Last race in S class -suzuka-

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  1. grncivic03


    :ouch:i have beat all the other races but i CANNOT beat this last one. I've tried it with the mines r34, GT gt40, F40 and the amuse s2k and nothing.

    I want to know which car yall used to beat this last race, i can look up the tune settings so you dont have to post them if you dont want to.

  2. LinPark

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    Check here.

    I think I used the Clio and I made sure I had a good line-up with slow cars up front to slow everyone down. Good Luck!
  3. DaddyVDUB


    I too used the Clio,but at that time it was 700pp now its 750,think I've seen where folks are using the Mines Skyline & GTLM with sucess. Dont give up you'll get it.:tup:
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  5. realhustler


    After three years using the game I managed to do it. I used the tuned corvette, the settings where as light as possible, ok, some power has to go to get it to 750p. The final gear ratio I put totally to the right, since the top speed on the circuit is not that high. Sixt gear I put also on the slowest speed possible, to get a smooth 5 to 6 ratio. A bit more steering angle, just a tiny bit of abs and traction (both on 1)

    It took a lot of practice, but by focusing on the brake points and race line, I managed to get the lap times down to 2.02 / 2.03. With clever overtaking 4th place is to do, and then third gets near. I overtake sometimes by taking the inside line, and running into the side of the other car. No penalties for that, and he flies off, and I make the corner.

    Don't get to eager, base is focussing on race lines and brake points. Finally I managed to overtake number three two corners before the chicane in the last lap.