Major League Baseball: 2020 Season

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    It has been a week since one of the most unusual World Series to date happened. No Home team won any game of last season's World Series. There was a World Series celebration in Houston, Texas; but NOT for the home team. The Washington Nationals won the World Series in the full seven-game distance for the first time in their franchise history, breaking the hearts and souls of the highly-favored Houston Astros and Astros fans. Washington "Finished the Fight" while the Astros failed to "Take it Back." That was 2019. What about 2020? We normally associate 2020 with things like having 20/20 vision. If you want to think of it that way, then one team is going to have the perfect vision of being champions of the 2020 season.

    This thread is all about everything that goes on ranging from offseason moves to whomever wins the 2020 World Series. Almost anything regarding Major League Baseball and all of the different news and notes are all fair game to discuss in this thread. Let's discuss the 2020 season if you are inclined!

    To give you an idea of what to look forward to in 2020, let's look back at 2019.

    (! = division winners)
    (bold = playoff teams)

    --- AMERICAN LEAGUE: Final 2019 Records ---
    AL EAST: New York Yankees! (103-59), Tampa Bay (96-66), BOS (84-78), TOR (67-95), BAL (54-108)
    AL CENTRAL: Minnesota! (101-61), CLE (93-69), CHW (72-89), KC (59-103), DET (47-114)
    AL WEST: Houston! (107-55), Oakland (97-65), TEX (78-84), LAA (72-90), SEA (68-94)

    --- NATIONAL LEAGUE: Final 2019 Records ---
    NL EAST: Atlanta! (97-65), Washington (93-69), NYM (86-76), PHI (81-81), MIA (57-105)
    NL CENTRAL: St. Louis! (91-71), Milwaukee (89-73), CHC (84-78), CIN (75-87), PIT (69-93)
    NL WEST: Los Angeles Dodgers! (106-56), ARI (85-77), SF (77-85), COL (71-91), SD (70-92)

    --- 2019 Playoff Summary ---
    * AL Wild Card Elimination Game: #5 TB def. #4 OAK 5-1
    * NL Wild Card Elimination Game: #4 WAS def. #5 MIL 4-3

    * ALDS 1: #1 HOU def. #5 TB in 5
    * ALDS 2: #2 NYY def. #5 MIN in 3

    * NLDS 1: #4 WAS def. #1 LAD in 5
    * NLDS 2: #2 STL def. #3 ATL in 5

    * ALCS: #1 HOU def. #2 NYY in 6
    * NLCS: #4 WAS def. #3 STL in 4

    * World Series: #4NL WAS def. #1AL HOU in 7

    Of course, it pains me as an Astros fan to discuss how that World Series went, but it's the truth.

    We can now discuss everything from offseason moves to the 2020 World Series right now. So...

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    To begin with the 2019 superlatives.

    Houston OF Yordan Alvarez wins the AL Rookie of the Year award after posting a .313 BA with 27 HR and 78 RBI in 87 games. Alvarez was selected unanimously.

    New York 1B Pete Alonso wins the NL Rookie of the Year award after posting a .260 BA with 53 HR and 120 RBI in 161 games. The 53 HR led baseball and set both MLB Rookie and New York Mets single season records.
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    Yordan Alvarez was impressive in 2019. Just too bad his bat went mostly silent in the postseason. We certainly could have used his power during the ALCS and the World Series. Congratulations on the NL side to Pete Alonso.