Is PCARS as Good as GT6?

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    Not at all, I'm just tired of the "car collecting game" phrase as it has been abused as an excuse for the spotty car list in PCARS (see below). I agree that the review missed the point of the game, but that can be said without misrepresenting what makes PCARS and GT/FM different.
    I did say "most successful forebears". We both know nothing on PC comes close, especially compared to Sony's goliath.

    It's apparent to me that SMS set out to make a game that is more all-inclusive and accessible than any other PC sim, with more rounded gameplay. It's not a game like GT/FM, but it is a game that creative director Andy Tudor has explicitly compared to GT/FM, and the gaming press has followed along with that. Then you have a statement like this on the official website:

    "Whilst we all salivate over the curves of an Italian sports car, the growl of a V8 engine, or the sublime handling of a highly-tuned GT machine, for most people their love for cars starts with the one parked on the driveway of their house. Whether that’s a hot hatchback, a luxury saloon, or a city runner, Project CARS has a number of vehicles on offer that you’d likely see driving around in your everyday life."

    So again, I'm aware PCARS is not exactly meant to be like GT/FM, but given the way it has been represented, it's obvious to me where people get the idea.
    Project CARS does not have a terribly attractive list of cars for anyone who is not a fan of British or German marques. I count myself as a lucky one, because I'm happy with BMW, Ruf, Caterham, etc. Others might not find as many cars to like.

    It's not about raw numbers, or expecting a game with hundreds of cars. Subjectively speaking, there are some significant holes in the lineup. PCARS could have around the same number of cars, representing GM/Chrysler (Corvette, Viper) and more Japanese brands (Super GT cars, Gr.A cars), and I think there wouldn't be so many complaints. If that were the case, I'd be on your side, brushing off claims that PCARS ought to have a massive car list.

    There are realities behind the licenses SMS could acquire for the game, and I'm not faulting them for that, nor am I claiming that the game "needs" any one brand or model. However, it is reasonable enough for people who didn't closely follow the development of the game to be disappointed by what's missing. And those impressions don't necessarily amount to expecting a "car collecting game".
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    Though, financials aside, they still would have been in that awkward position. The choice between a chorus of whining about an "unfinished" game, or a reprise of the moaning about the delay.
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    Now that i think of it, PCARS is actually what i wanted GT to become. Since GT4 I was hoping for realistic racing, changing weather conditions and improved AI apart from pretty graphics. That package never came to be not with GT5 or GT6 (apart from the changing conditions), so IMO PCARS finally delivered this on the scale of an AAA title with all the bells and whistles included.
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    That clip is too funny