List of cars with Gitched Instruments (gauges)

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- Dodge Viper SRT/10. Shift light not working. If they bothered to add it in the Alfa Romeo TZ3, then why not in the Vipers, if they have the same basic instrument clusters? This is actually very helpful. This shows inconsistency.

I think the reason is because there are different artists involved in making these cars. That's my guess anyway. Because some cars have only tachometer and speedometer while everything else is static, and some cars have almost all instruments working.

Speaking of which, the new Renault Clio have a lot of working instruments, but the termometer seems to not be working as it should. It does change temperature as daytime / nighttime progresses and weather changes, but it's only by one or two degrees. When you set the track weather you can see how the temperature changes by about 10 degrees from day to night. Well, it could also be that the termometer in the car is correct and the track info screen is incorrect. Hard to tell.

The Alpine A110 doesn't have instrument lights. I don't know how the real car works when it comes to that, but it would be odd to make a car as late as in the 1970's and not make the instruments visible at night.