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  1. grrlpurple


    Thought I'd share some of my collection - it's not much at the minute but I am determined to capture every premium car I get my hands on...

    My first purchase



    Which understeered more than I remember from GT4 so I bought this lovely Focus ST


    Just the kart I won from somewhere or other...

    ...and the Daihatsu concept I won too


    ...and another prize car, an Isuzu concept


    I bought the Volvo C30 for one of the Seasonal Events

    ...and just had to buy it in blue - carefully placing a tartan rug and box of tissues on the rear shelf

    I also got the MiEV for a Seasonal Event


    I donated this Copen to Bob and Bob for their B-Spec endeavours

    ...and I am pleased they kept the interior clean

    They won a Toyota Prius for me - can't see me using this...


    I hate muscle cars - I prefer finesse - but got this Dodge for the Seasonal Event

    ...and surprisingly enjoyed taking it around Daytona

    I also bought this Golf GTi for the Seasonal Nurburgring event

    Which I tuned a little - naturally

    ...and got the gold cup on my second run

    All post edited in Adobe Lightroom for just a hint of colour balance, contrast and vignetting - some cropped, resized and some sharpened a little - no other post shot editing. Hope you like them :)
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  2. Jokerluv

    United States Princeton Texas

  3. HondaFanatic


    The first and last GTi are my fav! nice job
  4. grrlpurple


    Thanks :)
  5. s12ken


    The last Golf Photo is just stunning! :D :tup:
  6. crimson_menace

    United States Lost in thought.

    Very awesome. :tup:
  7. BigMackAttack

    United States Menomonee Falls

    Is the title nessesary?
    Sorry, im just prejudiced. I guess im just tired of every time a girl appears on a video game or in a forum, everyone sucks up to them so bad
    Example-Post Above
    Its a pretty picture, but not "Very Awesome"
    If I would have posted it no one would have gave a ****
  8. grrlpurple


    Is it necessary to attack the title of my post? Is it necessary to form an assumption of me based upon that title and your self proclaimed 'prejudice'?

    I'm not here to post 'awesome' photographic masterpieces - I wouldn't stand a chance against some of the outstanding talent on this site. I merely wanted to share pictures of cars from my garage because this is supposed to be a community of car (and GT) enthusiasts - I thought, perhaps wrongly, that there was enjoyment to be had in sharing within a community.

    Irrespective of your opinion I have encountered a negative feeling towards female gamers, and drivers, and your attitude does nothing but reinforce that. I have reverse parked a 4 tonne ambulance into spaces that a lot of men would struggle to place a car into and yet I still have to suffer comments about 'girls that can't park' simply because of my gender.

    Was it necessary to post such a negative comment? Everyone has the right to free speech and I applaud you for expressing your opinion with total disregard to how it will affect others opinions of you. I just wonder why you have such an apparent chip on your shoulder about it...
  9. Acheron79


    Your pictures are awesome. And at least you have taken the time and effort to post them up for the rest of us to see. In particular, i like the Izuzu pics as I have a big soft spot for that car. Hope to see more soon!
  10. Biggamehit

    United States Misawa, Japan

    lol funny how you angled the wheel on the cart... cool gti picture.
  11. s12ken


    I'll have to chivalrously defend the TS here, she's got some genuine skills to show off, with a little more practice she WILL get better, the last GTi shot for example, looks close enough to real that the less initiated would think it was, and besides, how many of us have actually taken photos of the CART in Photo Travel??? My goodness, even my gallery has doesn't have a car that costs less than 20,000Cr... hmmm I gotta fix that soon.
  12. 35mm

    Portugal Leiria

    Don't care about the "girl" discussion, but have to say that those are some nice, crisp shots.

    You should post more in-race photos. I'm definitely looking forward to more of those.

    Oh, and thanks for the comment on my gallery.

    Keep it up. :tup:
  13. SlipZtrEm

    Canada Toronto

    It's odd how there's only one person making a big deal about the girl thing - and it's not the thread starter. Besides, it's easy enough to figure out given her username :).

    You'll want to use that Prius, probably today - it's good for the Bonus Race 3 Seasonal, so some easy money/XP never hurts! It gets replaced soon too.

    Simple, clean shots - the last GTI one is best. I took a very similar shot on that exact corner because the lighting coming around there makes the image very realistic. Good start :tup:
  14. MiniMarco


    I'm with everyone else, the golf is boss.
    Also the challenger
    Moar please

    France France

  16. Ghertel

    Belgium Antwerp.

    Me 2, GTI post is verry nice.
  17. gtuned

    United States New York

    My favorites have to be the last 2 Golf Shots. Very well done and realistic without losing any Artistic sense, which can be hard.
  18. grrlpurple


    Thanks guys :) more to come soon...
  19. sher_da_putt


    That is low, im guessing its the result of landing a jump?
  20. catcheryea


    Damn, some of these look incredibly real. Good work :tup:
  21. 888 Tuning


    Hot Golf !!! :D

    Wales Newport

    He is called BigMackAttack :sly: Some nice pics, especially the last GTI pic. If i didn't know better i'd swear that was real
  23. Stigsblkcousin


    ITT: Sexual Frustration.

    Nice pics, I see your going for the "natural" look. lol
  24. Rzeractor


    just some critique;
    you'll find that taking shots of cars on an angle, whether it be side, 3/4 front or back etc and having the wheel rim rotated towards the camera will give off a 'better' or a more aesthetically pleasing photo, if you will, rather than seeing a dull black tyre facing the lens
  25. grrlpurple


    Thanks for the feedback guys - am still finding my way around the nuances of the GT Photomode options. It would be much easier if I could swing my DSLR onto these machines :D
  26. todd_10


    You know what corners on what tracks have the best lighting for taking more realisitc photos?! Damn, I have a lot to learn!

    Great pics too, I like seeing a bit more of the 'run of the mill' cars, rather than a gallery stacked with expensive premiums. It makes for a nice change
  27. I like the shots with Golf especially the last one ;)
  28. speedthrill

    Belgium belgium

    It was even a fun picture read from top to bottom what your GT experience was like in the beginning.

    Good stuff!
  29. VW Golf V :tup:
  30. grrlpurple


    Ah... the black beauty

    Which I bought for the FR challenge

    The Nissan Fairlady

    ...and my first Ferrari

    Going for a spin in Madrid


    A Toyota concept thing I won somewhere

    Ah... the classic Isuzu 117

    Catching some air

    Eiger Nordwand is a sweet circuit

    The final karting experience

    Taking first place to win the expert series

    Just a little old something I won...

    I gave B-Spec Bob this Merc to play with

    I thought it looked cute in duck egg blue

    ...but it is now due for a suspension overhaul

    Ah... that first Top Gear Challenge

    Follow Through!

    ...and yet another Toyota Concept car

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