Level Tickets (schedule updated!)

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Ive sent you 6 and 1000. Sent a paint by mistake too.

Have yet to recieve anything from you.

both tickets received, and i sent you the level 12 and 5 chromes. ill send the next two tickets over the next 2 resets, plus ill throw in some more chromes. sorry but im away from my system more often than not, though i am almost always able to make it back before the reset each day to get the trades in.
yesterday when i went to make the trade but the GT server was down?? unexpected :nervous:

dont worry though, although my post count is low (im working on that lol) i am a good honest forum user whos not looking to rip anyone off :dopey: ! any trades i arrange i follow through to the best of my ability, and make arrangements or give notice when something pops up, i.e. server down, etc.