JSTC400 (GT300) Series! Season 1 Races Complete

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Would you be in favor of including the Toyota MR-S in the series?

  1. Yes, please include the Toyota MR-S.

    26 vote(s)
  2. No, please don't include the Toyota MR-S.

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  1. alefin


    Japanese Super Touring Car 400 Series
    (10 Races)!

    Round 10, Grand Valley

    Thanks to asdfg11 for the countdown timer!

    Recent news: Click here to discuss and "vote" on what goes into Season 2. Season points are complete. Thanks to all that participated and hope to see most, if not all, in Season 2!

    General Info About Races: This is a race series with a nice variety of GT300 cars tuned up to the higher end of the 300 to 400 horsepower range. Success ballast is also included. We hope you can join us for some fun!

    Date & Time:
    Saturday January 26, 6:59 PM EST
    Saturday January 26, 3:59 PM PST
    Saturday January 26, 11:59 PM GMT
    Time zone converter here

    Host: Private lounge of JoeTruckV8

    Race Length: At least 150 kilometers

    Requirements: Fun, clean and fair drivers

    Race Officials: alefin ; JoeTruckV8 ; freshseth83 ; gtpanoz ; ZachAK47 ; phil bell ; FakeGangstaDIE ; TDZdave

    Qualifying Times & Race Results: Click here or scroll down

    Course List:
    November 10, Round 1, Tokyo R246 Reverse | 32 Laps
    November 17, Round 2, Fuji Speedway GT | 36 Laps
    December 1, Round 3, Nürburgring GP/F | 31 Laps
    December 8, Round 4, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Raceway | 44 Laps
    December 15, Round 5, Circuito de Madrid Reverse | 44 Laps
    December 22, Round 6, Twin Ring Motegi Road Course | 33 Laps
    January 5, Round 7, Suzuka Circuit | 28 Laps
    January 12, Round 8, Autodromo Nazionale Monza | 30 Laps
    January 19, Round 9, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps | 23 Laps
    January 26, Final Round, Grand Valley Speedway | 32 Laps

    Room Regulations:
    • Non-fixed host room
    • Standard race quality
    • Microphones disabled
    • Light damage
    • No penalties
    • Weak slipstream
    • Tire wear/Fuel consumption on "Normal"
    • Real grip reduction on wet/edge
    • Visual damage off
    • Collisions on
    • Racing line available
    • Traction control available
    • ABS available
    • All other assists off
    Car Regulations:
    Click here or scroll down to see complete list of cars and restrictions
    Car regulations may change, but we'll post in this thread if anything does.
    You can change cars between races if you like until Round 4. Round 4 and onward you must always use the same car.​

    Success Ballast: Ballast is cumulative. If your car weight is not divisible by 10, your new weight will be rounded up to the nearest 10th. Keep in mind that your weight can never go below the weight minimum listed under car regulations. Ballast will also carryover to any car you decide to switch to between Rounds 1 through 4.

    Note that success ballast will not apply during the final round.

    Also note that should a driver go over the maximum weight possible (+200 kilograms), everyone's success ballast will automatically be halved from that race onward.
    • 1st place: +40 kilograms
    • 2nd: +30 kilograms
    • 3rd: +20 kilograms
    • 4th: No change
    • 5th: -10 kilograms
    • 6th: -20 kilograms
    • 7th and beyond: -30 kilograms
    Points Scoring:
    • Pole position: 1 point
    • Fastest lap during race: 1 point
    • Pole position and fastest lap bonus will also apply to the "slower" room if there are more than 16 drivers. Also, if you made an effort to race and could not finish due to disconnect or some other reason, you will still receive points.
    • 1st place: 64 points
    • 2nd: 62 points
    • 3rd: 60 points
    • 4th: 58 points
    • 5th: 56 points
    • 6th: 54 points
    • 7th: 52 points
    • 8th: 50 points
    • 9th: 48 points
    • 10th: 46 points
    • etc . . . etc . . .
    Track Boundaries:
    • Track boundaries are generally the same as those enforced by the GT5 penalty system and as defined by section 16: Offline Racing in the GTPlanet Online Racing Rules & Guidelines. Much of the following is taken verbatim from there.
    • Colliding with or using walls, fences or other obstacles is forbidden, whether time is gained or not.
    • Two wheels (except when airborne, where the vertical projection of the car onto the track counts) must be in contact with the track/circuit which includes the rumble strips and footpaths, but not grassed areas.
    • All green areas are not part of the track unless otherwise stated in the Race Specifics section of any given event.
    • Curbs, sidewalks/pavements are not part of the track unless otherwise stated.
    • Tarmac/Asphalt or any other kind of surface mentioned above that are situated beyond the normal limits of the track, Run-off areas for example, are not part of the track unless otherwise stated.
    • Any kind of rumble strip made of concrete, stone etc is part of the track unless otherwise stated.
    • In short: if there is no rumble strip, keep two wheels within white lines. If there is a rumble strip, keep two wheels on the rumble strip.
    • Occasionally crossing track boundaries to avoid other cars, accidents etc is to be expected, but if you continuously go out of bounds, you will be penalized.
    • You can qualify with any car you like up to Round 4, but once you qualify, you MUST race with that car for that round.
    • You can qualify at any time until 2 hours before the race begins.
    • Qualifying ends in [​IMG]
    • Notify any of the race officials on PSN or on here that you want to qualify.
    • Success ballast is used during qualifying.
    • The qualifying room must have the same settings as listed under "Room Regulations"
    • The race official will check room settings and car settings.
    • You will do a 4 lap "Grid Start" race and the fastest lap time in the first 3 laps will be your qualifying time. The 4th lap is just for you to sit there so the race officials can easily record your time. Please do not leave the track until the steward says that they have your time.
    • Only one person can be on the track during qualifying.
    • Save the replay if you need to confirm the fastest lap.
    • Only a clean lap will be counted for your qualifying time. "Clean" meaning never going out of track boundaries. In the event that both of your laps are not clean (regardless of whether or not you gained time from the infraction), then your qualifying times will not be counted, and you will be sent to the bottom of the grid.
    • You can only qualify once.
    Pre-Race Car Checks:
    • Before the race can begin, I must check that everyone's car is the right horsepower and weight.
    • Please do not access your garage or tune menu when your car passes.
    • Anyone accessing the garage or tune menu will be penalized at the race officials' discretion.
    Rolling Starts:
    • After car checks, I will type out the grid order. Please remember the order you need to be in!
    • People that did not qualify will start in the back.
    • I will then hit "Start Race".
    • Once the race countdown timer reaches the end, everyone will PARK in single file in the order that I typed out.
    • When everyone is in order, I will tell pole position to begin a pace not exceeding 60 mph / 95 kph. Everyone will maintain pace in single file.
    • Pole position will then break pace abruptly (floor it!) to signal the start of the race.
    • No passing is allowed until pole position "starts" the race.
    • This is NOT a pace lap! Pole position, please start the race as soon as you can (after two or three corners).
    Ending the Race:
    • The "Race Delay" timer will be based on the slowest qualifying lap time, if it is less than 180 seconds, and rounded down to the nearest 10th.
    • When the winner passes the checkered flag and the timer pops up, you will continue to race until the end of the lap you are currently on. Once you finish your lap, you are not allowed to pass anymore cars.
    • If the "race results" in the game do not match your proper position, you will be penalized 2 spots for points but will still get the proper success ballast.
    • For example, you're supposed to be in 5th place but you keep racing and pass people, which means the game no longer correctly reports your position when I go to the in-game "race results." You will receive 7th place points as a penalty but still have 5th place success ballast.
    • Exceptions are if it's a close race between two or more people, which will warrant a closer look on the replays.
    • This really only applies to people that are not on the lead lap when the timer pops up.
    Caution Policy etc:
    • Some people have schedules to keep, so we must start on time. The room will be open half an hour before the scheduled race time, so please be on time. Do not be surprised if the race has already started when you are late.
    • There are no cautions, drive-through penalties etc.
    • Just because it is light damage does not give one a license to drive into people. Be respectful.
    • Do not start spamming the chat window if an incident occurs. Save the replay and report it to a race official.
    • You must stay in the pit exit lane when you leave the pits. Anyone found crossing the white line will receive a 10 second penalty added to their race time. This applies to all tracks.
    • In the event of an incident, five seconds multiplied by every position that is lost until the victim gets back on track or can continue racing will be added to the offender's/offenders' time, including any additional penalties.
    • There are no prizes as of this posting.
    Other Notes: The GTPlanet Online Racing Rules & Guidelines applies with some changes/additions.
    1. If you decide to allow the other driver(s) to pass because of a collision, be absolutely sure that you will not be in the way of other drivers.
    2. There will be no race restarts for people that disconnect past 6 laps into a race, and before any racing even begins, no host should wait longer than 15 minutes for someone to stabilize. In other words, 15 minutes past the hour is the latest that a race must start. Once the race starts, everyone has a 6 lap grace period.
    3. Anyone found violating the car regulations will be harshly penalized. "I didn't know" is not a valid reason.
    How to Sign-Up: Just post your GTPlanet username, Playstation Network username and car you'd like to use. You can change cars at any time until you qualify, but once Round 4 comes, you must use the same car.

    Current Participants:
    "#" indicates the person is a race official and can qualify other people. Whatever is in "[]" is the driver's PSN name.
    ** Please only sign up if you can race that day/time! **

    #alefin [alefin], Celica
    #joetruckv8 [JoeTruckV8], Premium Subaru
    #freshseth83 [freshseth83], Garaiya
    #gtpanoz [panoz38], RX-7
    SkengD [skengdigi], Celica
    #phil bell [PepsiMaxCrew], Premium RX-7
    #FakeGangstaDIE [cam_from_nj], Lexus IS350
    metalgear696 [Aesys]
    BOB0011 [BOB0011], Lexus IS350
    BAZZER [Fianked], Lexus IS350
    RodeRunner1967 [T-n-T-2000], Premium Subaru
    ugabugaz [ugabugaz], Garaiya
    Kakarot [Sinladar], Toyota MR-S
    #ZachAK47 [ZachAK47], Premium RX-7
    Wilo28 [Wilo28], Lexus IS350
    TylerJDallas [tylerjsavant], Lexus IS350
    Wardez [Wardez], Lexus IS350
    CJBMX702017 [CJBMX702], Garaiya
    southernpride20 [FAI-HUN1209]
    plc2563 [pLc2563], MR-S
    twistedfirework [twistedfirework], Lexus IS350
    Losailracer7 [QTR___46], Lexus IS350
    Litchi [GTP_Litchi], Lexus IS350
    GenomeSoldier62 [Genome_Soldier62], Premium Subaru
    MikeGrove [MikeGrove], Garaiya
    Bahundanda [slsamg69], Premium Subaru
    Deadley Killer [Deadley_Killer], Premium Subaru
    rosckolove [dayofwar2009]
    sandwiches [sandwiches10], Lexus IS350
    #TDZdave [TDZ-4-12-14-88], Standard Subaru
    MrMelancholy15 [MrMelancholy15], Toyota MR-S
    Calum.McHale [Calum_McHale], Garaiya
    racefan88 [racefan8850], Lexus IS350
    Izzyracer97 [no_bull_racin97], Premium RX-7
    spenm [ramiboo], Garaiya
    Willfred_1, Premium RX-7

    Reserve/Inactive Spot
    ATIN3222 [ATIN3222]
    Shoe67 [Shoe_67]
    KingSakery [Sakery]
    Spazmaticality [Spazmaticality]

    Thanks for reading, everyone!
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  2. alefin


    Autobacs ARTA Garaiya (SUPER GT) '08 (Premium)
    Everything allowed
    374 horsepower max
    1180 kilogram weight minimum
    Racing medium tires ONLY

    Lexus Weds Sport IS350 (SUPER GT) '08 (Premium)
    Everything allowed
    394 horsepower max
    1160 kilogram weight minimum
    Racing medium tires ONLY

    Nissan C-WEST RAZO SILVIA (JGTC) '01 (Standard)
    Unrestricted tune
    Racing medium tires ONLY

    RE Amemiya AMEMIYA ASPARADRINK RX7 (JGTC) '04 (Standard)
    Engine Stage 3 tune NOT allowed
    Everything else allowed
    374 horsepower max
    1170 kilogram weight minimum
    Racing medium tires ONLY

    RE Amemiya Amemiya AsparaDrink RX7 (SUPER GT) '06 (Premium)
    Engine Stage 3 tune NOT allowed
    Everything else allowed
    374 horsepower max
    1170 kilogram weight minimum
    Racing medium tires ONLY

    Unrestricted tune
    Racing medium tires ONLY

    Subaru CUSCO SUBARU ADVAN IMPREZA (JGTC) '03 (Standard)
    Everything allowed
    384 horsepower max
    1140 kilogram weight minimum
    Racing medium tires ONLY

    Toyota SUPERAUTOBACS APEX MR-S (JGTC) '00 (Standard)
    Everything allowed
    374 horsepower max
    1160 kilogram weight minimum
    Racing medium tires ONLY

    Toyota WEDSSPORT CELICA (JGTC) '03 (Standard)
    Everything allowed
    364 horsepower max
    1180 kilogram weight minimum
    Racing medium tires ONLY
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  3. alefin


    Overall Pure Points (updated Jan 31, 2013)

    Overall 2 Worst Races Dropped

    Overall Average Points

    Results for Grand Valley (thanks to ZachAK47)


    Qualifying for Grand Valley ends in

    Race Results for Spa (thanks to ZachAK47)
    Race Results for Monza (updated Jan 19, 2013)
    Race Results for Suzuka (thanks to Zach, Tyler & uga)
    Race results for Motegi Road Course
    Race results for Madrid Reverse (thanks to ZachAK47)
    Race results for Laguna Seca
    Race Results for Nürburgring GP/F
    Race Results for Fuji GT
    Race Results for Tokyo Reverse
    Qualifying Times for Spa
    Qualifying Times for Monza
    Qualifying Times for Suzuka
    Qualifying Times for Motegi Road Course
    Qualifying Times for Circuito de Madrid Reverse
    Qualifying Times for Laguna Seca
    Qualifying Times for Nürburgring GP/F
    Qualifying Times for Fuji GT
    Qualifying Times for Tokyo Reverse

    Circuit de Spa Francorchamps Replay (NA version, thanks to JoeTruckV8)
    Autodromo Nazionale Monza Replay (NA version, thanks to TylerJDallas)
    Twin Ring Motegi Road Course Replay (NA version, thanks to TylerJDallas)
    Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Room A Replay (NA version, thanks to ugabugaz)
    Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Room B Replay (NA version, thanks to TylerJDallas)
    Nürburgring GP/F Room A Replay (NA version, thanks to ugabugaz)
    Nürburgring GP/F Room B Replay (NA version)
    Fuji GT Room A Replay (NA version, thanks to ugabugaz)
    Fuji GT Room B Replay (NA version)
    Tokyo Reverse Room A Replay (NA version, thanks to TylerJDallas)
    Tokyo Reverse Room B Replay (NA version)
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2013
  4. freshseth83


    No one will try the Nissan. I know that. But knowing that, it makes me want to try it. I think it'll need a little bit more power though and possibly some more weight to put towards the rear for a better balance.
  5. alefin


    Nissan is my next choice after the Lexus lol. I've always wanted to do a race with it hmm
  6. joetruckv8

    United States Los Angeles, Cali

    Yes we're up and running, the op looks great Afelin! :tup:

    Hey Seth at our test track the Silvia proved to be very fast. Way faster than I expect at these reg's. I figure everyone will want the RX-7 most likely, but I would be choosing the silvia if I wasn't running the Cusco.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2012
  7. freshseth83


    I like the Nissan, it's just a weird 'feeling' car compared to say the Garaiya. The turn in isn't nearly as sharp.
  8. Panoz

    United States Wise, VA

    Taking the RX-7, I don't be in Round 2 for the reason that I'm be in Austin for the F1 race
  9. joetruckv8

    United States Los Angeles, Cali

    Lucky you know what!
  10. freshseth83


    I'll either team up with Joetruck and run the Premium Subaru, or go with the Celica/MR-S (I'm a Toyota fan).
  11. VELOCI_2NR

    United States California

    I'll try to be able to make the races, but that is the middle of the day on Saturday, so if I'm busy, I'll have to miss it.

    Sign me up for the Celica for sh**s and giggles.
  12. KingSakery


    Sounds interesting to me.
    Saturdays would mean for me to stay up very long (starts at 0 o´clock for me) :D
    In addition I couldn´t make the last 2 rounds but I would like to join.
    PSN: Sakery

    For the Car:
    Probably the Celica or the Premium Subaru. Won´t test the Silvia it sounds just not right!!
  13. TDZdave

    Australia Hindmarsh Island

    pending testing guys, I will go with most likely the Celica or premium RX-7

    the other issue for me is this takes place daytime, which maybe an issue, I won't know until that day comes along, so perhaps a reserve spot is best
  14. ATIN3222

    United Kingdom Birmingham

    I'll take the Toyota
  15. freshseth83


    There's 4 people who want the Celica. Must be a good car if that many want it. I'll stick with the MR-S.
  16. TDZdave

    Australia Hindmarsh Island

    the toyota's are prime :lol: its fairly simple to pull a lap time out of it, with minimal tuning, I'd be interested in the silvia if I had one,
  17. SkengD


    Sign me up im not sure which car yet though have to see what I have available , I think I would choose the Silvia though
  18. alefin


    Sorry, but the MR-S isn't available in this race.
  19. TDZdave

    Australia Hindmarsh Island

    Why is that?
  20. alefin


    We also dropped the standard Garaiya.

    From what I understand it, it's a balance issue.

    The two cars weren't available in this series to begin with. I was comparing it to the scheduled spot race that a lot of our current signups are also participating in.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2012
  21. TDZdave

    Australia Hindmarsh Island

    weird:dopey:, the only problem I found with those particular cars was they were a little twitchy for my liking, but assuming someone could make them drivable and be fast,

    but when I spec'd them I didn't spec them at that with that much power or weight,
  22. phil bell


    The lexus is mine. :)
  23. SkengD


    Anyone have a silvia they could send me ?
  24. alefin


    I can send you one, but not for a bit since I've already used up my "1 car a day."
  25. FakeGangstaDIE

    United States New Jersey, USA

    sign me up!
  26. SkengD


    Thank you !!
  27. KingSakery


    I could pick the Lexus or the Garaiya too (or the standard Impreza), but the Celica is just so damn cool looking and so is the prem Scooby.

    Will test almost all cars anyway => I pick the car which is the fastest for me :D
  28. VELOCI_2NR

    United States California

    I havent tested any car, and I know the garaiya would be an auto-win for me, and the RX7 and standard subie are damn quick. I hate the Premium subie due to AWD. The Nissan wasn't even in the picture, as I don't feel it will be competitive at all. It was a toss-up between the Lexus and the Celica, but I hate the Lexus, so I chose the REAL Toyota
  29. SkengD


    Why is the nissan a bad car ?
  30. VELOCI_2NR

    United States California

    Last time I remember, it had no grip all around, so even though it was balanced, it cornered much slower than the other cars. Maybe that's been fixed as of late, but I never enjoyed the way the car drove anyways
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