March 2024 update predictions

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eh i dont think so , imho Tanaka is a obvious reference to that track

but i do agree about Kyoto Yamagiwa being a modern version of Apricot Hill
I don't disagree with you, it was just a reflection on what I remember reading on this forum, also to curb my own enthusiasm, as I learnt the hard way not to expect anything from this game...
i definitely hope you are 100% right and it would for sure make sense in that way though, considering Super GT and super Formula connections!
Have 43 million saved so should be covered for the new cars, planning to buy more than one of each, even if their is no new track witch i am not expecting, it will still be a great update for me with the this strong selection of vehicles
iirc, some who knows how to read the files (I think it was the GOAT Nenkai himself, but I'm not sure) wrote that actually Tanaka was the name of the artist working on Circuit Gilles Villeneuve and therefore it is nothing but a more advanced (or old) version of CGV and not Okayama itself
That would unfortunately make sense, as the time of days listed for the Tanakat track perfectly match the one's for CGV.

But still, both Okayama and CGV would be amazing. I'd settle for anything at this point though, tarmac track enjoyers are experiencing a drought...
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