JENKINS, The Gran Turismo Cat

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  1. As many of us might have seen by now, there is a very well modeled cat in the Kyoto - Gion photo location... complete with whiskers, moving and blinking eyes.

    My question is, why is the cat there?

    is it truely random or could it be a sweet gesture from a programmer to put their pet cat into the game, thus immortalising it.

    Either way I like the cat... I call him Jenkins haha:dopey:
  2. MasterLeaf

    United Kingdom Somewhere

  3. mattythedog

    United Kingdom London

    It just adds to the scenery I guess.
  4. TayTheDay

    Scotland scotland

    lol I'm guessing it's his avatar.
  5. ConRollins

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    The same reason the monkey is in the tree at Trial Mountain I suppose.
  6. you are correct sir!
  7. esoxhntr

    Canada toronto

    game needs more pussy as it is.
  8. HAHA *stops the stop watch* not bad I expected the pussy joke to be alot later :p
  9. GTPM118


    Jp love cats, they appear almost everywere. Maybe part of their "pop culture"??
    And about the monkey/nessie/dog... its quality it's poor compared to the cat.
    Yeah, they love cats!
  10. ConRollins

    United States Mesa, Arizona

    Yea I know. I've tried to capture a good shot of it but the closer you get the worse it looks.
  11. White & Nerdy

    United States Wasilla, AK

    Congratulations! Your Immaturity level rose to 99!
  12. Ross

    England Tadley, Hampshire, UK

    :lol: That didn't take long
  13. R1600Turbo

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    United States CG, AZ, USA, Earth

    Thanks for the tip on the cat. Will check it out tonight.
  14. X-Power

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    That's interesting. Where exactly is it? I've had a look but I can't seem to find it.
  15. Omnis

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    Since we're talking Asian cat, it's most likely obscured by a bush.
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  16. R1600Turbo

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    Oh snap.
  17. Ross

    England Tadley, Hampshire, UK

    Quote of the year :lol: :tup:

    There is so much innuendo in this thread.
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  18. Cosbuster

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    It's those small touches that make the entire thing come alive.
  19. NjLowrider


    I like cats!
  20. McClarenDesign

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    Been in the Feedback section since day one. Few votes, though.

    Why must I be like that? Why must I chase the cat?
  21. Rob-F1-Fan

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    I want that pussy in my car , preferabley on the back seat
  22. Omnis

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    This is what they look like in the japanese version:


    And uncensored:

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  23. Azure Flare

    Carthage, TN

    I love this thread:tup:

    But seriously, were exactly is the cat? I've looked all over.
  24. JKcreativeworks

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    Its like something to make up for the what the haters here call "flaws" and "dissapointments" in this game.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, here have a cat.
  25. Furinkazen


  26. Its in Kyoto photo location, in the main arch sat on a step... you cant miss him.

    oh and folks, can I just say this whole thread reads like a Carry On movie... Laughing my arse off.

    Keep it up, as I know it can be hard to maintain the momentum <------- OH MATRON!
  27. Antonisbob

    Canada Kelowna, Canada


    Just took 'em! :tup:
  28. Looks like an Abyssinian. :tup:


    I'd like to see the Brazilian version. Giggity. :mischievous:
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  29. LMSCorvetteGT2

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    You must have missed the GT and trees thread, or last years show stopper the sheep in gt5 thread. This has yet to reach that level.
  30. I can only dream of this thread reaching the levels of the great sheep debate of 2011... or the raging heated scandal that was 2Dtree gate!

    This is more a light hearted affair to see if theres is a genuine story behing this cat and maybe the dog... as there is obvious attention to detail gone into them.

    Dude knows his pussy, good eye!
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