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I know the HS ring is probably a tad boring for some of you more expewrienced around here but i think its a good circuit for getting used to finding ther fastest riding line to suit your style.

spent a while on it the otherday using a VFR400 RM in arcade mode with soft tyres, power up 20% and weight down 10%.

I used manual transmittion, FC off and neutral riding form. I lenghtened the gear ratio's as it was maxxing out well before the end of the straight.

My best time was a 1:13:9XX, and at that stage it was getting hard to beat, for me anyway.

Just curious to what some of you who kick ass at the game could manage on that bike, tyhat circuit to see how off the pace i am.

Cool Site BTW.
In TT mode, Pro mode, SBK machines you can get below 1'08'' easily.

Riding with SBK 8H machines it's not so boring (in Pro mode overspinning in 4th and 5th gear it's nice)👍
1'12.063 with the cbr600rr (jp) sports exhaust/preformance tyres/pro mode/fc off. theres probably high 10s in her, but, probably take a faster rider than i to so.

[edit - ive been trying to see what i can do on the ysp & presto r1, but, i keep finding why i dont like this track in TT very well. carving up turn 1, ill be holding a nice tight line on neterual throttle but at the exit off the corner the bike will just stop turning like its not inputting full steering lock. and i find myself kissing the wall at the exit or not even making the exit

ysp& presto 1'07.9xx
cbr1000rrw 1'07.448]
1'08'' Presto R1 - 8H

Pro mode, FC off, soft tyres, strd setup

I'm sure you can manage 1'07'' or lower with a correct setup

Nice circuit to find the best fast line on high turns, top speed over 200mph, average over 130mph, great spinning out the last and the second turns

Test also Fuji 80's, top speed faster than 210-220 mph, average around 120mph on top laps

Perhaps my final and fastest offering.

1'06.086. If this isn't terminal velocity for this track, I'd be willing to bet it's no more than about 5/1000ths of a second faster.

The Uncreated
Fake times... Those lap times área only possible whit cheating The beast (true) Is: 1'08.244 (without cheating)


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I assure you that The Uncreated's times were legit. Iceman's as well. There was some serious competition going on here back in the day.