Latest F1 2017 Trailer Shows Off Extensive Career Mode Features

Time flies by too fast, I haven't even gotten seriously started with F1 2016... :(

For that reason I think I will pass but get F1 2018 next year so I will have the Paul Richard track from France as well.

Otherwise I think F1 2017 is a stellar game. I love how the series has all the cool tracks like Bahrain, Malaysia, Singapore, etc which you don't find in other racing games (at least not on consoles).
Is it me or does it look really slow? I really like 2016 but I'm afraid 2017 will be less fun to druve based on this video
Lots of features, I'm sure lots of bugs too tho.....

I always liked the sexy agent/manager from the first codemasters f1s a few years back.
all the videos i see of codies look extremely static - the cars seem glued to the track, no suspension movement, tyre flex etc...