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Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland
Having happily been using a Logitech g29 setup for a few years, I’ve been recently having spiking issues with the potentiometers in my pedals.

Took them apart and cleaned with compressed air and contact cleaner, this “fixed” them for a few weeks at a time but it was clear that replacement pots would be preferable. So an email was sent to Logitech support requesting spare pots.

A generic reply was received informing me they weren’t available so I then asked for the spec of the pots so that I could try to procure some place else.
Was informed that support did not have that information so again I asked that they would ask higher up the chain for this information.
Again I was informed that they did not have this information and that the support ticket was closed.

Now I know Logitech aren’t at the higher priced end of the market but am I to understand that they intend their product to be essentially disposable?
Do they wish for their customers to simply throw away their pedals and replace with a complete new wheel setup?
Surly this is a very wasteful and environmentally unsound attitude that Logitech are having in this day and age.

So in conclusion I would first like to warn anyone out there that may be of mind to purchase Logitech equipment to be aware of, although seemingly reasonably priced, may in the end work out much more expensive than the likes of Fanatec.
Also if anyone knows the technical specs of the Logitech pots please let me know, I’m on console so I’ll need the exact spec of pots.


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A quick GS and I found this on Amazon, I wouldn't sleep on buying these as there's only two left (buy both?). HTH!

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Also if anyone knows the technical specs of the Logitech pots please let me know...

Detailed info on the pots can be found here: https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/logitech-g-wheel-pots.385044/#post-12618631

This guy figured out a rather elaborate workaround: https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/thre...t-potentiometer-for-g27.385472/#post-13196980

And, this guy figured out an alternative solution: https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/thre...t-potentiometer-for-g27.385472/#post-13262267

I had a Logitech G25, and the brake pot started spiking after a few years. I swapped it out with the clutch pot, and the pedal set lasted for about 10 years thereafter. Unfortunately, it's a bit of a crapshoot as to how long the pots will last in G series pedal sets. If you wanna try and get more info from the manufacturer, I suggest sending @LOGI_Rich a PM...
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My G25 throttle pedal have been spiking for a few years now. Bought it back in 2008 so it's to be expected really. A few sprays of compressed air + contact cleaner and it usually fixes the problem for a week, rinse and repeat. I can't be bothered replacing it since it works perfectly fine otherwise (and the spiking is really only an issue with GT Sport, because you can't set a deadzone).

I think I saw somewhere that you can replace the pots with a HALL sensor so it practically lasts forever, but I don't know how much work that is or how much it costs.

Still a lot better than the stock Thrustmaster T-GT pedals where the brake springs came out of alignment after just a few weeks of use :ill:
Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland
I’m just going with cleaning for now as I’m going to wait on Fanatec and the csl dd for ps5 when it finally comes out. Just have to decide between csl pedals with load cell or a set of v3s.