Last Letter, First Love Ch. 7 The Mach 1

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    Last Letter, First Love


    Ch.1 Introduction

    Setting: Midwest near St. Louis on the Il side in Town named Wabash.

    Meet Taylor

    Morning comes, shining the :censored: sun in my window. First day of summer and I don't even sleep in. Meh, I don't start college for 9 months anyway. I'm Taylor, I'm 19 on the big side. I live with my Dad in Wabash, Il near St. Louis, Mo.

    Dad: TAYLOR, Quit sleeping your life away! We got work to do and it's your first day.
    Taylor: When did I get a job I only graduated yesterday?
    Dad: Your joining my carpentry crew.
    Taylor: What's it pay?
    Dad: Depends on how well you work.
    Taylor: Ok, I just need to make sure I have a car for Nashville when I start.

    Taylor and his Dad walk out in the December cold.

    Taylor: :censored: It's cold out here, that truck better be warmed up.
    Dad: Oh Hush it, the job's only 4 blocks away.
    Taylor: Can I atleast drive I want to keep in practice.
    Dad: Ok, just don't lose my tools.
    Taylor: Whatever :lol: you know I'm better than that.

    End Ch.1

    Ch.2 The White Z

    Setting: Same House and Basement about a month and a half later.

    The White Z

    *eeeemp eeeeemp eeeeemp* *ffpop*
    Taylor: I hate that damn clock... DAD!!! I NEED ANOTHER CLOCK...


    Taylor: WTF wheres he at we gotta finish the house in East Wabash today. I wanna get this over with so I can go pick up that Carrolla after work

    *Car pulls in the Drive*

    Taylor: That isn't Dad's Truck?

    Walks out side.

    Dad: Hey son check this out. Wanna go for a drive before work? I let them know we'll be there a little late. I just thought you'd like to go for a ride in this before I take it back. I don't care for it so I don't think I'll get it.
    Taylor: Sure, Can I drive?
    Dad: I don't see why not.
    Taylor jumps in the car.
    Taylor: Not bad, A Shiro Z31 with Red interior and a 5spd. (N/A I'm assuming)
    Dad: yeah, It's pretty clean and it has some pep. Let's take her on the Highway.
    Taylor: Ok. *goes to let off clutch and stalls.*
    Dad: :lol: smooth
    Taylor: that happens first time I drive any car :lol: Oh well, It's over with now and we can go.
    *takes off*
    Taylor: Hey Dad, lets hit the back roads instead, these cars are suposed to handle great.
    Dad: *puts down cell phone* No problem the Job Client just gave us the day off.
    Taylor: Sweet, How long we got the car.
    Dad: They didn't say they just wanted us to put gas back in it before we get back.
    Taylor: Ok, works for me. Let's put a little in now just for good measure.
    Dad: You top it up now and I'll fill it when we're done.
    Taylor: Ok, I'll pitch in for the fill up when we're done since I'm driving.

    *on a road a little out of town in Illinois*
    Dad: This car kinda reminds me of the Celica Supra I had.
    *Pulls a picture from his wallet*
    Dad: I miss that car. I had a lot of fun in it before your mother totaled it during the split.
    Taylor: Yeah, Mom took it out to the cape with her when she left didnt she?
    Dad: Yep, Sure did. I remember first teaching you stick in that car.
    Taylor: Ironically, We were out at the Cape. :lol:
    Dad: :lol: Yeah. Thats were she killed it. You remember the that sharp hill just after the long spiral turn to get to the top of the cliffs?
    Taylor: Yeah, You scared to :censored: out of me on that hill.
    *grabs another picture*
    Dad: This is the picture your Mother took that day :lol:
    Taylor: Oh, I forgot you had that picture.
    Dad: Well, she decided she could take that hill at a buck thirty and bowed the frame beyond repair. I wish she would have...
    Taylor: Holy :censored:
    *get out to check damage*
    Taylor: Dammit, It's Not totaled but its beat pretty bad.
    Dad: It's ok son. Look.
    *hands over a title and bill of sale*
    Dad: It's your's anyway. I was going to surprise you with it in a few months after swapped in a turbo engine.
    Taylor: NO :censored: WAY. How did you get the money? Better yet how did you know I wanted one?
    Dad: When all your backgrounds and wallpapers on the Computer are this car in one form or another It's not hard to tell
    Taylor: :O True :lol: It's not that hard to figure out. But, how did you know I loved the White/Red combo?
    Dad: Your favorite car was alway a C1 Corvette and the money is saved up from your work. I have been stashing $5 an hour from your pay, so you've actually been making closer to $14 and hour.
    Taylor: What? I gotta go tell Micheal.

    End Ch.2
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    Enjoy, Hope you all like it.
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    Ch. 3 Micheal

    *cell phone rings*

    Taylor: Dammit dude of all times to not answer.

    *still ringing*

    Micheal: Hello.....

    Taylor: Dude where are you a......

    Micheal: Psyche!!! leave a message after the beep man.


    Taylor: you bastard, change the answer message and call me back, I'm headed to your house now.

    Sonofa:cesored: never answers his phone. Oh well, I'll be at his house and have Mom call him( I call his Mom, Sandy, "Mom" despite my parents wishes), He'll answer for her if he knows whats best.

    *pulls up in front of a small 2 story house with a Yaris and a bright orange Supra in the driveway and the garage door is open.*

    Taylor: I guess Mike's home after all. the Soup isnt in the garage but I can tell he's got another car in there. Probably, another toy or a side job.

    *walks up to garage, music is blairing*

    Taylor: (loudly) Turn that :censored: down!!!!

    Mike: (loudly) :censored: you get outta here before I get out from under here

    *starts rolling out and gets stopped by Taylors foot*

    Taylor: Oh no ya dont.

    Mike: Awww hell I didn't think you'd get your Pop's truck today.

    Taylor: I didn't *with a big smirk pulls out and jingles the key with the matching "Z" emblem keychain*

    Mike: No way, For real? What year, Model, common gimme details!!!!

    Taylor: Well, It's a Shiro N/A with red Interior with a 5spd, as if I'd have it any other way.

    Mike: How did you get it and why didn't you tell me?

    Taylor: Well, I gotta admit I didn't know until about 30 minutes ago after I took out a bit of guard rail between here and Wabash :lol:

    Mike: How bad is it?

    Taylor: Nothing a few hours of work cant fix. wanna get on it?

    Mike: yeah, the turd in the garage doesn't have to be done anytime soon (loudly) BECAUSE MY BROTHER DOESN'T HAVE ANY MONEY AND EXPECTS ME TO DO IT FREE!

    Taylor: It being DSM is half the problem. Them 2nd gen Eclipses are turds in terms of dependability.

    Mike: Truth brother, But when they do run they're damn fast. But, My Soup is faster.

    Taylor: Give it a while and my Z will be every bit as fast as you "TOY" Soup lol

    Mike: Keep thinking that we'll see about that.

    Taylor: Let's get to work on it.

    End Ch. 3

    My Apologies for the lack of pictures.
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    CH 4. First Mods

    Taylor: Looks good. Can wait to get her on the road again.
    Mike: Well, The paint needs to dry in the few spots we touched up.
    Taylor: *looks out the bay door* Too bad its raining anyway. You car if she stays here tonight
    Mike: *confused* Huh? Who is she and when did you bring "her"?
    Taylor: Hehe, It's my car.
    Mike: Huh? What makes you say it's a girl.
    Taylor: She is a "Fairlady Z"
    Mike: Oh, haha, I get it. Whats this Fair Lady's name?
    Taylor: She hasn't told me but the previous license plate said "NAOMI85"
    Taylor: Whats so funny?!?!?!
    Mike: Naomi is I moan spelled backwards.
    Taylor:*punches Mike's arm* Shut up you immature :censored:.
    Mike:*clutching arm* OWWWWW you gave me a dead arm.
    Taylor: *mockingly German* Und Vut didge you do to get punched?
    Mike: :lol: ok ok I deserved that one.
    Taylor: can you give me a ride home?
    Mike: I don't know I can shift with this dead arm.
    Taylor: You couldn't shift before.
    Mike: Just get in the car.
    *30 mins later.*
    Taylor: I wonder if maybe her name is Naomi? I cant get her off my mind, It feels weird to feel like this with of all things a car. I'll have dad call the previous owner and see if I could visit with them. In the mean time I'll look up some parts for the car to see what I can do to it to get more or more handling....
    Hmmm, Jim Wolfe tuned ECU for turbo engines, No turbo yet but that will come in handy. All the power is cheap but handling is expensive. I'll*yawns* keep looking * head starts drooping* After a short nap....
    *Sun is rising*
    Dad: TAYLOR Get up we have work today.
    Taylor: Ok, give me a minute.
    Dad: Come on we gotta load the truck and drive to St. Louis today
    Taylor: What's the job and why aren't we going to the other site we haven't finished yet?
    Dad: Emergency job, Bad electrical and an inspection tomorrow.
    Taylor: Alright I'm coming up.
    Dad: Ok. We'll grab breakfast on the way.
    Taylor: Sounds good to me.

    *on the way home*
    Taylor: Hey Dad, Could you help me get in contact with the previous owner of that Z
    Dad: I don't see why not. Why? If you don't mind me asking.
    Taylor: I'm not for sure but there is a presence to that car that I can't explain
    Dad: Sound's like your first car crush. Kinda odd it would be with a car name "Fairlady"
    Taylor: Me and mike found a license plate that says " NAOMI85"
    Dad: Well, the car is an 85. The Owner's name was James so unless he had a secret I wouldn't doubt that's her name
    Taylor: Yeah, You got a point.
    * Cell phone rings*
    Taylor: Steve's roadkill grill, you kill 'em we grill 'em
    Mike: Hey there's a one make race over at Trial mountain out side of Rolla Mo. The day after tomorrow for Z31's you up to goin?
    Taylor: I dont know whats the take?
    Mike: 1st place is 5 grand
    Taylor : *looks to Dad* You care if I go.
    Dad: It'll be a sick day so no pay
    Taylor: No problem. Mike, I'm in pick me up at my place so I can get my car in the morning.
    Mike: Sweet, I'll be there but before we go I got something to show you I picked up for CHEAP.
    Taylor: ????? ok.
    *next day*
    (Beeeep beeeep)
    Mike: Wake up pokey
    Taylor: Man, just come in I'm up
    Mike: *bursts in the door* Wakey wakey hands off snakey!
    Taylor: Ha Ha, I did that with your mom last night :sly:
    Mike: Eww go for it.
    Taylor: Ha ha in your dreams, Like I'd want you as a step son.
    Mike: What do you mean by that :lol:
    Taylor: Let's just go get my car.
    Mike: Ok.
    *they both get in the Orange Supra and leave*


    Taylor: So what did you pick up cheap that your so excited about?
    Mike: All I'll say is, Do you have about $100?
    Taylor: I do but what's that matter?
    Mike: I got some parts you might want.
    Taylor: Ok?
    *pulls up to house*
    Taylor: Whose S13?
    Mike: It's mine and it looks way nicer than it is.
    Taylor: Whats wrong with it. Aside from the Ugly super camber
    Mike: Botched SR20DET swap. The motor mounts rusted out and the frame around them is toast. not to mention the twisted frame and blown bottom end. But, the turbo, custom full adjustable coilover suspension, LSD and Seats are good. Also It came with a pair of VG30ET heads.
    Taylor: Well, I take it you want $100 for all of it?
    Mike: Yeah, the rest is going to the shredder. It's not salvageable.
    Taylor: Ok, I don't need the turbo but I'll take the seats, Suspension, LSD and Heads. I got a turbo in mind already.
    Mike: ??? ok well use this one for mock up and until you get the Turbo you want
    Taylor: True, It may be just what I need to win the race and get the Turbo I want.
    Mike: Lets get to work.
    Taylor: Ok hey what about those wheels?
    Mike: Take em.
    Taylor:Sweet. Oh How good is the flywheel and Clutch?
    Mike: The clutch is great. Two plate unit and the flywheel looks like it's missing alot of mass
    Taylor: Let me see. Oh cool keep both those for me.
    *A few hours later*
    Taylor: Let's go to the Valley
    Mike: wanting to test out the goodies
    Taylor: Of course.

    Taylor: Woooo this is much better.
    Mike: It doesnt roll alot like most Z31's were prone to
    Taylor: Lol. I think we got the race in the bag man
    Mike: I hope. Btw Why did you keep those wheels if you didn't want to put them on yet?
    Taylor: You'll see.
    Mike: Alright, the race is at 3:30 tomorrow so we need to get there early to get practice in before hand
    Taylor: Okay man. Meet me at my house we leave a 4 am.
    Mike: Ok.

    End CH 4.
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    Personally, I like the Z31.

    May this story last long. :)
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    ^Hopefully, If there is a little interest in it. The next chapter may take a while as It will be the first race for Naomi and Taylor.

    If you havent guessed I owned a Z31 White with Red interior. I wish I still had pics of my real Naomi.

    edit: And yes my Dad Really did have an 85 Celica Supra, the real one was an Auto that caught fire after a loose bolt on the fuel rail fell out and the fuel hit the hot engine block. both were very influential in my automotive life.
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    Just browsed the racing reports forum and saw a lot of unfinished (or prematurely ended) fan fics. It really is such a shame to see potential stories go.

    This is looking pretty sweet though. Just got a Z31 in UCD yesterday because old JDMs pique my interest.
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    Nice story man, keep it up. :tup:
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    Ch. 4 The long road coming soon.

    Race has been bumped to Ch 5. Prepare to see alot of Z31 in Ch. 5 The Race
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    Ch 4. The long road



    Taylor: Huh, Why is my alarm set so early? Oh crap, gotta call Mike.

    *runs to phone*

    Taylor: Mike get your ass ready, I'll be there in 20 minutes.

    Mike: Why?

    Taylor: THE RACE DIPPY, Now, Ándele, Ándele.

    Mike: Shut it speedy.

    Taylor: hey grab the Radar detector too.

    Mike: Okay.

    Taylor showers grabs a hand full of clothes and dashes out leaving a note for his Dad reading, "Will be back in 2 days, Taking the Z and Mike to Branson Z-fest on 44. will call when we get there."

    *Car engine cranks up and fires over*


    Taylor: (calling Mike) Hey I'm here. Let's go I'm hungry I wanna eat before we hit 44.

    Mike: I'm coming, hold your panties.

    Taylor: I'm grabbing some McDonalds.

    Mike: Ok, I want 3 sausage Burritos

    Taylor: I'll wake you when we get there.

    Mike: (yawns) Okay.

    *A little bit later*

    Taylor: Mike hand me another burrito

    Mike: okay, gimme a sec

    Taylor: Ok, theres the on ramp. so hold on.

    Mike: ok.

    On the highway now the two eat and cruise getting comfortable in the Z


    Mike: for a sports car the Z isn't as uncomfortable as you'd think.

    Taylor: Well the "X" in the ZX denotes a degree of luxury

    Mike: My supra got the concrete block seat package

    Taylor: :lol:

    Mike: How fast are we going.

    Taylor: Guess.

    Mike: Ummmm, 85mph?

    Taylor: Ok, Sure :lol:

    Mike: (leaning to see Speedo) 130!!!! are you nuts?

    Taylor: Nope, just cruising with a radar detector.

    Mike: well, the car is smooth and seems to be fine so ok, just dont get pulled over.

    Taylor: Aye aye Cpt. Poopypants

    4 and a half hours later

    Taylor: Here's our exit.

    Mike: About time. Your car is killing my knee

    Taylor: Hey I drove through St. Louis that was the hard part.

    Mike: Well, the rest is back road so thats all you man because it's starting to rain and I ain't risking your car.

    Taylor: Respectable and desired. I wanted the backroad part any way. So how far do I get to enjoy the Missouri backroads?

    Mike: About 13 miles.

    Taylor: Sweet.

    Mike: Ok here ya go.

    Taylor: Sweet, we're off


    Taylor: The Z seems to love these backroads

    Mike: Yeah


    Taylor: I think I'm getting the hang of the car watch(drifts a bit)


    Mike: wooooaaaah, Hey save some tire for the race.

    Taylor: :lol: ok... Who am I kidding wooooo




    Taylor: oops

    (pic 7)

    Mike: Holy :censored:, are you trying to die?

    Taylor: nope I'm just havin some fun. :dopey:

    Mike: :grumpy:

    Taylor: :lol:

    Taylor: Oh hey here we are.


    Official: Hello, I need Names, DOB and D/L number to enter.

    Taylor: Ok, here's my D/L

    Mike: and Mine

    Official: Thank you procede to the pit area for safety and classing inspections.

    Taylor: Thanks.

    Anouncer: Due to inclement weather, track time and races are going to be held tomorrow, The carshow is still open to those still wishing to show their Z

    Taylor: Well, we'll be back tomorrow then. Let's get our Motel room.

    End ch 4.
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    Better be safe than sorry, then.

    I like the story. Nissan's Z cars are truly fascinating, and no wonder why I featured them in my story.
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    I must say, the Z31 makes getting pics easy lol.

    Oh and the Next Chapter is almost ready. Just gotta add the pics and get it pasted here from my Word processor.
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    Ch. 5 New found power... and Shoes

    Trial Mountain Raceway, Z-Fest. Day 2/4

    Taylor: Well, Inspector said we'll be in the street stock class.

    Mike: Not bad, the competition wont be far off from you in terms of power

    Taylor: Yeah, But my skills are limited, I'm having second thoughts.

    Mike: Why?

    Taylor: I don't want to wreck Naomi or any of their cars

    Mike: I saw you drive that back road no problem yesterday and this morning, you got this bro.

    Taylor: thanks Cpt. Poopypants

    Mike: *salutes* Always at your servive Major Payne.

    Taylor: :lol: Oh hey, did I tell you I got a surprise for Naomi back home?

    Mike: Ok?

    Taylor: If I win today I can put them on when we get back and get tires.

    Mike: OOooh what are they

    Taylor: Well, you remember those goofy looking Gold wheels on the S13 we scrapped?

    Mike: Please, No, I will kick you in the nads man

    Taylor: Relax, I traded them to a Subaru owner for a set of BBS LM-R's that need Tires.

    Shows pic to Mike

    Mike: :drool:

    Taylor: My thoughts exactly.

    Anouncer: Street stock racer's you have 5 minutes to practice and warm up your cars.

    Taylor: Welp, lets get Naomi warmed up

    Mike: Ok, where's your helmet.

    Taylor: Trunk

    Mike: Ok, Here and there is a radio in there, just press the button on the left side of the steering wheel to talk to me

    Taylor: Ok.

    Mike: remember 3 laps and try to stay a little behind at first.

    Taylor: OK, Now I gotta go line up

    Mike: you start in 4th.

    Taylor: Ok

    Anouncer: AAAAND THEY'RE OFF

    Taylor: Stay behind.

    Anouncer: And Taylor Brewer has dropped to 5th immediately, I hope that's due to a bad launch.


    Anouncer: Oh Taylor almost took out Alan Rapp and almost dropped to 6th in the process. But, Is back in 4th

    Taylor: Hey now watch the paint, It's fresh!


    Taylor: Woahh, Swung way wide

    Anouncer: Oh Taylor, you might need to check your pants

    Mike: Hey, Calm down out there it's the first lap. After the straight theree is a sharp turn. Take the DEEEP inside.

    Taylor: Ok?


    Taylor: Micheal Allan David you sonofa:censored:

    Mike: Next time slow down more for the turn dippy.

    Taylor: :censored: you

    Mike: Seriously, I have raced this track before

    Taylor: And when were you going to tell me.

    Mike: I thought I did

    Taylor: :grumpy: Well, what do I need to do?

    Mike: First off calm down

    Taylor: Ok,

    Mike: Ok, Now just focus on being smooth and you'll do fine.

    Taylor: What?

    Mike: Just trust me. Your on Lap 2 now get moving.

    Taylor: What ever.

    Taylor: Better get to work.


    Taylor: Oh :censored:, Swung Wayyy wide but got 3rd.


    Anouncer: And HUUUUGE drift into 2nd for Taylor Brewer

    Taylor: Heres 2nd

    Taylor: Joy I'm 3 seconds back and one lap to go.


    Mike: Hey, your thumb's still on the button. Take it easy, his car is slower than your's on the straights and your's is a slightly faster on exit.

    Taylor: Ok so, I'll get just after a turn or in a straight?

    Mike: Yeah, My best guess would be next lap on the turn your about to enter.

    Taylor: Ok.

    *next lap*

    Taylor: Here we go


    Other driver: No :censored: way
    Taylor: YES!!!

    Mike: Don't Celebrate yet you haven't finished


    Mike: *simultaniously*WOOOOO!!!!! WIN NUMBER ONE

    Taylor: *simultaniously*WOOOOO!!!!! WIN NUMBER ONE


    * back home*

    Taylor: *on phone* Hey Mike, Meet me a Grand Valley

    Mike: When

    Taylor: Just head there now I want to show you the new wheels, I'll be by the bridge


    Mike: :drool:

    Taylor: :drool: I also put new tires and did a tune up on her. She has a true 300hp to the wheels now.

    End Ch 5.

    Here are a shot of each car.


    She's proud of her new Shoes.

    Mike's Supra , I'm planing for his car to get a little more spotlight.
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    Thats some awesome victory if they did it simultaneously.
  15. fbccars924


    United States
    Well, that first win is pretty exciting. I am loving the new look for the Z though. I saw those wheels on a real Z31 and :drool:'d on the hood of my truck lol.
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    NEXT CHAPTER!!!! Please.
  17. fbccars924


    United States
    In the works. Will work on it soon. Moving and the Job hunt have slowed me. I do need to find someone to drive my Orange Supra(Mike's car) Some time soon. PM me to Volunteer. I don't know where or what the chapter will entail.
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    Ch.6 Daddy's Toy

    Early morning at Taylor' House
    *Cell phone Rings*
    Taylor: Huh, :censored: the phone who is it?
    grabs phone
    Taylor: Mike? Whats he want this early in the morning?
    Answers phone
    Taylor: wha...
    Mike: Shut up and listen, There is a race at the Cape this week.
    Taylor: And?
    Mike: We should Go.
    Taylor: Dude I can't.
    Mike: Why not?
    Taylor:Because I have work and I need money.
    Mike: *disheartened* All right.
    Taylor: Sorry man, gotta go though work calls
    Get's up an starts getting ready

    Dad: Taylor come on son we got a little bit left on this job and we're done.
    Taylor: *from shower* Alright, Gimme 2 mins.
    Dad: Alright.

    In the truck on the way to work

    Dad: I was thinking after this job going out to the Cape for a week.
    Taylor: Did Mike put you up to this?
    Dad: *a slight smirk* No :lol: but I did hear about a race out there with a good pay out, I figured you'd be intererested.
    Taylor: I am but I didn't know what jobs we have lined up.
    Dad: We don't, but, I saw the video's of you racing out at Trial Mountain and was impressed.
    Taylor: Who showed you? was it...
    Dad: Yet again Mike had no hand in this. I had a friend down there for Zfest as well.
    Taylor: He must not have been a good driver.
    Dad: No, He is and if you had raced him you'd have lost no doubt. His Z32, Part of why you didn't race him, has over 450hp last I heard.
    Taylor: Power Isn't everything though is it?
    Dad: To some extent. Power is nothing with out control but, all the control in the world in too low of a powered car will never keep up with an equally controlled high power car. As of now your skills are matched to your car. With 300hp and the Suspension you have installed you can compete with the Street-mod class of cars all day no issues and with a little more tuning you could even dominate.
    Taylor: Street-mod? I understand what your saying except for the Street-mod part?
    Dad: Street-mods are cars of 350 or less HP and are steet legal to drive in all 50 states.
    Taylor: Ok?
    Dad: Your car is a Street-mod class. Well after the recent upgrades it is. Street stock meant you were either stock or in your case met the performance of a stock variant of your car. I'm assuming the setup you had before put on par with an equivalent year of Z31 Turbo. and considering the Turbo was a factory turbo for some Nissan the inspector didn't notice or care.
    Taylor: How come you never told me you knew so much?
    Dad: *With a grin* You never asked.
    Taylor: :grumpy:
    Dad: By the way, While you were away I found a toy for myself to take to the Cape as well. Mine's quite abit more tame but I'm getting old so I don't need all the side ways excitement.
    Taylor: Sweet what is it?
    Dad: It's at the shop. I'll show you after I go to put the tools away.
    Taylor: Ok, When do you want to leave for The Cape?
    Dad: Well, If we finish today, we can leave tomorrow morning and be there with enough time to get some time in on the course. Call Mikey and see if he'd still like to go.
    Taylor: Ok *calls Mike*
    Mike: Steve's Roadkill Grill, You Kill em' we Grill em' how can I help you?
    Taylor: Hey get your Soup ready. We leave tomorrow?
    Mike: Huh?
    Taylor: For the Cape Bro, and Dad got a new toy too, Not sure what it is though.
    Mike: Ok, I'll see you in the morning then.
    Taylor: Aight, We'll be there a week.
    Mike: Ok.
    Dad:*loudly* See ya Mikey gotta go we're here.
    Hangs up phone
    Taylor: Your embarassing sometimes, you know that right?
    Dad: That's how I met your mother.
    Taylor: Stop there, I know the story and do not want to relive the ending.
    Dad: Okay then, Let's get to work

    About lunch time

    Taylor: That room came together nice Boss
    Dad: :lol: yeah, I'll be right back.
    Taylor: Ok

    Customer walks up.

    Cust.: Looks good
    Dad: Thank you. The bill is the Agreed $2500.
    Cust.: Ok, Anything I should know?
    Dad: Well, I wouldn't paint it for a couple days just so it has time to harden up and grab to the wall.
    Taylor: If you don't we'll have to be back out here fixin it again.
    Cust.: Hey, Aren't you Taylor Brewer?
    Taylor:*puzzled* The only one to my knowledge, yes.
    Cust.: How much do you want for that white Z of your's? My Daughter saw you out a Trial Mountain the other day and has been searching for a car like yours.
    Taylor: It's not for sale, But, If your daught would like I can give her a ride in it one day.
    Cust.: She would love that. When would you be able to do it?
    Taylor: It may be a few days because of previous engagements.
    Cust.: She's out of town til next week anyway. God knows where she is in that doggone car of hers. It's a turd but she loves it. I would love to get her a Z so I can get her out of that EG6
    Taylor: EG6? Those aren't bad for FF's
    Cust.: Eh, I never liked FF's. I was excited to hear she finally like an FR for once.
    Taylor: :lol: well, Just give the company line a ring and just tell me or my father who you are and we'll set something up soon. I got to go tend to my Z for a trip tomorrow.
    Cust.: Sweet.
    Dad: Hey Son, Meet me at Grand Valley.
    Taylor: Ok.

    At the Front stretch, A Blue Subaru 2 door Impreza pulls up


    Taylor: No way, Please tell me that ain't the guy I traded the wheels to. Those things will make me puke.
    Driver rolls down window
    Dad: So what do you think?
    Taylor: Nice, Not my first choice but still nice either way.
    Dad: Yeah, It had some nasty lookin Prodrive wheels that were the wrong color gold so I swapped them out for these Advan's.
    Taylor: Can we see how she drives?
    Dad: Hop in. I thought you'd never ask.


    Taylor: Wooooooaaahhh, I thought you were over all the sideways excitment?
    Dad: Yeah, But this is just for fun on my first track lap with this car.
    Taylor: Ok ok, So what is it exactly?
    Dad: It's a 22b STI replica.
    Taylor: Ok, I caught the STI and Replica but 22b?
    Dad: It's a 2.2l Turbo'd boxer 4. It has the larger wheels and brakes as well as the Wider fenders and quarters that denot the 22b. It is basically a rally car for the streets. This one is a ways off from stock but is not too powerful for my old behind.
    Taylor: I see, How much Power we talkin?
    Dad: 412hp right around 6k rpms.
    Taylor: Hmmm looks like I need to up my Z to beat you?
    Dad: I don't intend to race it. I like the power for winter and it's AWD so it handles it nicely.
    Taylor: Must have been tweeked cuz that pschotic thing was further sideways than I would ever take my Z.
    Dad: That would be the Adjustable Center Diff. I have it at 90/10 rear to front split.
    Taylor: Well, Let's get home so we can rest up for tomorrow.
    Dad: Ok, See you there.



    Dad's 22b Replica. This will be a fun car at the Cape.

    Just for giggles see if this reminds you of the reference.


    Also, Sorry about the lack of love for the Z in this Chapter.
  19. SomePlayaDude


    More old JDM love :tup:

    And don't worry about the lack of Z. The story can hold on it's own very well.
  20. fbccars924


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    The large majority of cars are going to be JDM. I might have a few ideas for a character in a muscle car. As of now I got to wait to have a couple drivers help me with a couple laps on Cape Ring.
  21. fbccars924


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    Ch. 7 will be delayed as I will not have internet for the next few days and I will be busy moving. Ch. 7 will be The Cape.

    Also, I will need two drivers to help with the laps at Cape Ring.

    Drivers will be driving one of three cars
    Mk3 Supra
    Subaru 22b
    or Celica 2800xx
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    I got the Subaru 22b. tuned by yourself!
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    Sweet, I just need one more driver. I can also Loan the cars or dupe them for anyone who would like to help.
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    A+ man A+:) love to help?
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    Well, with the recent move I have been trying to get my GT5 stuff straightened out. I just gotta get my flash drive back and I'll be in business. Sorry for the long delay.
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    It's cool. But I've been waiting for the next chapter. Hope it's good!
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    Me too, lol.
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    Working on CH.7. The Cape. Coming soon.
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