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    Lion's Den Performance


    Thanks to PAPAOSA for the banner & image​

    G'day and welcome to The Lion's Den. The Lion's Den quickly grew to become one of the world's largest, greatest and best known tuning garages on the tracks. A constant strive for quality and efficient products has gotten us to where we are now.
    The Lion's Den will continue to evolve and produce world class tunes. From now on, due to the way things panned out, all tunes will be tuned with only pro physics in mind. We will post the tracks a car was tuned for/on within the manual of each tune, and let it be officially known also that I have changed to tuning with a steering wheel.
    I emphasise ease of use and good handling in my tunes, which in turn leads to making a car as fast as possible. So please, come in and drive some of my cars, and if you do, please do leave a review of how you thought the car handled and how I can make it better (Constructive criticism will help make me a better tuner for you in the future). As a bonus if you review one of our cars you can request of us to tune a car you want tuned for any specific purpose (bar the F1 car) and we will get the tune to you as soon as possible. This is all about helping people, giving them good tunes to tackle any race with.

    A new section to The Lion's Den, and probably one that will come more "into its own" when the full GT5 comes out, is The Lion's Den's own racing team- Lion's Den Performance Racing- or LDP-R for short. This section will offer up to date info on race events The Lion's Den would like to participate in, notable results, and any tune for a car we have tuned to be a race car (where the part about GT5 comes in, but for now, most Tuned cars).

    Listed below are all our tunes for all your use. In each title I have included the PP of the tune, for quick reference when loooking for a car you want.

    Online Tunes

    Showroom Floor, Tunes by Paulie

    TLD Acura NSX, 550 PP
    TLD Alfa Romeo 147, 550 PP/500 PP
    LDP Alfa Romeo Brera, 600 PP
    TLD Art Morrison Corvette, 650 PP/700PP
    TLD Aston Martin DB9, 608 PP
    TLD Audi R8, 550 PP/650 PP
    TLD BMW 135i, 550 PP
    TLD BMW 135i tii, 550 PP
    TLD BMW M3, 550 PP/600 PP/650 PP
    TLD BMW Z4, 550 PP
    TLD Chevrolet Corvette C6, 612 PP/650 PP/700 PP
    TLD Chevrolet Corvette Z06, 650 PP
    TLD Chevrolet Corvette/Tuned, 650 PP (Race tyre versions available from TLD-R)
    LDP Citroen C4 Coupe, 550 PP
    TLD Dodge Viper GTS '02, 600 PP
    TLD Ferrari 512 BB, 550 PP/649 PP
    TLD Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, 650 PP
    TLD Ferrari California, 650 PP/700 PP
    TLD Ferrari F40, 650 PP/700 PP
    TLD Ferrari F430, 700 PP
    TLD Ford Focus ST/XR5, 550 PP
    TLD Ford GT, 650 PP
    TLD Ford Mustang GT, 550 PP
    TLD Honda Integra Type R, 550 PP
    TLD Honda NSX Type R, 550 PP/600 PP/700 PP
    TLD Infiniti G37 Concept, 550 PP
    TLD Jaguar XK, 550 PP
    TLD Lancia Delta HF Integrale, 600 PP
    TLD Lexus IS F, 650 PP
    TLD Lotus Elise 111R, 550 PP
    TLD Lotus Elise '96, 450 PP
    TLD Lotus Evora, 550 PP
    TLD Mazda 6 (Atenza), 550 PP (Tougue Car)
    TLD Mazda 6 (Atenza), 550 PP (Circuit Car)
    LDP Mazda RX-7, 550 PP/600 PP/702 PP
    TLD Mazda RX-8, 550 PP
    LDP Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG, 714 PP
    TLD Mini Cooper-S, 550 PP
    TLD Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX GSR, 600 PP
    TLD Nissan 350Z, 550 PP
    TLD Nissan 350Z/Tuned, 650 PP
    TLD Nissan GT-R R34, 600 PP/650 PP
    TLD Nissan R35 GTR, 650 PP/700 PP
    TLD Nissan R35 GTR Prototype, 600 PP
    TLD Nissan Skyline Coupe 370GT, 550 PP
    TLD Nissan Skyline Coupe/Tuned, 650 PP
    TLD Nissan Skyline Sedan, 550 PP
    TLD Renault Clio V6, 550 PP
    TLD Subaru Impreza WRX STi '05, 550 PP/600 PP
    TLD Subaru Impreza WRX STi '07, 550 PP/600 PP
    TLD Suzuki Swift Sport, 550 PP
    TLD TVR Tamora, 650 PP
    TLD VW Golf V GTI, 550 PP

    Showroom Floor, Tunes by Dragonistic

    TLD BMW M3, 650 PP
    TLD Dodge Viper SRT10, 650 PP
    TLD Ferrari F40, 550 PP
    TLD Ford Focus ST, 500 PP
    TLD Honda NSX Type R, 650 PP/700 PP

    Predator Editions


    TLD proudly presents our newest addition to the range, a selection of tuned street cars not restricted by PP, power or any other limitations. This allows the team here at TLD to really have some fun, the only restriction is the car must stay on street tyres (N1-S3) to abide by the law. These road rockets aim to offer thrills, excitement, style, offering different characteristics from car to car. All out speed won't always be the aim here, the important factor here is the fun factor, and we'll be giving it by the shovel load.

    These cars are marketed towards the offline driver, although they may be used online by all means just don't expect many golds. Which leads on to the why of this particular project. The team here at TLD are all competitive racers, but the focus on GT5P has become all about the golds. We intend to capture back the reason we all love Gran Turismo, and thats the driving experience and sensation along the way to whatever position you finish. Hopefully with these cars, we can not just take you to incredible speed in these street machines, but also to take you out of the race and into the drive.(Description written by Dragonistic)

    Showroom Floor, Tunes by Paulie

    TLD Alfa Romeo Brera, 539 PP
    TLD Audi TT, 550 PP
    TLD Chevrolet Corvette Z06, 659 PP
    TLD Chevrolet Corvette ZR1ish Z06, 670 PP
    LDP Citroen GT, 891 PP
    TLD Dodge Viper GTS, 658 PP
    TLD Ferrari 512 BB, 620 PP
    TLD Ford Mustang GT, 550 PP
    TLD Lancia Delta HF Integrale, 523 PP
    TLD Lexus IS F, 643 PP
    TLD Nissan Skyline Sedan 350GT, 586 PP
    TLD Lotus Evora, 589 PP
    LDP TVR Tuscan Speed Six, 628 PP

    Showroom Floor, Tunes by Dragonistic

    TLD Audi R8, 656 PP
    TLD Ferrari 599, 662 PP
    TLD Ferrari F430, 651 PP
    LDP Ford GT, 733 PP
    TLD Nissan 350Z/Tuned, 619 PP
    TLD Nissan GT-R, 659 PP
    TLD Subaru STi '05, 620 PP
    TLD Subaru STi '07, 613 PP
    TLD Suzuki Cappuccino/Tuned, 651 PP
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    Lion's Den Performance Racing

    Thanks to shawtyowner for this plaque
    Special thanks to R0M for this photo​

    Welcome to TLD-R, The Lion's Den's very own racing team. I hope that TLD-R will become an active participant in future race events. With the hope that in the full GT5 we will have choice of rims for our cars, as well as adding aero packages to any car, TLD-R will have its own unique livery, black paint with dark red rims and possibly other red accenting. For now, TLD-R vehicles will be all black. Something I developed a pet hobby of doing in GT4 was taking a road car, building it to race specifications and taking it to race championships where I would race against proper race cars. Home brewed race cars if you will. So TLD-R vehicles will be strictly race cars, no sports tyres here. By that, I mean that TLD-R will build race cars from street cars in the full GT5 to compete in certain race events (eg. JGTC, DTM, LMS, V8 Supercars International- an event I shall pioneer myself).
    Any race events that come up, I hope TLD-R can participate in. We won't aim to win, but merely be a competitive force admired for their clean racing and race craft, as well as our built race cars.

    Team Members
    wolfdude- Drift Team
    Fujiwara-kun- Drift Team
    rofajole- Drift Car Tester
    Dragonistic- Driver and Tuner

    News and Announcements
    LDP-R awaits GT5 to declare war on the track

    On The Circuit, Tunes by Paulie

    TLD-R Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo, 750PP/800 PP
    LDP-R Art Morrison Corvette, 727 PP
    LDP-R Chevrolet Corvette Z06/Tuned, 700 PP/750 PP/800 PP
    TLD-R Dodge Viper/Tuned Time Attack Car, 843 PP
    LDP-R Ferrari 512 BB, 681 PP
    LDP-R Ford GT LM Spec III, 750 PP/800 PP
    TLD-R Ford GT LM Spec IV Time Attack Edition, 860 PP
    TLD-R Lotus Elise 111R/Tuned, 750 PP
    LDP-R Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX/Tuned, 700 PP/750 PP
    LDP-R Renault Clio/Tuned, 700 PP

    On The Circuit, Tunes by Dragonistic

    LDP-R Dodge Viper/Tuned, 700 PP/750 PP/800 PP
    LPD-R Mine's GT-R R34, 800 PP
    TLD-R Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX/Tuned, 650 PP

    On The Drift Scene, Tunes by Paulie

    TLD-R Ford Mustang Drift Car
    TLD-R Mercedes SL55 AMG Drift Car

    On The Drift Scene, Tunes by Dragonistic
    LDP-R Mazda RX-7 Drift Car
    LDP-R Nissan 350Z/Tuned Drift Car

    Under Construction
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    Hey man, welcome back. :tup:
  4. zed300


    Hope it stays the way you want it to, will miss your imput and veiws on topics.:(

    See you on the road sometime.:tup:
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    welcome back=) Your tunes is always very stable and nautrual! wich is very important for OLR :tup:
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    The Lions Den is back!! Nice one! :) :tup:
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    TLD back to business! Great! :tup:
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    Great stuff! I look forward to some more quality tunes :)

    All the best
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    Awesome, can't wait!! :p
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    Good luck, your work is important for too many racers , keep doing good job.
    what about the no wheel drivers , we are important too ,think about it
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    welcome back guys!
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    Nice to see you back, hope to check one of your super quality tunes soon.
  13. Paulie

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    Thanks for the support guys.:tup: :tup: I'll carry over most tunes that actually fit in with Spec III from the old garage. I want to see if I can make a new tune for the F40 and hope that makes it more competitive in the Ferrari event online.:)

    I have been tuning with a wheel for a little while now. If my recent tunes still suit you then there shouldn't be a problem. If one car feels horribly wrong, let me know what your problems with it are and I can make a custom tune for you.:)
  14. Paulie

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    LDP California Poppy
    (295kw) (445Nm) (1319kg) (650 PP)
    (335kw) (479Nm) (1232kg) (700 PP)



    Power: -11 -1
    Weight: 91% 85%
    Tyres: R1 R3


    Ride Height: -14/-12 -25/-24
    Spring Rates: 8/5 3/8
    Damper: 8/3 2/1
    Toe: -0.12/+0.05 -0.12/+0.04
    Camber: 1.4/0.6 0.8/0.3

    Brake Balance: 5/5 5/6

    Max Turn Angle: 50

    All driving aids up to driver, tuned with all aids off except ABS at 1

    Gear Ratios:
    1st: 2.916 2.916
    2nd: 1.970 1.970
    3rd: 1.550 1.550
    4th: 1.256 1.256
    5th: 1.045 1.068
    6th: 0.893 0.928
    7th: 0.776 0.776
    Final: 5.235 4.046

    Description: The Ferrari California, a car designed by Ferrari to capture the Californian lifestyle. The Lion's Den California is about capturing the Californian natural environment which is beautiful and inspiring in its own right. Named after the California's wildflower, the California Poppy, this vehicle has had reduced power to meet race regulations, but the secrets are in less weight, a TLD tuned suspension and TLD designed gear ratios for the remarkable 7spd gearbox in this car. Our engineers feel we've made this into one of the most competitve tunes out there on the tracks today.

    Tracks Tuned for/on:

    Tuner's Notes:
    Make use of lift-off oversteer, but don't lift-off too much, or you'll.........oversteer
    Smooth driving is essential despite good traction on throttle application
    Trail braking is handy in this one
    Tuned as 6spd gearbox
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    Since the last update, the way the controller works has been changed. It's a lot more sensitive now. If a tune feels too responsive when using a controller, it's NOT the tune that is causing it. It's the controller! Handling of a car is identical whether you use a wheel or a controller. If you have a problem with a certain tune when using a controller, don't blame the tune or tuner! If you think it's too twitchy, decrease steering angle a bit. I also noticed that many cars have understeer when using a wheel since the last update. I therefor changed the steering angle of almost all my tunes to 45 for wheel users, Sixaxis users should stick to 40 (or 35 if you can't handle the twitchyness).
  16. Paulie

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    How odd, the F40 I'm tuning is currently sitting on 45 max turn angle. I haven't had problems with other cars though, just the F40 seemed to need extra work on the wheel to achieve turning angles. Do you think PD modelled steering ratios? If they did, racing old cars without power steering (especially muscle cars :scared:) will become very difficult. The 512 BB doesn't seem too bad, but it could have been built with a high steering ratio.

    Oh yeah, the F40 is coming. It's not as fast as I hoped I would make it, but it's much better than stock.
  17. Palleraa


    Welcome back. Gonna try out your California tune when I get back to my PS3, even tough I find it hard to believe that it tops the tune from Dutch Custom Tuning :)

    The thing with the gearing seems interesting tough since I have the same problem with 3rd and 4th through the esses. But lets see.
  18. JPS


    Not been racing for a few days, so not in the know on what as happened, not really affiliated with any garage, try tunes here there everywhere, must admit though from being a total newbie regarding tunning, i have found your tunes to give me my first insight on what does what regarding set-ups, so much so that my last 4-5 cars have been tuned by myself, with you on the odd occasions double checking my work. Keep up the good work, looking forward to what's to come and hopefully will learn a lot more from talented people like yourself, cheers JP AKA Cashwars
  19. NLxAROSA

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    Not sure what they did, but we all notice what's happened with the controller, they are way more twitchy. I also noticed understeer on cars that never had it before, like the Ford GT '06. The latter could also be caused by the changed physics, but I think they changed something in the steering, since both the changes can be countered by modifying steering angle. If a car would truly understeer (a.k.a. loosing grip on the front wheels), you would not be able to correct it by increasing steering angle IMO.
  20. Paulie

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    OK, I got the F40 down to a 2'04.0...............OK that was in a race with RBE cranking.:sly::sly::sly: I did manage a 2'08.800, which in my hands was exactly what I expected from the old girl. So, the TLD Fezza Fast 40 shall be released some time before the weekend probably.:)

    Nice, have fun in the car. I don't know that it tops the DC tune, from what I hear they're roughly equal but with different feels. I guess that means it comes down to preference.:tup:

    BTW- Nice to meet you. I don't believe we have met before.


    Who knows. One thing's certain, we'll know a bit more when we get to drive a Chevelle SS 454.:scared::sly:
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    United States
    How vastly different are the set ups now compared to pre-SpecIII?

    The reason I ask, is the Tuned Vette set up from a 700pp event is what I was using and it was from 2 updates ago. When we got the last update, (1 prior to SpecIII), I thought the car still handled great. The only things I had changed were power/weight settings.
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    Welcome back. Keep your great tunes comming.
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    good to have you back. may your tunes be prosperous.
  24. Palleraa


    Well, I'm pretty new, so we probably haven't. But I have enjoyed your tunes for a while.
  25. Paulie

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    Every time the physics change, I recommend going through your tunes. Reset the tune to default, drive it. Then try your tune, drive it. If something feels like it could be better then change it. Some cars need changing and others stay fine.

    Thanks guys. Maybe one day TLD-R and your race garage can have friendly races together.:)

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    Good to see you back ..Paulie...err...spd?It's obvious by your speedy return that all is forgiven,....and personally I think not soon[censored]
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  27. Paulie

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    Thanks for your reviews of my cars.:tup::D I'm glad you seen the light of the 512 BB, it is so much better to drive than the Cali it isn't funny, unfortunately it's still just under 2sec slower than the Cali, so you need to drive well, but that's not a problem with it.:) For your 2 reviews you can request 2 cars from me to tune for you now, or hold on to your tune requests until you find a car/event you want in case there isn't one now.:)
  28. Paulie

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    TLD Ferrari 512BB
    (278kw) (457Nm) (1190kg) (649 PP)
    (210kw) (424Nm) (1204kg) (550 PP)



    Power: +20 -20
    Weight: 85% 86%
    Tyres: R3 S3

    Ride Height: -30/-30 -30/-30
    Spring Rate: 3/7 5/9
    Damper: 2/6 2/4
    Toe: -0.15/-0.15 -0.15/+0.18
    Camber: 2.0/1.8 2.0/1.8

    Brake Balance: 6/5 5/5

    Max Turn Angle: 45 45

    All driving aids are up to driver, tuned with all aids turned off except ABS at 1.

    Gear Ratios:
    1st: 3.150 3.060
    2nd: 2.100 1.910
    3rd: 1.601 1.550
    4th: 1.253 1.264
    5th: 1.000 1.027
    Final: 3.400 3.410

    Description: What a car, if anyone thinks like me there is something so uber cool about a flat-12 Ferrari it just makes you water at the mouth. It may take some skill to master but when you do, oh boy does this old school Fezza haul some butt. This car was actually a customer request car, and it turned out to be one of my favourites too.

    Tracks tuned for/on:

    Tuner's Notes:
    More traction than you think, foot to the floor
    Make use of good turn in where necessary
    Smooth driving required
    Shift at around 6,800-6,900rpm
    Use 545 PP to be more even with other 550 PP cars, increase weight to 91% and 1274kg to do so.
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    United Kingdom
    YEY!!! Your back, I havnt been around a long time but your tunes are very impressive and suit my driving style almost perfectly. Since ive had your tuned corvette 750PP tune i havnt stopped winning races online its such a great car and its quickly become my favorite car in my garage. Im so glad I found it as it has really helped me out in career and online, fantastic job and keep the tunes coming. The only tune ive really struggled with is your 512BB tune it seems to oversteer a bit too much for my liking, do you have any tips i could use to make it a bit more stable in the high speed corners like 130r and the first turn at Suzuka. Thanks for the great tunes!
  30. Rennsport


    best of luck m8!