LEGO and Lamborghini Reveal 3,700-piece, $380 Sian Kit

How'd I miss this?

Awesome video. The masks makes it real.

The wheels appear slightly undersized but the rest of it is a pretty good likeness.
Perfect, another model to go with my Porsche and Bugatti :D

How fast can you run? It's a Lego kit so you'd need to push it.

You can find plans for these cars to rebuild with power kits and remote control ;)
Lambo on pics: green and black

You open the box: yellow, red, magenta, blue, orange, azure and so on. This thing will turn in to a rainbow like everything from lego nowadays.

A bit overpriced.
Looks great and I'm sure it's a total blast to build this, but $380 is a hefty price tag.
It averages out to about $9.75 per 100 pieces, which is actually somewhat cheaper than most Lego sets go for depending on where you buy them. Granted with most of those sets about 20% of the cost is licensing fees for whatever they're recreating, but still fairly reasonable compared to, say, any sets with the Star Wars name on it.
I wonder if Lego will do another life sized one like they did with the Bugatti, that would be awesome.