Lost all my cars

Discussion in 'GT6 General Questions' started by Peedi, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. MeanElf


    When my game save for GT5 got corrupted (and I had no backup) it told me the same - still level 40 and game progression was at 96% but I had nothing.

    It should have prompted you to install from the PSN backup (assuming GT6 has that like GT5 did.) The AE cars should ve redownloadable via the PSN Store, as the codes will have taken you to the Store to activate them - just look in 'My Downloads'.
  2. tschechan

    Austria Austria

    no i didn´t have any cars in the stockyard
  3. all my anniversary cars are gone from the stockyard!!!
    GTA ONLINE feelings :censored:
  4. DBM

    United Kingdom England

    If you game save is corrupt and your cars are missing then you can't re-download the cars it don't work, you have to delete the patch and save file and start again, just make sure from now on you back up as you go.

    Also don't use stock yard either there is a bug with that also.
  5. MeanElf


    My corrupt gamesave happened with GT5 - I haven't had any issues with GT6 but will be doing a regular save to USB. Yeah, I saw that thread about the stockyard. Anyway, I also don't have that many cars and so won't be using that just yet.
  6. JohnScoonsBeard

    United Kingdom Near Reading, Uk

    I've just had this too. All cars gone. Ps+ backup same. Deleted the game save and the ps3 backup save worked.

    Is there any way to get ps3 to create multiple days of game save files?
  7. d_wagon_man

    United States east coast usa

    so the stockyard still bugged thats a bummer as my garage is full i cant buy anymore cars without putting more in stockyard
  8. same thing happened to me

    says on the top right i am in my R34 but my garage is empty and have no cars, everything else was saved, credits, level, settings... just no cars
  9. MeanElf


    Not as far as I'm aware, it just does a rolling save which overwrites the previous one. PS+ might do that for you, but again, I'm not sure.
  10. Coenraad

    Norway Frogner
    PSN:Coenraad Noorloos

    I just poured like 15 cars into the stockyard. Sofar it loaded fine, but i really hope this gets fixed.
  11. rfa


    @Kaz_Yamauchi is where we should tweet our problems, I've lost all of my cars, after the "GARG" bug in settings. PS+ has my (day old) game save, but when I quit out of GT6 I need to (either) load backup OR lose all of my cars, rendering the last few hours of play useless.
  12. Sephy

    United States North Carolina

    If you don't mind me asking, how have you already purchased more than 500 cars?
  13. Peedi


    anyone else that can confirm that this worked? I've haven't played since saturday:p
    I guess if you will do it this way you've to start over?
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  14. Fred la Poignee

    France Lille

    Yes, this works, and you have to restart everything again. Hope the recent mini updates have fixed that bug.
    Good news is now we can restart with 20 000 000 credits, which is some kind of reconfort for all this time lost :-)

    Question: is this bug related to AE cars? That is, did someone lost all his cars without having AE cars? (I have AE cars, and the problem happened after I used (and tuned) an AE car)
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  15. jmstone29

    United States Queen Creek, AZ USA

    If you downloaded them from the store, just go into the PSN store directly and go to download history and re-download & re-install. I had lost my anniversary cars and got them back this way.
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  16. Coenraad

    Norway Frogner
    PSN:Coenraad Noorloos

    Started backing up to an USB stick after every gaming session now. I also manualy save the game before i shut it down.
    I must say that i'd rather lose my AE cars then my progress.
    So when people have the error, does the automatic backup save not work either becourse that would be weird? If the auto atic backup does not work, does the USB backup work?
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  17. Peedi


    well i didn't get 20 000 000 :(
  18. FastGT23

    United States Texas

    I'm wondering something. In gt5 if you we're in a lobby & tuned a car. If you quit game & it saved on it's own, you still lost your changes. Now I'm wondering if you guys put cars in stockyard did you manually save? Or let game auto save?

    Not saying this is a fix but I've always manually saved and have never had a problem on any GT series
  19. Sandman29


    i lost my anniversary cars from stockyard and i use backup
    this bug is hilarious.
    its a joke.

    Guys i suspect that the stockyard cars maybe upload into the server
    it doesnt make any sense. the save time is too much
  20. gambleboyen


    But you can use the stockyard offline.
  21. Fred la Poignee

    France Lille

    I am back reporting because this happened to me a SECOND time just now. I had a backup this time and only lost 1 hour (instead of 10 the first time !). How it happened? Again in the same way: by tuning an AE car, and reducing power, then the car settings were named "GARG", and the PP was not updated correctly; exactly what happened the first time. So now I put back my AE cars without touching them in the stockyard, until PD fix that problem.
    To check whether this theory is correct, for those who got this error:
    - Did you have AE cars ?
    - Did you tune them? Did you reduce power with the power limiter?
    - Did you see the "GARG" name for the car setting ?
    - Did the AE cars you used came from the stockyard, or have you never used the stockyard?
    It seems that there is some sort of incompatibility between the actual game data and the AE cars, but I am far from beeing an expert on that

    note: I never glitched / exploited anything before this happened.
  22. ZMnsr1


    I lost all my stuff today except for credits and I do remember seeing the "GARG" last night under setup B for a car.
  23. Fred la Poignee

    France Lille

    When this happened, your current car was an anniversary car, right?
  24. ZMnsr1


    Yup the Tesla Type S which I was using for the electric races. I brought that car from the stockyard because I kept all the anniversary cars there then I reduced the power like you said and saw the "GARG". Did 1 race and went to bed and everything was all sorts of messed up today when I got on lol. I thought i'd just play on because my credits stayed but the game started glitching few races in. The intro camera changed during the countdown never went away it kept switching angles during the race. That's when I decided to just start over.

    Now should I not reduce power on the anniversary cars then? Or is reducing it fine if I don't use the stockyard? I was planning on using them this time just to get back to where I was initially.
  25. Fred la Poignee

    France Lille

    I don't know yet, if others could test that it could help to understand; I will save and test tomorrow; my conjecture is that this happens when reducing power to an AE car, and quitting the game with this car; putting back 100% power does not help, but maybe changing the car and then quitting might work

    Don't know if it is related to the stockyard
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  26. ZMnsr1


    I'll play around with it and post here if I get and definitive results.
  27. ZMnsr1


    Used an anniversary car in few races after lowering power limiter to meet PP requirement and no "GARG" in the settings.
  28. Fred la Poignee

    France Lille

    So I have done some (not so conclusive tests) this morning. All my AE cars are now in my stockyard. I take one for which I had this error (one in which I applied power limiter, and where "GARG" appeared in car setting) then put it in the the garage. This car (the megane) does not update correctly. If I drive it, miles remain at 0.0. I tried to put back 100% for the power limiter, but nothing changes. Now, if I quit the game the same problem as reported by all happens: the game asks if I want to load the backup. If I say yes, then it is OK (the AE car is back in the stockyard, because I am back to the save before my "test"), if I say no then everything reported above happens (all cars and stars lost). So it seems that this AE car is not usable anymore. Not so bad, but it was my favorite !
  29. BLAZING56k

    Colombia Miami, FL

    That's interesting Fred. I've lost my saves twice since the last updates. Here is how it happens. I play normally, save then shutdown. Return the next day, get an update window, update, then install, then I get prompted to use back up data. So I agree since I rather back up data over no data. And bam, I'm put back to December 8th. For some reason or other I am losing my save file after updating. Well the backup data has my AE cars and everything else. I also experienced trouble saving my tuning, and saw the weird GARG name. Theres something funky going on :/
  30. Fred la Poignee

    France Lille

    I think I undersood now, I was able to got back a previously problematic AE car (my megane, at last!), and it updates, now I have updated mileage and PP. What should NOT be done, is to switch from the different car configurations (A/B/C) in an AE car setting. This is what caused the GARG naming and all the errors and lost of cars and stars. It might not be related to power limiter or whatever.

    If someone can confirm if this is general (ie, switching A/B/C configurations in an AE car produces errors, with maybe large consequences)
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