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Here's the listing where I got my wide and white printed tires for the MP4, if you are interested:

I tried to spend some time doing Amazing Spider-Man 300 but it was just too much black on black even with the blue outline. So I ended up doing the Detective Comics 27 design instead, it turned out alright. The original colors aren't available at Bricklink (building, rooftop colors) so I had to swap them. I made the backboards for this and Action Comics 1 and I ordered the pieces for AC1 too after the boss approved :lol:


Grabbed the Icons Countach. Guess I've been out of the loop, I didn't know it was available now, thought it was an August release.

Still, August is going to be an expensive Lego month for me even with a $100 VIP/Insiders discount I'm sitting on 😂
To Lego's credit, their version of the P1 does look way better than any of the numerous knockoff Lego P1s already out there.
My cat gets in the way too. He loves sitting on my cushy lego table as soon as I step away....leaving cat hair everywhere, ugh :lol:

I definitely deal with the cat hair too lol but I do have to be careful and not leave pieces out since he will grab one and run away with it to eat. I have at least one minifigure with bite marks on it 😂
Thats a pretty cat, is that an orange tabby? Sorry, I'm not a pet guru.

I was initially going to list my Lego Organizer dubbed 'The Rebuilder' on Etsy, but I can't use the term 'Lego'. These 'buckets' can help organize your Lego pieces in case there's anyone else who has monster sized Lego sets (5,000+) that they want to rebuild some day. There are multiple sizes included; 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 2x2, 2x3 and 3x3, with lids for each ( You can stack them and cover them should you need to pause your mega re-build. You can of course 3D print the smaller buckets for smaller build too ;)





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