Is anyone else annoyed by the FT-1 and NSX Concepts?

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  1. Flame75322

    Canada Canada

    I suppose the BMW falls under this too but I just find it annoying when you can't see how much power the car has or tune it at all. I don't even care that you can't add parts to them but at least let me tune the damn suspension so i can use the thing -.-
  2. Nemo Niente

    Denmark Lives in Sweden

    dont give me something i cant tune to my driving style
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  3. If a free addon annoys you, just don't use it?
  4. Mitchell K


    Isn't it hard for them to display how much power the car makes when the manufacturer of the concepts don't have any numbers yet? I mean I don't even think Toyota announced what kind of motor would be in the ft-1 if it ever released. As for the tuning part. It's a concept, drive it as is or don't drive it.
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  5. TheCrazySwede

    United States Commiefornia

    Perhaps PD has the specs for each car but isn't allowed to unveil it until the manufacturer gives the green light? How else would they know how the heck the car drives. When I first drove the C7 Corvette in GT5, without specs, I set a time on Laguna to see how it would compare to real life. My time was identical to a test done by, I believe it was, Motor Trend at the hands of a pro driver. Judging by that, they must have the data in there, but possibly can't release it.
  6. Brian Daniels


    These cars are only concepts your lucky we at least have an interior model. Not even the manufacturers know all the numbers to the car.
  7. pudgiecat

    United States Desert of the Real

    The Honda NSX Concept is a fun car to drive once you get used to the way it handles. It's AWD ability is not like most AWD's and needs a bit of time to get used to it. I have driven it in a few race series, turning down the power to meet PP and it does a wonderful just requires some practice and patience to master it.
  8. The NSX prototype is fast.......I was 10 seconds slower around the ring with SH tyres than the Mc Larren P1....
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  9. SanDeggo


    Google search reveals this:

    noun: concept; plural noun: concepts
    1. 1.
      an abstract idea; a general notion.
      "structuralism is a difficult concept"
      synonyms:idea, notion, conception, abstraction; More
      • a plan or intention; a conception.
        "the center has kept firmly to its original concept"
      • an idea or invention to help sell or publicize a commodity.
        "a new concept in corporate hospitality"
        an idea or mental picture of a group or class of objects formed by combining all their aspects.
      • (of a car or other vehicle) produced as an experimental model to test the viability of new design features.
        modifier noun: concept
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  10. eSZee

    United States Chicago, iLL

    Arrange your garage by power/weight. Look where the car is placed. Adjust cars around it and you'll have your numbers.
    As for tuning, well, from what I know, the FT-1 doesn't even have an engine, has fake dimensions, and fake power numbers. PD is likely limited as to what they allow us to do with these cars.
  11. FrzGT

    Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

    Tajima Monster E-sport also didn't display power and weight EVEN in the tuning screen.
    For tuning its most likely because of the agreement with the manufacturer like the Corvette C7 in GT5.
  12. Lewmatic


    I also wish you could tune them, but they are just concepts. We might however get finalized version coming as far a the NSX is concerned being that Honda has displayed its engine twin turbocharged and could have at least 500hp when it's released.
  13. Favorite the concepts and go into arcade mode and go to choose from favorites and it will show hp for them
  14. Nsx - 597hp
    FT-1 - 518hp

    Both have oil changed
  15. Annoying, but understandable. They don't publish those numbers because the marketing department for the manufactures refuse to give it to them or forbid them from publishing it.

    Most concept cars are a styling exercise, which is a subjective matter from a marketing point- performance figures are not. The last thing they want is people comparing the concept car based on numbers to other cars, especially when those numbers are merely pulled out of thin air (with a few notable exceptions, i.e. Mazda Furai- may it rest in peace).

    The other reason; and this is true for both the NSX and FT-1, is that when you do a concept car that is based on an upcoming production car, you don't want to publish performance figures because it won't have a positive effect when the production version comes out. If Honda published the NSX as having a 597hp, the press will focus on numbers and people will imagine the production car with those numbers. When the actual production comes out with a lesser hp output, people will be disappointed.
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  16. RacingManiac


    I haven't tried the NSX yet, does it have interior or is it blacked out?
  17. djslofstra

    Netherlands Friesland

    The NSX concept is a nice car to drive, it is also quite powerful. :D
    Yes it has an interior. :D
  18. BlueShift

    France Paris

    The NSX concept is a shame not to be able to tune it because driving her stock version is not very good. I also quite don't care to boost the car, but I want it setuped !

    Why PD didn't choose to put suspension/LSD/gearbox settings ? All we needed it this... -.-

    => 1199 cars + 1 that will get rust in the garage...
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  19. SCER

    United Kingdom London

    I think GT players are too used to fiddling with absolutely every car they have. It's not like car enthusiasts have to tweak everything in their garage in real life. Just let these cars keep their innate characteristics, quirks and imperfections.

    Or if you have no self respect, slap on some racing softs :lol:
  20. sparkytooth

    Venezuela Ruining your franchise

    How much stock power does the new NSX make? :scared:
  21. SCER

    United Kingdom London

    597bhp I believe.

    FT-1 makes 493bhp before oil change, 518 after. You can actually see by favouriting the car and then looking at it in the farcade mode car choice menu, the bhp's displayed.
  22. sparkytooth

    Venezuela Ruining your franchise

    Sweet Baby Jesus. I thought it was in the 520s or something like that.
  23. SCER

    United Kingdom London

    :lol: It's more than you'd expect from a Honda, regardless of it's aspirations.
  24. sparkytooth

    Venezuela Ruining your franchise

    More powerful than it's main competitors, LFA Nur and GTR Black.
  25. o9lifted

    Norway Oslo

    Its a concept. The car hasent even made it into production, deal with it! damn! You should be glad just to be able to get to drive it, in fact you should be glad just to get to see it in your garage!
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  26. Blitz24

    United States NJ/USA

    How did this make it onto Jalopnik?
  27. sparkytooth

    Venezuela Ruining your franchise

    They were covering the Detroit Auto Show. They got word that the car was also featured in GT6.
  28. Blitz24

    United States NJ/USA

    You should see some of the comments there on the car. Personally I am impartial to it. It is very sensitive to snapping out of control (or at least it was at Laguna Seca for me).
  29. sparkytooth

    Venezuela Ruining your franchise

    I spend some time there as a commenter. I head there everyday.
  30. Latin Avenger


    Mannnnnn! Can't even tune the darn thing FT-1 what the heck?!?!
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