Learn More About the Two Handling Modes of DiRT 4

Good news! I love the handeling in Dirt Rally and I would even say it's one of the best handling racers I've played in terms of physics and sheer fun at the same time. There is something extremely satisfying about Dirt Rally's driving that's I've not experienced in many other rally games. Can't wait for Dirt 4 with simulation handling.
Then theirs the mode that plays the game for you while ur at work.
WAIT...that's already been done.
I remain skeptical that Dirt Rally or this game could possibly be simulators, but I'm very keenly interested in the rest of what Dirt 4 offers, so we'll see! Representing my own personalized team in an E30 M3 on procedurally-generated stages is a must-buy.

And why is the Supra fifth in a grid that it should obliterate?
Bob is driving. Though in his defense, the player is asking too much of him.
I would like to see how it turns out.. the main reason i stopped playing Dirt is simple physics (too easy to save the car, too much grip, almost impossible to drift correctly, feels like its full with assists (even on cars without them!)). Not to mention very limited, simplified tuning with ridiculous explanations.. please just keep it close to reality for every single game, because learning individual new made in game terms is just ridiculous, for street race cars please make full suspension tuning and at least some HP tuning for testing and learning the limits for cars (great for fun if you can turn 200HP old BMW into 600 HP beast, at least in single player-single race!).