Last Letter, First Love Ch. 7 The Mach 1

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    CH 7. The Mach 1

    *In a hotel room in Rural Maine*
    *Bang bang bang*
    Taylor: (groggily) huh, wuh, oh, Ok ok I'm up. *opens door* I thought we were off today?
    Dad: We are but I don't doubt you'd wanna check out the road and early morining is the time to do it.
    Taylor: If you say so. Gimme a minute and I'll be ready.
    Dad: I'll be in your car waiting.
    Taylor: Am I driving your car?
    Dad: :lol: no, but there is no sense in taking both just yet, besides I'm gonna be out alone with it tonight tuning.
    Taylor: Ok?
    * Gets dressed*
    Dad: What the :censored: are you thinking?
    Taylor: *puzzled* what?
    Dad: It's 9 A.M. and you're under 21. You shouldn't be drinking let alone drinking and driving!!!
    Taylor: I know. It's just a Energy Drink. No Alcohol.
    Dad: Looks like a tall boy to me.
    Taylor: nope, 100% alcohol free, try it.
    Dad: *takes a sip* Woah, thats got a bite to it!
    Taylor: It's an acquired taste, what can I say.
    Dad: :lol: So is beer
    Taylor: Oh haha. Lets go.
    Dad: Looks good out today. Let's get up to the other side of the sharp hill. See what turns up.
    Taylor: Yeah, Sounds good
    Dad: She rides a bit stiffer now. Haven't been in her since the new suspension
    Taylor: Yeah, I like it because it's not too stiff but it helps with body roll and road handling. It also helps with the dipping and extending on acceleration and braking.
    Dad: Yeah, she did kinda handle like a barge.
    Taylor: A bit of an overstatement but she didn't handle like she should have, but, worn out shocks and bushings make even the best cars into, as you put it, Barges.
    Dad: *chuckles* yeah, that is true, which reminds me we need new shocks on the work truck.
    Taylor: Ok? for what that thing is a barge on wheels.
    Dad: :lol: good one, but shocks also help smooth the ride out so when we haul sheet rock or concrete board, we're less likely to break them.
    Taylor: Oh I see.
    Dad: Almost there though, wow there are a lot of people out today.
    Taylor: Yeah, kind of nerve racking.
    Dad: Don't take this the wrong way but I doubt they're here to see you.
    Taylor: Yeah, My Z is nice but not that nice.
    Dad: park here, I have a feeling we'll find out whats up before long.
    Taylor: Ok.
    *engine noise in the distance*
    Taylor: Do you hear that?
    Dad: Yeah, what ever it is, it sounds like a monster.
    Taylor: Best guess, American V8, possibly Small block?
    Dad: Sounds about right
    Taylor: It's coming quick.
    Dad: I saw something yellow come around the corkscrew
    Taylor: I did, Holy :censored:

    Dad: Wow, that's the most air I have ever seen coming off that hill. Atleast, with out really messing up the car.
    Taylor: I know, that was even higher than the jump that toasted the Supra.
    Dad: Well the supra's frame was on it's way out being rusted to almost nothing by that time.
    Taylor: True, by the way I was right, that's a Mach 1, and by the sound of it it still has the 351 Cleveland in it.
    Dad: Yea, but I highly doubt much of it is Ford OEM any more.
    Taylor: Sounds like a racecar. Wait he parked just a little way further down the road.
    Taylor: Aside from the lowering and wheels it looks stock from here.
    Dad: Yea, but don't judge a book by it's cover and don't judge a beast by it's looks.
    Taylor: Well, let's talk to the guy.
    Taylor: Hey, nice car
    Driver: Thanks, she's a beast.
    Taylor: I'm Taylor
    Driver: I'm Mikko.(pronounced Me-Co)
    Taylor: Bet it took a while to build.
    Mikko: Not really, The car was Cherry and I had the 351 mostly built when I got her.
    *Taylor, Slyly looks to his dad*
    Dad: Ok, you were right.
    Mikko: Huh?
    Taylor: I called the engine type and size as you drove by just from the sound.
    Mikko: Not bad, Especially considering this car is very far from stock.
    Taylor: How far if I may ask?
    Mikko: Frame Stiffening, and custom race suspension as far as the car it's self. Engine wise it's got a Custom built 351 Cleveland with reinforced mains, High performance lightweight low compression pistons, Jon Kaase Cobra Jet style heads gasket matched and polished with a Weiand Supercharger all adding up to 728hp and 820ft/lbs of torque. It's got a custom built Borg Warner T-5 as well to handle all the power.
    Taylor: Well, that explains the air time you got. Sounds like a car Jeremy Clarkson would bust one over.
    Mikko: Well, The tranny is acting funny in 5th so I can only get going so fast.
    Taylor: What's the issue?
    Mikko: pops out of 5th when I get on it and there is no use holding it in because it'll just tear up the trans. It's probably just a synchro or the linkage.
    Dad: Well, we gotta go, it was nice meeting you and your car Mikko.
    Mikko: Yup, see you around.
    End Ch7.
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    I love the Mach 1 Mustang. I'm having so much fun beating supercars with it. :)
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    Yeah, It's one of a few Mustangs I like. Not a big Ford guy. I do like this Chapter better than the one I initially had planned. I do still plan on having a race held at The Cape, Just I don't think the Z or any of the current Hero cars will have a part in this particular race.
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    Good read! Nice to see a muscle car make an entrance with all the Japanese cars I seen. Go Muscle! :D
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    ^well, In all fairness i love both and for the sake of simplicity the Mach 1 won't be around long, but Mikko might be. I have a pretty spectacular end for the Mach 1 in mind.