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Below is my gallery of photos I had taken in GT7.

In my first thread, my first photo to receive a like in the game is shown here.
Toyota GR Yaris Fujiwara Tofu Shop (GT7).jpg
The title is longer than the tread.
The image isn't bad but it's not what I'd call an extensive gallery.
Post some more.
Here was my second photo to receive multiple likes. It is dedicated to the people of Ukraine.
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My next one pertains to the three-car pack, something I had received for preordering this game.
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This photo marked the 100th photo I took in GT7 and the basis of the obtaining the game's platinum trophy. The next photo below this is the full version of it.
Gran Turismo® 7 - Platinum Trophy.jpg

Mazda RX-8 - Tokyo Outer Ring Road (Ichikawa).jpeg
The following below features scapes featuring the Toyota Sports 800 painted in red with decal flames.
Sports 800 with Flames (Higashi-Azabu).jpeg

This photo also features two cars painted in red with decal flames, a Subaru BRZ and a Toyota Sports 800.
SW Kingston Drive, Portland-BRZ and Sports 800.jpeg
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A photo of the Peugeot 405 at Ilakaka, Madagascar. The photo of the Peugeot 208 and 405 is on the right.
  • Peugeot 405 at Ilakaka.jpegPeugeot 208 and 405 at Ilakaka.jpeg
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Three Toyota Alphard Hong Kong taxis at 1881 Heritage.
1881 Heritage-Hong Kong Taxi Trio.jpeg

Then here's another photo featuring the Toyota Alphard Hong Kong taxis.
Mong Kok-Three Alphard Taxis.jpeg

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