Looking for decent skilled drivers to help with project.(Update) Pirelli Huracan Day canceled

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Have you done a video of the event ? Could be nice to watch. And you can add a voice commentary that explains the goal and what's happening.
Good day my friend! I have all the replays of the participants, and I was thinking of making a video of the fastest/cleanest driver of the event. As for voice commentary I don’t know about that lol I hate my voice. As for the goal it was pretty simple..

This competition was for drivers to showcase there driving talents on a street course, using the McLaren 12C in GTS as you would in reality. In PGTR we are trying to give the drivers the true experience when it comes to driving the cars in GTS as It would be real life. If you do research on the 12C you will find out it has two driving option Handling and Performance with 3 different modes in each driving option, normal, sport, track. I have come out with settings to mimic these characteristics to try to match up the cars in GTS as closely to their real life counterpart. Small example if a car doesn’t have traction control you will not be able to use it during any events dealing with PGTR.

The best and most common feedback I got from the drivers was how the car kept getting sportier as you went from normal to track mode. I know a few wanted to turn of all the electronic aids but because it was a street event it was not allowed.
Congrats to the overall winner beardedappa!

Total points: 43
Best lap time: 2:12.293
Lap Efficiency: 42 points B

I have the next challenge already in the works if there is anybody who like to make challenge scenario let me know and maybe we can use it for the next event! For this challenge and for now own I will make a video of the event.
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Huracan Day
Monza Circuit


The team at Pirelli will be hosting an event for Lamborghini Huracan owners at the Monza Circuit. As a Huracan owner Pirelli understand the passion owners have when driving their supercar. Whether driving on a twisty road, highway, owners can surely extract some performance from the Huracan Bull but notice the "some part." Pirelli understands while Huracan owners care about performance, on the street the bull is being contained withing the constraints of street speed limits. Pirelli will be giving Huracan owners a chance to let the Bull loose. Pirelli will have a full crew to help owners experience a track day at the temple of speed Monza. They also will let owners try their latest tire P Zero Nero GT and more! Further updates on event coming soon! (Please excuse my terrible video editing skills I am extremely new to this lol I will get better)

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I am extremely sorry for the poor updates with the events and Information… February has been extremely tough for I have lost a good friend for a second time this month… I have not been able to gather myself to put effort in this project this month.. I have all the information I need and will just wait til GT7 comes out next week to start this. Please everyone be safe and if you are going through tough things in life be strong and talk to a loved one.. loosing good people to life pressures is really sad… blessing to all!❤️