • Minimum Tire Rating: Racing Medium
  • Type of Racing Number: N/A
  • Assign Car Numbers Automatically: None
  • Tuning: Allowed
  • Kart Usage: Off
  • Ghosting During Race: None
  • Shortcut Penalty: Off
  • Wall Collision Penalty: None
  • Wall Collision Detection: Default
  • Side Contact Penalty: Off
  • Correct Vehicle Course After Wall Collision: Off
  • Replace Car at Course Out: Off
  • Flag Rules: On
  • Countersteering Assist: Prohibited
  • ASM: Prohibited
  • Driving Line: No Limit
  • Traction Control: No Limit
  • ABS: No Limit
  • Auto-Drive: Prohibited
  • 3 or more cars must make contact in a crash resulting from contact; or adverse racing (weather) conditions in general, with or without an accident.
If all cars are still facing the correct direction and moving forward, this does not necessitate calling a caution. This would be considered incidental contact or a racing incident. But if it seems warranted based on the amount of contact that took place, call a caution. Calling a caution is the responsibility of the drivers involved. All cautions will be reviewed by the stewards. Calling an unwarranted or incorrect caution could result in either a penalty or a post-race disqualification.
To call a caution, you must type the letter "C" into the chat box.

Once the caution is thrown the overall race leader will gently slow down and all cars will group up behind. Any cars behind the incident may pass through. Cars rejoining the track must do so cautiously and blend back in with the field appropriately. After grouping up, all cars trapped between their class leader and the overall race leader (between them in the queue) are to take a wave-by at a specified time (called by actual IRS officials in chat and mic) and catch the back of the line without passing among themselves. Drivers that were "punted" on a road course will receive their position back under caution. After this is completed, the pits can be opened for everyone and the race can be restarted after any additional non-pit wave-bys are completed, with the classes separated at the restart by speed.

Upon exiting the pits, drivers will line up single file and prepare for the restart. The leader will initiate the restart in the restart zone. Do Not jump the start. Please respect the position in front of you. You cannot pass before you get to the start finish line. There will be no more cautions with 5 laps to go.
  • Caution speed: 50 Mph
  • Please signify whether you are pitting or not by moving to the white line on the inside of the racing surface.
  • No last-minute fake outs.
  • You are not allowed to cross the pit entry and exit lines.
  • Pitting is not required.
  • All cars pit on the same lap, including lapped cars.
  • Causing a collision: 15s penalty
  • Illegal blocking: 5s penalty
  • Illegal overtake: 10s penalty
  • Unsafe rejoin on track: 5s penalty
  • Impeding faster traffic: 10s penalty
  • Gaining advantage by exceeding track limits: 15s penalty
  • Crossing Pit Entry line: 5s penalty
  • Crossing Pit Exit line: 10s penalty
  • Poor Driving Standards*
  • Unsportsmanlike Behavior*
*Handed at the discretion of IRS officials, and can range between points disqualification, a number of race suspensions or outright ban from the series and/or the organization.
  • 1st: 25 points
  • 2nd: 20 points
  • 3rd: 18 points
  • 4th: 16 points
  • 5th: 14 points
  • 6th: 12 points
  • 7th: 10 points
  • 8th: 9 points
  • 9th: 8 points
  • 10th: 7 points
  • 11th: 6 points
  • 12th: 5 points
  • 13th: 4 points
  • 14th: 3 points
  • 15th: 2 points
  • 16th: 1 point
  • 1 Bonus point: Pole Position
  • 1 Bonus point: Fastest Lap.
In case of championship tie after the season finale: 1 Bonus point for most wins in the season. If there is still a tie for the lead then most 2nd place finishes will be taken into account. Then 3rd place, and so on.
  • You do not have to have a teammate to participate in this series.
  • Just submit a team entry.
  • No more than 3 drivers per team.
  • Team Points are the total of the top 2 cars added together.
  • You will only receive team points after signing up as a team.
  • Front Runner Award (Most wins)
  • Pole Award (Most pole positions)
  • Three's A Crowd Award (Most non-1st place podium finishes)
  • Team Championship (The team that scores the most points in the season)
  • Participation Award (100% attendance)
Please only sign up if you are fairly certain you can run at least 4 of the 6 rounds. Please take your time to read everything here and after doing so post your sign up message like so:

I have read the first post and would like to join this series.
Car Choice:
Racing Number:
Primary Sponsor:
Team Name (if applicable):
Signups will close after the 2nd full race night. After signups are closed you may still join the series, but you must either be referred by a current series member or participate in a test night for that series.

*If you see something that looks wrong or you're unsure of, please don't hesitate to bring it up. We proof read and double checked everything but you never know sometimes.
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United States
Long Island, New York
Driver List:

GTP ID: DesertPenguin
PSN ID: DesertPenguin_
Car Choice: TBD
Racing Number: 9
Primary Sponsor: TBD

GTP ID: racefan88
PSN ID: racefan8850
Car Choice: TBD
Racing Number: 13
Primary Sponsor: TBD

GTP ID: Wanganghost
PSN ID: WanganGhost
Car Choice: Aston Martin DBR9
Racing Number: 71
Primary Sponsor: TBD

GTP ID: PApunk924
PSN ID: PApunk924
Car Choice: Ferrari 458 Italia
Racing Number: 23
Primary Sponsor: John Deere

GTP ID: aceboy127
PSN ID: aceboy127
Car Choice: TBD
Racing Number: 27
Primary Sponsor: Elf Lubricants
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Gardner, KS
If someone has a car that is tuned and they enter a lobby that has tuning disabled And they Jump on track then tuning is turned on, I’m wondering if when the race starts if the game will load their tune rather than keeping it stock when the race is started.


United States
Long Island, New York


United States
Long Island, New York
Room opens at 8:30 for practice.

I wanted to have an opener and finale at Spa for a rematch-style event. We can move the exhibition race, I just felt Spa was a good all around track.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
It’s really really late for me but I’ve always fancied some proper Gr1 races so can I sign up as a reserve please??

GTP: Kermit_2142
PSN: Kermit_2142
No. 46
Car: Aston DBR9
Primary sponsor : TBC
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United States
Long Island, New York
It’s really really late for me but I’ve always fancied some proper Gr1 races so can I sign up as a reserve please??

GTP: Kermit_2142
PSN: Kermit_2142
No. 46
Car: Aston DBR9
Primary sponsor : TBC
Absolutely. We'll keep you informed of all race activities.