Looking Back at the Original Project CARS

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Just turned Project CARS on and went for a drive in the Audi R8 LMP900 at Le Mans. Although it was horrible on cold tyres, when it got up to temperature, I just got into the zone of putting laps in. That for me is the best part about Project CARS. I just don't get that with any other game.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I had no idea Project Cars was even a thing until I was looking for a racing game in May last year, saw it, thought it looked interesting so I kept it in mind and it happened to be that exact same day that Nerdcubed uploaded his Project Cars VR video and I was blown away, not just by the VR but by the whole game and I bought as soon as I finished the video, downloaded overnight and the next day (it was a Sunday) I played it non stop and had an absolute blast, this was on controller as well btw. Ended up buying a wheel for it and F1 2016 last year and it took the game to a whole other level, overall a solid racing game for me but I didn't have to deal with any of the bugs on release that other people had to deal with.
For me it was like a great smelling and great looking soup, all i wanted was to enjoy it but i got a fork to eat it with.

Controller destroyed it an i uninstalled it.


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Glad I could be of assistance to @SlipZtrEm. :cheers:

I first heard about PCARS1 almost as soon as it was announced. I gave up on desktop PC gaming so I could not justify being a backer, but I was intrigued by its stated intentions. In the following years, I began rooting for PCARS as a possible upstart on consoles that could stake a claim as a more realistic alternative to GT/Forza.

During that weird sequence of events in which SMS went out of their way to court Nintendo fans and then had to drop everything for a lack of foresight, I actually pulled the trigger to buy a Wii U upon the idea that it could be an all-in-one box that would be home to a racing sim in addition to the Nintendo titles I like to play. The Wii U version of the game wasn't meant to be, but the console and its remaining library were well worth that impulse, if devastatingly underappreciated by the industry and consumers.

I didn't get a chance to play PCARS1 until I got a PS4 last year. Though it suffered from the seemingly inevitable and all-too-common outcome of not being realistic or intuitive enough for extended play for me, it qualified as a legitimate simulator and I got my money's worth out of it. It was enough to prove that SMS is on the right path and to give me full confidence in PCARS2, particularly my "Complete Edition" copy which overrides the woes and complaints of the first weeks/months and gave me very few issues. It'll be nice to have as a yardstick for just how much PCARS2 has improved over its predecessor.

Its been confirmed that different default set-ups will be used depending on if you are using a wheel or controller.
I was going to remark on how unfortunate this could be for skilled controller users, but then I found this post which confirms that you don't have to be stuck with the "accessible" default, you can opt for your choice of either one. 👍