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Discussion in 'Member's Rides' started by Joey D, May 14, 2011.

  1. Joey D

    United States Holladay, UT

    So I picked up my new 2012 Ford Focus Titanium this afternoon. It was a long wait since they were having a hard time getting it delivered from the factory, which was a head scratcher since the car is made in Wayne, MI which is maybe an hour down the road.

    Here is the only picture I have of it right now since my camera is in the car and I'm beat from a party last night that involved the consumption of way to much alcohol. More pictures to follow tomorrow along with the GTP sign.


    • 2.0L I4 160hp / 146 lb.ft.
    • 6 Speed Double Clutch Automatic With Select Shift

    • Tuxedo Black
    • Charcoal Black Leather Interior With Heated Sport Seats
    • Winter Package
    • MyFord Touch
    • Microsoft Sync
    • Sony sound system with 10" subwoolfer, Sirus & HD radio
    • Reverse sensors
    • Rain sensing windscreen wipers

    So far I love it, I've already driving in 75 miles just because I can. The handling isn't as crisp as the MINI but it's a much bigger and heavier car. There is a ton of room in it and the sound system is phenomenal. I do wish it had a moonroof but I'll live without one.

    Oh and as for the MINI is had some mechanical problems which were going to be way to expensive to fix, like almost $10,000 to fix, and it just wasn't worth it. I took the money I would have spent with that and just put it down on a new car. The Focus wasn't really my first choice but it is the best American car I've driven. It has a great fit and finish inside and feels like a quality product. I'm happy I chose a Ford.


    Important Bits of the Thread:


    • Retro Solutions 6000K 35W HID Kit for Low Beams
    • Phillips Crystal Vision High Beams
    • Noyka 2500K Yellow Fog Light Bulbs
    • V-LED 194 White LED Corner Light Bulbs
    • Stealth Bulbs in Rear Indicators
    • Putco 194 White LED Reverse Lamp Bulbs
    • Lamin-X smoked headlamps & yellow fog light tint
    • Saarland German Plate
    • Steeda Cold Air Intake
    • Steeda under hood bling
    • Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2, 18x8/5x108/+40
    • 235/40/18 BFGoodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2
    • 2.25" Magnaflow CBE
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  2. L_Hamilton

    Japan Kyoto

    Looks really nice, man. Congrats on the purchase. And of course the avatar to go with it. :lol:

  3. motortrend

    Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

    Cool looking Focus there, shame you had to let go of the MINI. Enjoy the car!
  4. Omnis

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Sort of Back

    Can you ship me your broken mini? I'll fix it and sell it.

    Netherlands Under your bed

    Looks very nice in black. :tup:
  6. astrosdude91

    United States Houston, TX

    So are you gonna become a typical Ford owner and be all douchey?:lol:
    And then I remember I used to own a Ranger.

    Nice Focus there, Joey D! Hopefully it will last a lot longer than the Mini.

    And I'm liking the new Avatar. But you still have the Mini one on CE.;)
  7. Rotary Junkie

    United States Canton, MI

    I thought that was reserved for people who ditched their Ford products for Toyotas... :dopey:

    Congrats on the purchase Joey, looks good. Needs low and new wheels for better fitment. :lol:

    What, does anything not?
  8. astrosdude91

    United States Houston, TX

    I will never hear the end of that, will I?:lol:
  9. SVX

    Contributing Writer
    New Zealand Wellington

    I saw the title and I was like "What happened to his Cooper?". Congrats on the new car, but it's a shame you had to let the Cooper go. Whats going to happen with it, are you going to sell it or something?
  10. TheBook

    United States Sturgis, MI

    Chances are he traded it in, is my guess. Although if he kept it...

    Joey. Autocross monster. Build one.

    Nice car, BTW, I took one around a parking lot a couple weeks ago and really didn't mind it. :tup:
  11. Motorcitydriver


    They have done a nice job with the Focus, we did a lot of work in the plant to help convert it from trucks to small platform cars.
  12. Joey D

    United States Holladay, UT

    Thanks for the comments guys.

    I am looking at rims and tires for it but it probably won't be till after I get more secure employment. I've thought about OZ Superturismo GT's. There aren't a ton of options for the car since it has a weird bolt pattern and centre bore I guess. I am not going to lower it, I'm passed thinking about that since the car has a 100,000 mile warranty and maintenance programme that covers pretty much everything but tires.

    The MINI was traded in to the tune of $10,000 which isn't bad.
  13. Cale

    United States Rochester, NY

    You could probably get some ST wheels when people start buying them and swapping rims.
  14. ND4SPD

    Canada Guelph ON

    What exactly was wrong with the cooper? Nice choice on the focus too!
  15. Joey D

    United States Holladay, UT

    The MINI needed a new transmission, front driver side wheel bearing, struts, and CV joints. I didn't want to spend the kind of money it would cost to repair all of that, the trans was almost $10,000 alone because apparently you can't rebuild MINI transmissions for whatever reason.
  16. Keef

    United States OH! IO!

    Import dealerships won't bother rebuilding an engine or transmission, or anything really. They just replace it. That's the policy of Mazda and Nissan, at least. Rebuilding isn't worth the time and labor cost. Automatics are particular are outrageous to fix or replace, and I have no idea what all these fancy new units will cost to replace in 10 years.

    How many miles did the Mini exit with?

    United States Pinckney, MI

    Needs moar low.

    But seriously, I like the new Focus it looks WAY better then the last gen Focus we had. Good choice with the 5 Door, the Sedan just doesn't cut it looks wise.
  18. Jim Prower


    Interesting, I just saw my first today, a Sedan. Congrats on the hatch.

    Darn, if I'd known about the MINI, I might have bought it from you. I know you've cared well for it.
  19. Joey D

    United States Holladay, UT

    72,000 and some change. Quite a few miles for only three and a half years of driving. I fully plan on reaching the same with the Focus too, although with my job situation right now I might not put on as many as I used too. Although two or three road trips are already being planned for the summer!

    And Jim you wouldn't have wanted the MINI, it needed so much work done to it you would have gone broke. I managed to find a used transmission for $2,500 and it would have been a couple hundred to ship it to me. Then it would have been another $3,800 to have it installed. I have no idea what installing a transmission entails but that was the lowest I was quoted. I really didn't want to go the used transmission out of a wreck MINI and would have preferred a new one, but that was almost $10,000.

    Wheel bearing was $500, struts were $1,000 and I never had the CV joints quotes although I'm guessing it was expensive since you have to replace the entire axle and those run like $400 each, plus installation.

    I'll probably never own another BMW product again, the cost to maintain them is astronomical. I'm sure if I knew more about working on cars it would be a bit easier and a bit cheaper, but I don't and have no desire too. A couple things here and there are good with me but things like swapping a trans holds no interest to me.
  20. SVX

    Contributing Writer
    New Zealand Wellington

    What was actually wrong with the tranny? Was it starting to fail (like not selecting the right gear)?
  21. Joey D

    United States Holladay, UT

    It had a loud whirring/grinding noise which was caused from bearings failing, there was also metal shavings in the trans fluid along with hard shifting into 2nd and 4th gear and slipping while driving forward. They couldn't tell me exactly what was wrong with the car because the dealer wanted to charge me some astronomical price for diagnosis, like $700 or something. To even listen to it they wanted $200, which I refused to pay since I had just paid a couple hundred in service expenses a couple weeks back and they should have caught the problem since it was making the same noise when I brought the car in.
  22. so it was a manual and it still broke?

    sad to hear that, I thought those are pretty robust, kind of concerns me too since I have a manual S currently.
  23. Eric.


    Joey's was an auto.
  24. Keef

    United States OH! IO!

    Yeah, that's a lot of miles but it's not enough for a decent car to require that much maintenance. Maybe the roads quality up there really did contribute that much. My old Si didn't need wheel bearings and struts until about 130,000, my del Sol never even got to that point at 130k, and this here RX7 is due for wheel bearings currently, at 108k. A friend's Mazda 3 is at 130k, but has needed a new engine mount (!) and struts since 110. Based on the way he drives his car, I'd say Mazda 3s are troopers.

    It's up in the air. Either Detroit's roads really are undrivable, or Mini's wear items just don't have the longevity of many other cars.

    A new front Honda bearing on my Si cost $40 and took me 4 hours to finish. Five-hundred is gouging on parts and labor costs, holy crap.

    I feel you bruther. European cars in general are retarded. Japanese and Korean cars can be decent, but then the standards of service are still pretty high. I can't speak for Ford, but GM's service standard for the cheaper brands is, frankly, pathetic. When Donovan, the Mazda 3 owner, got hired as the lead tech at a converted Saturn dealership, he was astonished at the methods the GM guys used. Teaching all those idiots the rules Mazda lays out has been a process.

    Anyway, I expect this Focus to serve you better than the Mini did, and have cheaper running costs also.
  25. Slick Rick

    United Kingdom London

    Shame about the Mini, I loved that car...

    Anyway the Focus looks pretty smart, congrats on the purchase :cheers: look forward to seeing some more pix
  26. SVX

    Contributing Writer
    New Zealand Wellington

    115,000km?! Wow, that's a lot.
  27. Joey D

    United States Holladay, UT

    Per the MINI forums I was on they are prone to premature wear compared with many other small cars. They aren't really built to be long haul commuters like I was using it for.

    The wheel bearing on the MINI was like $350 alone, even looking around online the cheapest I could find it was $275 or something. Plus I have no idea how to remove the hub of the car or reconnect the sensors back up to make sure they work.


    First Photos

    So it's been raining all weekend so I haven't had a chance to snap any pictures until today. The car is pretty dirty but I'm not going to wash it yet since it's 45 out and I don't feel like freezing, plus it's supposed to rain the rest of the week.

    Some interior shots from when I picked it up, 5 whole miles! I kinda wish it only had 4 miles to match the MINI when I picked it up :lol:.



    And the exterior shots:






    And some more interior shots, excuse the Red Bull can and be very jealous that Men in Black by Will Smith is playing on Sirius!




    And proof of ownership as required by GTP:

  28. Keef

    United States OH! IO!

    Car looks great! And it actually looks more comfortable than the weird Mini interior, eh?

    It's not a job anybody wants to do. It requires using a heavy press to push the old one out and the new one in. Complete disassembly of the hub, including that giant 32mm axle nut on Hondas...ugh. I mean, who the hell has a 32mm socket in their collection?
  29. Still, for them to take it for 10 grand shows you just how much they were trying to gouge him on labor.
  30. eSZee

    United States Chicago, iLL

    I do, and a 36 for the nissans and a 31 for the subarus.

    Car is looking good Joey, though the top of the dash looks to be the same material as the 2011 Focus, pattern/texture at least.
    Also the $350, are you sure it wasn't for parts and labor? If anything, it also sounds like it was a price for the whole hub which by the looks of it is much easier to remove.
    I understand your situation though and would've likely done the same thing.
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