Legend of the Streets: Sunset's Symphony

Act V: Showdown: Prologue
January 10, 2012
Nightkids Garage

"Alright", Hei said, "apparently the Tougeheroes texted us the format for this Saturday's race. It will be 2 on 2, uphill and downhill at 10pm." "A lackluster showing considering they know who we are" Matt responded while wrenching on his car. "It is odd, but if that is the challenge they put out, so be it." said Hei. "So who's going?" Matt asked. "Me and you," Hei replied, "keep the others within earshot though." Hei left the garage and went outside. He peered onto Mt. Osaka in the distance. "This may be the toughest battle I will ever participate in, "Hei thought to himself, "I should pull no punches. Our adversaries sure won't grant mercy.

January 14, 2012
Mt. Osaka: Overlook

"How come we couldn't have taken my mr2?" Jake said. "Because it's cramped" Bush replied getting out of the car, "plus, your car is too twitchy for this course, it's a deathtrap. Jake glared at Bush behind his back. "So, what did Dark want us to do here?" Jake asked. "Same as usual," Bush replied, "sit tight, watch the race, go home. Personally, I rather do it reverse order, watching the thing taped." "yeah, "but there's no substitute for personally observing a battle"", Jake said, impersonating Dark. "Everyone's here," Bush said, "galleries are packed and all. All that's let is for the Tougeheroes to show up. Bet they wised up and turned tail." "They're here" Jake pointed out. Most of the crowd turned about the watch incoming team. "Look at that, they brought a Cappuccino" Bush said. The team parked adjacent to the line. DK left his R33, Niko got out of his Z33, the door of the Cappuccino started to open. A young man emerged. "....Rockett!?" Both Bush and Jake reacted with bewilderment. "What the hell is going on!"

"You were cutting it close," said Hei, "I was beginning to worry." "And worry you should." DK replied. "cause its the Tougeheroes who will claim victory tonight." "Let's cut to the chase." said Hei. "Who's racing who?" Of course you and me as leaders will be going head to head, " said DK. "I'll take this guy on," Niko said, sizing up Matt. "The Z and Supra are bitter rivals on the street afterall." "I guess what's left will be our third." DK said. "What do you mean" Hei asked puzzled. "What else, this is a 3 on 3 fight." DK responded, "what did you expect." "You told us 2 on 2 ." Hei raised his voice. "I did no such thing" Niko answered, "put up your proof." Hei pulled out his phone to check the text. There was nothing, no trace. "The hell..." Hei reacted. "Why the wait" DK said, "The clock is about 10. Where's your third? Foward of Forfeit." "I could call the others, but it's too late." Hei thought to himself, "What crap luck! No... What crap tactics." So this is how it ends? run over without a fight?"

"This is screwed up." Jake said watching the scene, "who would've thought Rockett was part of the Tougeheroes. We have to do something. Bush..." "Dark said not to get involved" Bush said, "plus, as much as I want to, I can't hold my own to Rockett." Both filled with frustration. "Sorry I'm late" a voice poured from the crowd. A muscular man maneuvered himself through the crowd toward the line. "I'm Shev...of the Nightkids" he spoke, then turned toward Rockett. "I am your third." DK raised a brow then returned attention toward Hei. "Niko will be your first run. Rockett will be the second, we will finish the night last."DK stated. "I will give you my all" Hei said then introspected "all the anger and disdain I have for you." The two parties parted for preparation. The Nightkids crew huddled together along with Shev. "You're with Substance if I recall" Hei said, "why are you helping us?" "Snake knew something might be up tonight." Shev replied, "so we were asked to come here. Lo and behold, right." "Don't think this means we owe you," Hei said. "Oh, I know it does," Shev replied, "but kicking the Tougeheroes out of the region is as good enough a reward." つつ”く
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ACT V: Showdown: Endgame
January 14, 2012
Mt. Osaka: Overlook

“Do you think you could take him?” Hei asked to Matt. “Oh, now you’re doubting me?” Matt replied. “such great confidence at the 11th hour.” Hei chuckled. “Not really. I’m just concerned about any tricks that may be about. You saw what happened just a few minutes ago.” He said. “I think that was their trump card” Shev said, “I think they are still in shock that things didn’t really fall into place.” “If that is the case, this is the best chance to knock them out in a legit race” Hei stated. “And you get to land the first punch Matt.” “Hell Yeah!” Matt exclaimed, “Any advice?” “It’s just a single run uphill, first to the top” Hei said, “All I can say is to try to get ahead at the line.” “And that I’ll do” Matt said then headed to his car. “What do you think will happen?” Shev asked. “It’s going to be close rough and tumble” Hei said, “But contrary to his belief, I have confidence in him.” Matt and Niko drove to the downhill start. Everyone awaited the start alike spectators at a prize fight.


Niko and Matt lined up at the start. Both tried to intimidate the other by revving their engines. The flagger dropped his arms and race was on. They both gunned it, but the torque of Matt’s Supra spun the tires. Niko pulled ahead by a length. Matt regained traction, but they already were approaching the first corner. Niko attacked the corner; Matt following close behind. The Supra fell behind, the steep slopes not helping its corner exit. Niko approached the compound corners. “Sh**, I’m off my game” Matt said to himself “I can’t afford to lose this badly on my own turf. Take it easy, just pedal it.” Matt started to upshift during corner exit, decreasing the gap. As the half-way point was crossed, the course started to level out. . The two now came to the hairpins. Niko nosed in to the apex, nearly clipping the earthface. Matt followed suit, but conquered the corner with overall greater speed. There was now only a length and a half between them. Hairpin after hairpin, Matt inched up toward Niko. Matt was now glued to Niko’s bumper. After the next corner, Matt tried to overtake on the straight after corner exit, but ran out of ground. He let up to avoid collision with Niko at the next corner entry. The finish line was close, and both knew it. Niko’s driving became more defensive; making it as hard as possible to pass by. Only an S sweeper and a final stretch remained. Matt only had one final gamble to bet on. On the straight preceding the esses, Matt throttled hard, clipping above redline. His Supra pushed forward. By the time they reached the left bend, the Supra was at the Z’s front fender. Though on the outside, Matt had the disadvantage of being on the inside line of the upcoming corner. Not having as much leeway as the Z on the outside, Matt had to lose speed. Upon exit, the Z was the first to put the pedal down again. The Z surged ahead, but the Supra still had its nose to its side. Niko still had the lead, but the Supra’s turbos spooled with full boost. The 2JZ carried the Supra forward with steady zeal. At the last 100 meters, Matt passed Niko by. Niko tried to get as much as he could out of the gearing, but it was too late. The Supra crossed the line with half a length to its name. Matt returned to his team who amassed around his car, cheering. Hei walked up to the driver side. “I said get’em at the start, not at the finish” Hei said with a smirk. “You’re just happy to see what that stroke job looked like” Matt replied. The two brofisted and Matt went to park his ride. “You’re up next” Hei stated to Shev, “do you think you can keep morale up?” Shev turned to the Cappuccino that was lining up. “Of course I am going to say yes” Shev said, “but I got this feeling.”


The Cappuccino and Evo lined up on the uphill. Both revved but Shev noticed something odd about the Cappuccino note. He internalized it and was struck with an epiphany. “It has a rotary?!” Shev thought. Before Shev could regain proper focus, the race began. The lightweight Cap blasted out of the gate, even challenging the Evo’s awd. Even with perfect shifting he could not out accel the Cap. Rockett reached the esses first, showing it’s agility by clearing the corners with ease. Shev fell behind a few lengths. Shev caught up at the first hairpin. Both cleared the corner with precision, but the Evo pulled ahead at exit. However, it was short-lived. The Cap’s powerful accel helped it regain the lead. As they approached the next corner, the same occurred. The two cycled back and forth, holding the lead on the technical section seemed impossible. “How am I supposed to get this one?” Shev thought “I can get ahead at the exit, but can’t keep it. Hmm, it has some power, and light of course, but that small wheelbase with that output, keeping it stable must be a taxing effort. All of a sudden, Shev grinned as he gripped the wheel during the battle. As the two reached the lower part of the course, the slopes became harsher. Shev kept pace, but did not attempt to pass, but at most kept to the side. Turn after turn, the battle continued, but then, a move was made. At the straight, Shev kept to the inside of the upcoming corner. Uncharacteristically from the rest of the race, Shev dove deeper into the braking zone. Rockett tried to brake just as late, but the Cap’s rear kicked out. Shev took advantage of this development and hugged the apex. Rockett tried to regain control but the course’s slope drew the car even further outside, hitting the outer railing. Shev powered on, not letting up, for this was the best chance, the only chance he had at holding the lead. Now longer held back by a slow-cornering lead, Shev kept the distance between his foe. Shev took the downhill victory with 5 lengths to spare. Only one battle remained; the hardest one of all.


“Here he comes” said Matt, focusing attention on Shev’s Evo. Shev parked his Evo and the team gathered around. “Pulled that one out of thin air” Shev said. “who would of known a kei would out pace me on the straight.” “Speaking of it, where is that Cap?” Hei said. “I haven’t seen him since I reached the bottom” Shev replied. Hei looked around. “I don’t see him” Matt said. “I don’t see Niko either, and more importantly DK.” Hei stated, “What the hell is going on?” “Man, did they sneak out while you did your run?” Matt posed. “I didn’t see Rockett turn around so that is a possibility.” Shev said, “and the others must have…” “Taken the back route while we were focusing the last race.” Hei said, “Those *****s, what are they playing at? One thing to no show entirely, but to just get up and go mid-match?” “What do we do now?” Matt asked. “…2 of 2, we won, and they bailed their last race, our victory and the people saw what happened.” Hei answered. “Rolling out is the only thing to do.” “Well, It’s been fun,” Shev said, “I’ll relay to Snake what happened.” “Humph, how you going to do that if we ourselves don’t really know what happened” Hei said in thought.

Unknown Location

Niko fell to the ground after DK gave him a quick jab to the face. “What the Hell was that!!” DK yelled, “You had the race in your hands and you blow it! You idiot, why didn’t you block?!” “I race clean.” Niko replied. “Race clean? Race clean?! After all we’ve done, you decide to put an honor code in a race?! DK said with hysterical anger. “I would have shunted his crap car into the railing or better yet, off the ridge!” “Lay off my brother!” JD intervened “Rockett lost as well.” DK lunged at JD. “Shut up!! Shut…up.” Dk said then paused his tirade, “Where is Rockett?” “Where is that useless piece of s**!” “From what I can tell, he left the pass before we did.” Niko said, rubbing his cheek. Silence filled the room. “JD, get me the flash drive.” DK ordered. “What flash drive? JD said puzzled. “You know damn well what flash drive!” Dk asserted, “Whatever, move!!” DK pushed JD out of the way, and headed into the supply closet. The others waited. “Where is it?” DK said audibly. “I has to be here!” All that could be heard were expletives and shuffling. DK angrily emerged from room and bee lined toward JD. Where is he?! DK demanded. “How should I know?” JD replied. “I put you in charge of keeping tabs on him!” DK grabbed him by the shirt and shook him. Niko approached to stop DK’s harassment, but DK pushed JD at Niko, knocking them both to the ground. “You’re both Useless, YOU All ARE USELESS!!” DK yelled. “He must have it…” he said quietly. DK left the building and got into his car. “IDIOTS!” He said to himself, “It all comes down to relying on myself. So be it. In order to garner true victory, one must be open to all methods, no matter how …malicious they may be.”
The drama of the situation is real. Almost felt like the 2012 drama back then, that Deja Vu happens a lot.
ACT VI: Epic Ends
January 16, 2012
Tsubaki Art Institute

“So, this is what you talked about” Dark said with intrigue, “What’s on it?” “It’s a drive containing all the edited data from all the Tougeheroes’ operations, from battle videos to texts.” Rockett explained. “I see” Dark responded, fiddling with the drive, “The power to break them, it’s in my hands? Interesting.” “So what now?” Rockett questioned. “I’ll send it to Snake. He’ll know how to distribute it properly and…” Dark was interrupted by the office door opening. Bush and Jake entered. Their faces were overcome with shock as they saw Rockett. “What’s he doing here?” Bush raised, “I told you he was with the Tougeheroes.” “Relax” Dark commanded, “This was all part of the plan.” Bush and Jake were surrounded by an air of confusion. “I had Rockett to go…undercover if you will”, Dark continued, “to find a weakness of some sort. Using my marvelous instinct of detecting corrupting while watching footage the Tougeheroes’ race in Akina, I sensed something was ‘altered’ and told Rockett to look for something regarding that prior to his departure. Of course my endeavors are quite often successful, and thus I gained this.” Dark presented the two with the drive. “So this contains the real video from Akina?” Jake inquired. Dark nodded. “But why Rockett? You could have trusted us.” Jake continued. “I could have” Dark replied, “but I took all cautions. Rockett is a relative unknown and not of the public face of Tsubaki. Less chances to be sniffed out the better. But I do understand your plight of your usefulness of not being utilized so here; you two take it to Snake as soon as you can. As for you Rockett…For you efforts, you’re free from training regimens for 2 weeks.” Jake and Bush looked on with bitterness.

City Outskirts
January 16, 2012

Rockett was driving home, taking his normal route home. All seemed fine, the night was just as silent as ever. Rockett turned onto the final road before he got to the highway. Suddenly, a pair of headlight emerged from the darkness and follow. Without warning, the lights accelerated forward and collided with the rear of Rockett’s Cappuccino. He was thrusted against the steering wheel and regained the car’s composure. The assailant did not let up and continued to rear-end Rockett. The vehicle switched into the next lane pitted Rockett. Rocket tried to correct the Cappuccino but the short wheelbase made the steering too fickle. It swerved erratically and flipped into the ditch. A minute passes and Rockett forced the crumpled door of the overturned wreckage open. Without a chance to recuperate, a figure rush toward him and kicked him while he was on the ground. “Though you could get away huh? Get up!!” the figure said. Rockett continued to be assaulted. More cars are parked alongside the ditch. Rockett’s vision was blurry and could only make out a hazy outline of the situation. The original figure spit on him. “Get him in the damn van!!” The figure said. The two figured that arrived came forward and picked Rockett up by both arms. He passes out seconds after.

The Snake’s Den
January 17, 2012

“I knew they were playing dirty” Snake said, “Now we can put them in their place.” “We’ll tell Dark that we passed it on.” Bush said. Snake’s cell rang. Before he could say hello, a voice demanded his attention. “You know who I am so I’ll cut to the chase” it said, “You have something of mine, I want it back. If not, consequences will ensue.” “DK huh” Snake said while signaling Jake and Bush to come back. “What makes you think I have something of yours?” “Let’s say I have someone in the loop” I’m assuming Dark’s men are with you? Put one on.” Snake handed Jake the cell. “Hello..” Jake said. Rockett muffled cries could be heard. “Rockett?” Jake said. “If you want to see him in again in one piece, you’ll do as I say and give me the drive.” DK said. “How do you know that we haven’t leaked your secrets yet?” Jake replied. “If I had pegged that you have done so already we wouldn’t be talking, in Rockett’s case, crying.” DK stated, “I’ll send you the location of our rendezvous in a few hours’ time. Don’t try anything or I’ll deal with Rockett and you all.” DK hung up. “DK has Rockett hostage.” Jake said. Everyone was filled with shock. “He wants the drive.” “This is a new low, even for him” Snake responded, “How do we proceed then?” “As much as I dislike him, we can’t just leave him.” Bush said. “I know, but…do you really think he’ll keep his side of the bargain? “Jake said, “I mean, we pretty much stole something that can instantly lead to his team’s demise. He’s not going to let this go without getting a punch in.” Everyone became lost in thought. “I guess we’ll have to play to his weaknesses.” Bush said.

Gallows Peak: Base
January 17, 2012

As Snake, Bush, and Jake approached the foot of the pass, An R33 and a van came into view, highlighted by the evening sun. As they parked a few meters away, all parties exited their cars. DK left his ride and pulled out a revolver. Snake, Jake, and Bush were stunned by fear. DK strafed toward the van with revolver still pointed at the three. DK slid the side door of the van open and pulled out a figure whose head was enveloped by a sack. Niko and JD exited as well; Niko pulling off the sack. The figure was revealed to be Rockett; covered in bruises and dried blood. DK pointed the gun at Rockett’s head. “I want it now!!” DK demanded. Jake pulled it out of his pocket and held it forward. “Toss it toward me!” DK yelled. “Rockett first!” Bush responded. DK pointed the gun ever closer to Rockett’s head. “I have the power here. You do as I say” DK said in a desperate tone, “however, what happens to him is within your power.” There was not a noise other than the wind whistling through the pass. A feint whine of an engine could be heard approaching them. A dark object could be seen climbing up the hills. “What is this!!” DK inquired with rising agitation. As it drew within close distance, it could be identified. It was Hei. His R32 parked behind the scene. Hei left his car and approached the event. “Whhaaat the hell are you doing here?” DK questioned, “This doesn’t concern you!!” “But this does concern me” Hei replied, “You chickened out on our race. I’m here to finish things.” “Really now?” DK said, refocusing his gun on Hei, “What makes you think that I won’t deal with you all here and now?” “Then you’ll just be proving to everyone what is already apparent” Hei responded, “that you’re a coward.” DK gun started to shake. “Hold him!” DK demanded, passing Rockett off to Niko. DK strutted toward Hei and sized him up. “You think you got what it takes to knock down the King?!” DK questioned. “More like a wannabe but yeah.” Hei said. “You and me. We’ll run from the top and finish right here. Needless to say that the fastest wins.” DK issued. “Bring it.” Hei said. DK turned about and handed JD the gun. “Make sure no one tries anything” Niko murmured, “Let’s go!! I’ll make sure you all know once and for all who is the best!”

Gallows Peak: Summit

“To one GT-R driver to another, it is mandatory that I give you my all,” DK said out the window, “even if it means taking you out.” DK focuses his attention forward and prepared for the battle. The two throttled off the line with little imperfection. The R33 inched ahead and gained the advantage at the first bend. Hei let off and kept to DK’s tail. The R33 sped through the consecutives sweepers without losing much speed. “Well, at least he’s not all mouth.” Hei thought to himself. Hei kept up and stuck to the long apexes, Hei tried to pass on the inside but DK constantly cut him off. Hei fell back and plotted his next move. “He’s quite courteous” Hei thought, “I’ll just have to quickly bolt past him somewhere.” Both racers reached the tighter hairpins. DK powerslid through, and Hei mirrored the actions. Hei fell back, trying to leave DK’s rearview. They came across the last set of hairpins. The corners were tighter than previous sets and the R33 was not the most agile with its long wheelbase. DK’s pace slowed considerably. As soon as DK reached corner entry, Hei pushed with all he got and dove into the corner with late braking. By holding back a bit, Hei was able to take all phases of the corner with full speed. The R32 launched out of the corner and inched forward at a speedy rate. Before DK could take notice, they were side by side. Though DK could accelerate ahead at the high end, it would not be enough to gain the advantage of the next bend. Hei had the outside by a small margin, but it was enough to pull ahead. But then it happened. The R33 continued to push outside without slowing down. The R32 was nudged into the loose dirt and then the guard rail. Hei was shaken inside, but he continued. DK had 2 car lengths after the collision. Only 3 corners remained. The R33 increased its pace but the R32 still had faster cornering. However, it was not enough. At the last stretch, DK increased the gap again by 2 car lengths. The R33 passes the finish first. The R32 finishes as well, the left door scratched and dented. Both returned to the lot. DK got out and raised his fist in victory. “I said it before, and now have proven it” DK yelled. “I am the best!” Hei got out and rejoined his party. “This is Bull%$, and you know it.” Hei responded to DK’s haughty cheers. “All I hear are the cries of the looser.” DK said. “You’re nothing but a lowly punk with mediocre skill.” Hei stated, “you don’t deserve even being called a racer!” “I’m tired of listening to your smart mouth!” DK said. He pulled out a switchblade and motioned toward Hei, “I can’t have you slandering my reputation now. For giving me a good run, I’ll make sure all of you are dealt with quickl…” A gunshot rang though the mountains. DK howled with pain. “!!! Wha, the F$%# happened” DK grunted, feeling the back of his right shoulder. DK turned around. JD stood there, the revolver pointed at DK. “YYou…You dare betray me?” DK said, “if there’s one thing that annoys me it’s disloyalty” DK armed his left hand with the switchblade and charged at JD. Another gunshot sounded. The bullet disarmed DK, but he continued to charge. When DK came within an arm’s range of JD, he was met with a solid fist to the face dished out by Niko. “No one touches my brother” Niko let out. DK fell to the concrete. DK covered his face in disgrace. “Thhis is not over” DK said, “My greatness will not fall to a bunch of envious clowns.” Niko walked over Rockett to the rest. “I’m sorry things went so far” Niko said, “Becoming a great team blinds you to some things that you wouldn’t normally overlook.” “What will happen to him?” Snake asked. “DK, …Me and my brother are just going to leave him here” Niko said, “I don’t think we’ll ever go back. Hell, I’ll tell all our members what really has been happening and I doubt they’ll stay either.” JD joined in on the conversation. “Rockett.” JD said with sincerity, “I know we can never apologize for what we done, but this is just a start.” JD hands Rockett DK’s keys. Niko and JD return to the van and head out. “The racing world is small, we’ll meet again,” Niko said out the driver window, “but hopefully under better circumstances.” The van descended the foothills and disappeared. Rockett got into DK’s R33 and drove off without a word. “I guess it’s our time to head out too.” Jake said, “Nice idea calling Hei out here, Bush.” “Yeah, but we got lucky” Bush said, “If JD hadn’t shot DK, we’d probably be dead.” “Nice thought to finish the day” Hei said, “I’m out” “But what about DK?” Jake asked. “Just leave him here” Bush replied. All agreed. “Let’s go back to the den and celebrate that this ordeal is over.” Snake proposed, “Drinks on me” All got into their cars and headed out.

Gallow’s Peak: Base

DK got up from the cold concrete and turned about, overlooking the foothills. “I will make my return, and conquer all.” DK said thought, "I will break them all."
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Vol. IV: Kingmaker

Act I: Veni, Vidi Vici
June 19, 2013
Outlaw Street Enterprises Headquarters

"It has been two years since I introduced Legend of the Streets to the land. The road racing scene is flourishing, and that is all to the credit of me. All who partake in our little clique owe it all to me, and they know this. But there is one that refuses to bend to my will, the horse that can't be broken. In my vision, all must follow, especially those who carry out my will. Hence, you are here, my new hand. As such, I wish to...remove all disobedience. Find him and remove his burdensome presence. From what I have given you, you should not have an issue. Do not fail me."

June: 20, 2013
Tsubaki Pass

The sound of screeching tires filled the air, smoke obscured the view that Dark had in the observation deck. "Not bad," Dark said, "a bit unrefined, but fast. Your find is impressive Rockett." "I told you he had promise" Rockett replied, "does his style catch your eye?" "He does show promise" Dark said, "to think what he can become with my guidance... What is his name?" "Sig" Rockett replied, "he is also a construction foreman." "Prospect of skill and resources." Dark said with intrigue, "let's head down. I will present to him an invitation to become a pupil of Tsubaki. If he refuses, so be it. But if he accept, you will be reponsible for making sure he follows our training regimins. "Why do I have to babysit?" Rockett said with irritation. "Jake and Bush are in Kyushu scouting out potential like yourself" Dark replied, "besides, you brought him in. Come, let's see how things will unfold."

The Snake's Den: Backroom

All was quiet, only the sound of Snake wrenching on his car broke the silence. Shev slouched on a bench in a corner. "(Sigh), things aren't the same these days" he said, "No drama, nothing. I thought I'd enjoy, seeing that I wouldn't have to deal with your last minute requests, but I miss it." "Things are a bit slow" Snake said, "but there will be action eventually. " "Yeah... eventually" Shew commented, "It's been 3 months since we struck out as a team. Ever since we kicked the Tougeheroes out, nothing but petty battles followed." "I'm inclined to agree" Snake said, "but..." Snake put down his tools and walked to his desk. He pulled out an envelope and approached Shev. "things are about to happen." "What's that?" Shev questioned. "An invitation..." Snake said, "to a tournament." "Oh..." Shev reacted, "team?" "Individual competition" Snake said, "And I get to invite one other to participate." "Interesting" Shev said, That means I can take you on? I can finally pay you back for all the bs you put me through." Snake laughed, "It may be friendly competition but I'm not going to hold no punches." Shev further looked over the letter. "From Timber..?" Shev said , "That shady guy in the MR2?" "Yeah" Snake replied, "I've been hearing his name often lately even if never see him. There was something about him..." "You don't have to think that hard to know that something's up" Shev stated. "The what, I don't know, but something is going to happen."

June 22, 2013
Undisclosed Pass

The M3 gtr cruised the downhill shrouded in darkness. Halfway down the pass, a pair of lights rushed forth from behind. The M3 was jutted forward. He looked back and saw a beige audi on his bumper. He accelerated forward and so did the Audi. Both drivers tore through the pa ss with great speed. The M3 could not break away from the pursuit. On the the next stretch of road, the Audi pulled by the side of the M3 and nudged it against the railing. Before he could reach the next corner, the Audi once again shunted the M3 against the railing, pushing it through. The M3 scraped along the inclined shoulder of the road. The front right wheel was twisted and the M3 was gravely immobilized. The Audi could now be identified as a RS6 as it reversed within the M3's headlight range. The driver stepped out carrying a bat. He strode up to the M3 and smashed the windshield. "Get out" he said. The man got out of the m3 but the audi's drive struck at both his knees, dropping him to the ground. The man look up at the Audi driver with eyes filled with pain. "You don't remember me?" said the driver, "Well, I suppose not. I am a lot different from when we last met. He squatted to meet the man at eye level. "How does it feel to be beaten? Before I finish this, I'll fill you in. The boss no longer needs, or wants your service. I, am the new king of the streets. Unlike you, I won't fall. The driver stood up and readied his bat. "I am Timber's Monstrous Star. Remember that when you come looking for me. May your rage make you a suitable rival. The driver struck at the man's head. Everything when to black.
I could easily make a game about LoTS now :P, so much story content that's still expanding.
LOTS 8TH Birthday!!

Act II: Greetings from Memories
June 22, 2013
Undisclosed Pass

"The darkness took me, and out I was. They say being on the brink of death leads one to recollect their past, the best of times and the worst of times. That night, I went on such a trip, taking me back as vividly as If it were then. To relive those events..."

January 8, 2012
Outlaw Street Enterprises Headquarters

"I am getting the sense that our relationship is strained," the man cast in shadow thought to himself, peering back at the entrance of Timber's office, "however, maybe it is for the best that I moved on. To be under such control is stifling." He took the elevator to the ground floor and made his exit. As he was about to leave the building, a strange tension overcame him as he passed an individual walking the opposite way. He slowed his pace and peer at the individual from over his shoulder. "Do I know him?" He thought to himself, "can't say from when or what, but...this familiarity..." He resumed his exit, abandoning his pondering for the meantime. He crossed the parking lot and entered his M3. He drove off into the city landscape, unaware of being watched from above.

"So you're here..." Timber said, "come in. We have much to discuss." A man passed through the threshold to Timber's office, his hoodie obscuring is his face. "I have been looking for someone like you for quite some time", Timber said as the man positioned himself in front of his desk, "No need for such secrecy. All will stay within these walls." The man lowered his hood and Timber rose from his seat; extending a hand. The two shook hands and Timber moved around his desk, meeting the man up front. "Crimson was it?" Timber rhetorically inquired, "of the Nightkids... Oh, not so much of the latter I'd say. I believe you left your team not too long ago. How come and why to me?" "You have been keeping tabs on me" Crimson answered, "if that is the case, you already have an inkling as to why. Timber rubbed his beard in intrigue. "Your errand boy, the guy in the M3. I want him." Crimson said. "You want him?" Timber questioned. "Yeah, I want to beat him." Crimson elaborated. "You seem quite determined," Timber stated, "you could have just tracked him down and take him on again. Why involve me?" "I...I am not fast enough," Crimson answered, "Not yet anyway. With the Nightkids, I did not have enough resources to wrench into my ride. But looking at you, your business, what you've done with...him, I am sure I can surpass him!" Timber smirked "You're not wrong there. But what makes you think I would take you?" Timber said, "I need someone reliable, ruthless, and most importantly, obedient. How do you factor into this?" "I want nothing more than to beat him, to be the fastest!" Crimson replied, "I have no other desires." Timber walked to the glass window, peering over the landscape. "So, you want to take on the mantle of being my shadow?" Timber stated, pointing to a grey M3 heading away. Crimson's eyes lit up. "Yes!" Crimson replied, "but I wish to be more daunting than a mere shadow. Monstrous even." Timber's smirk transformed into a devilish grin. "Oh..." He said, "I believe I can help you with that. For now we prepare, but you dream is close a hand."

June 17, 2013
Undisclosed location

"So, how does it feel?" Timber asked from the passenger seat. "Like a glove," Crimson replied, "I didn't think such control was possible." "My company does wonders, but I have to admit, this is one of the better setups," Timber said, "You'll be ready in no time." "Tss," Crimson retorted, "I'm ready now." "Don't get overconfident," Timber responded, "You can't expect the car to do all the work. You need to train." "Don't I know that?" Crimson replied, "but just starting out, I am sure I can beat him now. Now is the best time." "Just don't get carried away", Timber stated, "This car, you, are mine. All assets belong to me and I don't need another asset going awry thinking he's hot S*&%!" Crimson was struck silent. "Now that you cooled down a bit, I will let you in on something." Timber continued "Though I little control of him nowadays, I always know where he is." Timber revealed he kept tracking data of the M3 on his phone and offered to download the app to Crimson's. "When you are truly ready, the location of your prey just lies at your fingertips" "A welcomed treat indeed" Crimson said, "I will not fail." "I invested too much in you to hear otherwise", Timber said, "Just go out and deal with our mutual problem." Timber left the car and headed toward his own. "Hmph, after all that, he gives me go ahead to pursue at my own discretion, " Crimson thought as he booted up the tracking app on his phone. "looks like we're going to have our meet and greet sooner than thought," Crimson said to himself, "how does this weekend sound..? No no.. I'll meet you."