Matte Colors

A field in England
In all fairness it's not like those drift seasonals are difficult. Though I wouldn't mind the option of simply buying the paint items.
United Kingdom
Earth, SS, MW
Gold is usually not hard to get first time if you know the basics of entering and exiting a drift, and what lines to take.

But I guess I see where you're coming from...
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Herriman, UT
I know that with a little practice i could get gold, however i just dont like drifting. Its cool to watch the replays and what not but i just dont enjoy them. I understand that part of the game, I know that its fun for those but i would glady pay .99 cent for a couple colors every month or so.
United States
I struggled to drift in GT6 (more so than in GT 5) and often had problems getting gold. I found using a controller to drift instead of my DFGT wheel made a huge difference.